Why The JRPG Genre Will Never Die

Has this happened to you before? The time is 1 am and you’re staring at your monitor with tired eyes. On-screen, a terrifying man with a long sword is standing there in front of several of your party members. HP is low all across the board, healing supplies are depleted and you hesitate to confirm a special attack that must deal the finishing blow or else it’s all over. You hit confirm and pray the RNG gods help your party win so you can see that glorious world-saving final scene and hit your bed feeling accomplished. This excitement can be felt in many video game genres but only JRPGs truly accomplish it better than others.

Despite being a genre that relies heavily on tropes and clichés, JRPGs continue to impress fans—and us here at Honey’s Anime—with fun gameplay and truly immersive narratives. Yet, is this enough to keep the JRPG genre from dying out one day? Today our goal is simple, to show you all Why The JRPG Genre Will Never Die!

Escape to the Final Fantasy

If you’re an avid reader like many of us here at Honey’s Anime then you know the beauty of a good fantasy book. When you open those pages and begin to read a well-written novel, you get immersed in the story’s world, characters, and setting. JRPGs capture that immersion more often than not with truly epic tales of heroes, villains and worlds that need to be saved. That’s why we doubt developers will ever run out of stories to tell with their JRPG titles and we will never run out of new games to play.

Choose Your Path, Choose Your Story

If you’re a gamer, then you know the pains of finding a new game among a sea of sometimes mediocre titles. There are thousands of shooters, thousands of survival horror games, and thousands of RPGs to play. JRPGs aren’t an exception to this but there’s just something amazing about being able to choose from a million different stories and taking control of that title’s hero. JRPGs let you choose your path and ultimately, choose your story.

Well Worth the Price

Video games can be expensive for some gamers. What’s worse is buying a $60 game and finding yourself staring at the credits only seven hours in. JRPGs, though, don’t have this problem. Most JRPGs last easily 20+ hours and could go even further towards the 80+ hour mark! When you buy a JRPG you never feel like you spent $60 on a quick story that will be forgettable.

Welcome Anime Fans

Anime fans, if you’ve never played a JRPG we need to talk. The beauty of many JRPGs is they are often made to mirror anime in some shape or form. Persona, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Trails of Cold Steel, and many more look like anime shows and even have characters designed by famous anime studios/creators! That’s why JRPG are made with anime fans in mind even if they sometimes don’t know it.

Final Thoughts

The JRPG genre will never die out, that much we can bet on. Even if games get more realistic and begin to advance to newer heights, the JRPG genre will continue to persevere alongside with these advancements. With that in mind, what are some of your favorite JRPGs and do you agree the genre won’t die out? Leave some comments below to let us know! For even more articles like this one continue to keep stuck to our amazing hive here at Honey’s Anime!

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Author: Aaron

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