Why We’re Loving Toutotsu ni Egypt Shin (Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God)

Alright, kawaii anime lovers, this season there is a show on Crunchyroll that is entirely queue-worthy. Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God features unusual characters steeped in Egyptian themes with comedy and slice-of-life styles mixed in. These super-short episodes will leave you waiting for next week’s drop and put you in a better mood in just a few minutes. What sets this show apart? Why… everything!

What You Can Look Forward To

Getting to Know Some Kawaii Kami-samas!!

You have probably heard of the cute-girls-doing-cute-things troupe. Well, Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God is a cute-creatures-doing-cute-things anime. These penguin-shaped figures are named for different gods, and their personalities are meant to reflect that. Bastet, the cat god, gets bored easily and takes frequent naps. Anubis has a hobby of making mummies. And when Thoth, the god of wisdom, is asked the meaning of life, creation, and the universe, he knew the answer was 42 (google it). These cute kami-samas are packed full of character!

Egyptian-Themed Everything!

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God is not just this season’s adorable-teeny-monsters anime (though it is that), but it also appeals to the ancient Egypt lover. This story is set in “the world of the Egyptian gods,” and they do not skimp on the theme. The story’s main characters live in a pyramid, and every character is a named Egyptian god.

The gods are drawn with themes that are reminiscent of hieroglyphics, and the only colors used for the main characters are black, white, and tan. Do not let the simplicity in color theme let you think it could be boring, though. As far as illustration goes, these characters are unique, for sure!

Adorable Scenes, Panels, and Slice-of-Life Adventures

What makes these Egyptian-chibis even more adorable is just how they behave when left to their own devices. Look forward to some ‘seesaw-judgement,’ where souls float up or stay down based on the direction of a seesaw with Anubis on the other end. Make sure not to miss the god of wisdom’s magical girl transformation! And, of course, keep an eye out for the transition panels of the cast napping, complete with snoozing nose bubbles.

As for the daily lives of these mini-gods, they are themed episodes present in many slice-of-life shows. In one episode, the gods snack on mandarin oranges and don’t want to leave their kotatsu, and in another episode, the characters take up new superhero roles in stopping a bad guy. (Que that magical girl transformation.)

Final Thoughts

Oh, Suddenly Egyptian Gods is a blend of historical references, cute characters, and just wacky execution. If you appreciate comedy, if you enjoy slice-of-life, or if you love cute stuff, this show is worth the watch. We hope you give Oh, Suddenly Egyptian Gods a chance! What about this production appeals to you most? Comment and let us know!

Toutotsu-ni-Egypt-shin-Wallpaper-2-435x500 Why We’re Loving Toutotsu ni Egypt Shin (Oh, Suddenly Egyptian God)


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