Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim

PUBG-tips-560x315 Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim


Overcome your anxiety and focus intently on your goals.

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PUBG-tips-560x315 Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim

PUBG is still being refined as we speak and that’s wonderful to hear seeing that the game has skyrocketed in popularity in about half a year. A lot of new players are jumping into the scene with high hopes that, they too can perform at the highest level and perhaps compete for the championship prize at tournaments. Is it that easy though? The straightforward answer is no and quite frankly, it will take more than just a few Chicken Dinners and high leaderboard scores to be consistent in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done in order to perform at the maximum level and a lot of that comes from assessing your own strengths and weaknesses as you progress through the game.

A lot of beginners and even well established players run into this issue where, aim has become a prime weak point in their game and for some reason it undervalues their performance significantly. So just how do you improve your aim in PUBG, let alone any shooting game for that matter? Well that’s what we’re here to discuss as we’ll provide a few pointers as to how to level up your game and become a lethal weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Remember that these are just a few PUBG tips to help get your feet off the ground, so we encourage you to dive deeper and look for solutions moving forward!

Patience is Key

PUBG-tips-560x315 Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim

One of the main issues that a lot of players encounter while playing PUBG is that they find themselves in dire straights, and are unsure as to why they die a lot. Much of the issue boils down to just how patient you are and knowing when to approach and when to sit back and let your opponent expose themselves. Beginners love the fast action because it’s adrenaline pumping, it’s fun to just run in and shoot what you can. The problem is that you die extremely quickly and end up frustrated without properly assessing what you’re doing, and this is where patience needs to be implemented. You have lots of time to relax in the waiting area, use that time to develop relaxation.

Having patience is key to long term survival in PUBG because for one, it allows you to slow down and be more observant of the playing field, while giving yourself some time to develop a game plan (we’ll dive more into this later) for mid-late game. When you’re under pressure there’s a lot of tension that starts to develop within the body which can lead to a number of things, one of which is unnecessary stress and fatigue. When aiming your sights down at an opponent and you’re very impatient about your approach, a lot of your shots will miss because you’re not focusing on the enemy you’re focusing on the kill. Those are two very different things because one is the starting point while the other is the end. Before you make the conscious decision to attack the enemy be sure that:

a) You’re in the right position to score a knockdown.
b) Be patient enough to assess the player’s movements.
c) Be decisive in your actions.
c) Repeat previous steps.

Self Analysis is Imperative

"Don't think! Feeeeel!"

This brings us to the more important part of the article which is self analysis. Why is this so imperative when it comes to aiming? Well because knowing what you’re good at and what needs work will assist you in performing at a higher level more consistently. When you jump into a game of PUBG it’s pretty much anything goes and you’re never too sure of what the outcome will be. This is very similar to that of life itself where, we’re thrown into various circumstances that we have to learn to overcome otherwise we don’t mature and excel in what we’d like to achieve. In PUBG that premise still remains and so, when looking to aim correctly you need to be asking questions like:

  • Where exactly am I aiming?
  • When’s the best time to shoot?
  • Why am I shooting now vs later?
  • These are just a few examples but the point should be very clear in that, if you’re ever to see results in PUBG you’re going to need to work on polishing things such as your movement, and self control. Often times you miss the target not because the enemy is “lagging” or the other player is “too fast”, it’s because you’re over thinking your actions and not acting on your intentions immediately. Let’s say you’re not too strong with using the 8x scope and long range attacks just don’t cut it for you, instead of moaning and placing a negative image in your mind, assess the habit and say:

  • Am I too far away to hit my opponent?
  • If I can’t hit them then perhaps I should move in closer.
  • I should perhaps try to be more calm and be steady next time.
  • Let me try a different scope or different gun and assess my results.
  • Learning to develop a habit around self analysis will bring about greater reward not only in your aim, but your overall awareness in general. Anxiety will get you killed very quickly in this game meaning that, if all you’re thinking about is winning and are anxious of dying then chances are you’ll die. Focus not on the win but more on surviving long term and your aim will gradually get better overtime. Just as Bruce Lee stated in the video, you don't need to think too much you need to feel things out. Stop focusing on the superfluous or you'll miss out on what really matters. Never take your eyes off your opponent.

