Why Guri from Renai Boukun Would be a Terrible IRL Waifu!


Guri from Renai Boukun (The Lovely Tyrant) is above all else, hilarious, sweet, and makes a good, fantasy waifu if nothing more. In real life though, she has the emotional maturity of a four-year-old which we can see via her actions, reactions, and thought process. We are not ragging on her, but rather pointing out that while yes, she is fantastic in the setting of the anime, in real life, being with Guri would not only be frustrating, it would probably be very dangerous to your health. Check out how we dive into the psyche of Guri and see just why this lovely tyrant would be a terrible waifu in real life. Hopefully you will find a few laughs along the way too!

Cute, But the Lights Are Not On Upstairs

It is not to say that Guri is a complete and total fool, and there is nothing wrong with shipping irl or anime characters together, but her randomly pairing people together is an activity that she frequently does without much second thought. This is her definition of love and we talk about that more below. She takes nothing seriously and often puts herself in danger. She lives every time because she is an angel, but realistically, if you did not have the perks of her angel powers, you might face death by being by her side. Of course, there will be people out there who will say “Give me Guri or give me death!”, but they are not being realistic and would probably run from Guri in fear the first time they saw her stabbed.

Guri is also absolutely terrible at reading a situation. She often cannot even sense when things are taking a more serious turn. Take for example the school episode where they are dealing with the ghosts. When Seiji appears, Guri simply reacts with a “hey Seiji” rather than asking for help or saying that it was next to nothing for her to do. Her inability to pick up on social cues makes it difficult even if you loved her, to get those feelings properly returned.

Inexperienced at Love & Life

Akane clearly points it out when she asks Guri if she knows anything about love and what it means. We clearly see that Guri is struggling with the concept as she tries to not only answer Akane’s question as well as understand her response. You can see in later episodes when Guri sees Seiji and Akane together, that there is something she is starting to notice. It almost makes you wonder, since Guri does not mind boys or girls, if she might be pansexual and just looking for a personality that suits hers rather than specifically a boyfriend or girlfriend. Either way, she is enjoying herself rather than comprehending what is happening.

Her father calls Seiji to heaven? (somewhere like that) He asks him to look over Guri and help her out as necessary. While yes, Seiji does do this, it reflects on just how immature Guri is as a character. She cannot be left alone to her own devices. Guri is like an elementary school student trying to fit in amongst high schoolers, but her simplicity and purity just do not allow her to do so. She tries, but her inexperience in everything is really holding her back. Now while we are not saying this does disqualify her from waifu material because who would not want her around for the humor at the very least, there is a very large chance that Guri, in the way she is now, would equate love or being a waifu as spending time together or laughing together. That, while pure, sweet, and definitely a component of being in a relationship, is a strong mark of someone who does not know what love or being relationship with someone means. If you get mad, how do you explain to her why you are mad and the subsequently get her to understand and accept your feelings? While possible, it would be extremely difficult.


It is not that we dislike Guri or we think that she is a bad fantasy waifu, though there are some factions who pull for Akane as the better waifu and they are just seconds away from stabby-town, but Guri’s emotional maturity above all else inhibits her from being anything more than fantasy. It is not as if we say that she will exist in reality, but still realistically when you look at her, she, or any of the characters from this series really, are ready to be waifus in real life. Take it as a prospective look and nothing more. We here at Honey's Anime love Guri and Renai Boukun. This article was supposed to make you chuckle at how absurd Guri can be sometimes. Enjoy!

005 Why Guri from Renai Boukun Would be a Terrible IRL Waifu!


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