    Not Building a Gameplan

    This is another issue that a lot of newcomers and even experienced players run into and that’s not building a gameplan around their actions. Let’s say that you want to jump right into the Military Base and find the “best” weapon. Great, there’s no problem with wanting to dive into the action and get your feet wet but just what is your next step after finding a weapon? You’re just going to run around aimlessly in hopes that someone will run into your bullet? That’s never a good way to approach any scenario because it’ll leave you in the open, making you the target instead of that person you intended to kill. So before hopping out of that plane you need to be coming up with a strategy as to how you’ll maneuver around the island, what necessary items you’ll need off the bat, and how you’ll survive in order to move onto the mid game.

    Famous philosopher Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”, and that statement works very well in PUBG. How does this apply to aim? Well let’s go back to the self analysis section for a moment where, asking yourself what areas you need to improve on are important. Remember, much of PUBG is all psychological and once you’re able to overcome those psychological obstacles from the get go there’s nothing that can stop you.

    Having a gameplan in the beginning will “lighten the load” if you will in your psychological inventory, and having a lighter load to carry means that you can turn your attention to what matters: Removing any threats that stand in your way. To improve your aim you need to do so in steps meaning:

  • Find a weapon and any other items you need immediately.
  • Check surroundings to ensure no one is following you.
  • Find a spot to hide, position yourself, and listen to your visual and audio cues to know when to strike.
  • Once those steps are completed, focus now on the enemy.
  • Enemy draws near, get weapon ready.
  • Kill, gather loot and move onto next step.
  • When all of that is cleared from your mental inventory, you can then implement new steps and move along in your journey. Don't move ahead without first finishing what you started, otherwise you'll trip over your own misfortunes.

    Shooting too Quickly/Wildly..Slow Down!

    What’s the rush?!

    This culminates pretty much everything stated earlier in the article and we’ll explain why. When you fail to assess your bad habits those bad habits will almost certainly return in a scary way. Impatience leads to careless judgement and without self analysis to determine that, your aim will be wild and frantic instead of calm and steady. A lot of new players just want to shoot at whatever moves and not establish a gameplan around why they’re shooting. It’s that fear of dying that throws off your game entirely and you end up dying as a result of it.

    So instead of trying to just kill, again, place attention on knowing that dying will certainly occur at any given time in PUBG and so you’ll have to get used to it. When you remove that anxiety of losing and focus more on the areas of self evaluation, then you spend a lot more time to say, “Ok I’m just going to focus on aiming today and not worry about placing top 10 or even top 20”. Be concrete in your decision making and don’t second guess yourself because that too can also screw up your aim. Learn to die a lot in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but do so with the intent of improving, not dying in vain. Don't rush into battle because it's like a blind man trying to cross at a red light, it will not end well for you.

    Play other FPS games like CS:GO, go into aim training and just work on aiming at moving targets for most of the day before jumping back into PUBG. This will build a nice steady habit of working on controlling of your weapons instead of just shooting wherever you please. Try out every weapon in the game and see what fits your style, then find solutions to make that gun viable in every scenario. Pacing is important to remember to space your practice periods out instead of just playing over and over again. It is better to play 100 times and learn a 100 things than to play 1000 times and learn nothing. Quality over quantity.

    Honey's Final Verdict:

    There’s of course a plethora of ways that you can improve your aim, such as putting yourself in very high pressure situations and learning to stay calm at all times. Practice breathing deep breathing techniques in order to maintain a level of laser-like focus in the heat of battle, and most importantly just keep practicing! That should be an absolute given and shouldn’t be overlooked at all since practice is what builds consistency and through that consistency you’ll develop better habits in order to successfully come out on top in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you need some visual aid on this area be sure to check us out on Twitch.tv/honeysgaming every weekend, as we break down and analyze every scenario we’re in so that everyone is on the same page. Be sure to follow us on Twitter as well to keep up with any gaming, anime and manga news that interest you! We hope our tips helped out!

    PUBG-tips-560x315 Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim
    I really loved reading this! So philosophical and yet it totally makes sense in terms of PUBG performance!
    PUBG-tips-560x315 Why am I So Bad at PUBG?! Tips on How to Improve Your Aim
    Yeah I definitely grow impatient at times and lose for no reason, so it's time to reevaluate