Why You Should Play SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, RIGHT NOW!!!

Advertisements, YouTubers, and Let’s Players will no doubt try, at one point, to get you hooked on the money-draining world of gacha games. These titles come in all shapes, sizes, and forms but one thing we here at Honey’s Anime know for sure…they often will bleed your wallets and bank accounts if you’re not careful. Titles like Fate/Grand Order are one game some of us here play a bit too much—and have spent far too much money on—but that is the appeal of them after all. Like gambling, you take a chance with your hard-earned income to win characters or items in-game to help build your virtual team of anime warriors and either progress further in the story or just ogle them with your cell phones and smile in hard-earned victory.

Only recently though, we decided to try yet another gacha game in the form of SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, based on the hit anime series That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime—which is amazing and you should watch ASAP—and we didn’t know what to expect when we downloaded this game. Would we end up spending another eye-watering amount of money on 2D characters or would we be blessed with an entirely new experience? The answer folks...might surprise you but from the title, you probably know what side we lean on with this game.

Welcome to Rimuru Tempest’s World…Glad to Have You

Slime-ISEKAI-Memories-wallpaper Why You Should Play SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, RIGHT NOW!!!

This isn’t a review folks. We aren’t trying to convince you to download this game because we were given incentives or rewards for doing so. SLIME -ISEKAI Memories is a game we decided on our own to finally play as it is currently celebrating a special one-year anniversary event and figured, why not play this highly-rated gacha game?

Assuming the role of everyone’s favorite reincarnated slime, Rimuru Tempest, players are going to discover quickly this game feels like you entered the world of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime in almost every way conceivable. You first will realize that yes, this is a gacha game as you’ll be shown tons of ads for in-game currency and ways to get monthly gifts for a subscription fee—which is quite reasonable, to be honest—but when those ads vanish the game begins and you’ll be floored. Not only is this an RPG—that has you controlling a team of three with various abilities and powers from the series but it is also a simulator as you strengthen your units and initially build up your small village into a giant city. Add to this you can enter your created city and explore it walking around as Rimuru in either slime or human form and see your creation up close and personal. Unlike most gacha games, SLIME -ISEKAI Memories feels like a real RPG/Simulator and that is a shocking realization initially!

Visually Gorgeous

Slime-ISEKAI-Memories-wallpaper Why You Should Play SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, RIGHT NOW!!!

From the special effects to the 3D models, SLIME -ISEKAI Memories is a gorgeous mobile game that might surpass some of the console anime-based JRPGs we’ve played. Every character from the series—and the upcoming movie, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Scarlet Bond—are beautifully done with extreme levels of detail and we even love that there are alternate versions of them not seen in the series! Our hats tip to you wonderful developers at Bandai Namco Entertainment, SLIME -ISEKAI Memories was clearly worked on with passionate developers/programmers!

Plenty of Things to Do and See…FOR FREE!?

You might still be thinking…ugh, gacha games are only enjoyed when you mortgage a home to get that new character from that 10x roll. Well, let us ease your spirits for a second and tell you, SLIME -ISEKAI Memories has a lot of depth that makes rolling for characters feel like a secondary action. We’ve spent a lot of time going through the robust story mode/scenarios for more level-up energy and items, and have also spent a decent amount of hours making our village expand. Yes, we have spent some money on SLIME -ISEKAI Memories—which we will talk about more in a second—but we didn’t feel the NEED to do so. SLIME -ISEKAI Memories can be enjoyed for free and there are plenty of activities you can take on for summoning crystals and items that only take a few minutes to accomplish.

Still is a Gacha Game be Warned

Slime-ISEKAI-Memories-wallpaper Why You Should Play SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, RIGHT NOW!!!

SLIME -ISEKAI Memories is still a gacha game and we need to really make this a final statement. While you can spend hours to get in-game currencies to gain new characters, you can also spend money with prices similar to games like FGO or Epic Seven. We’ve played SLIME -ISEKAI Memories for several days now and we have spent very little real-life money on it but we can see hours of play might lead us to eventually open our wallets a bit more and that could be bad for those who really spend TOO much on these types of games. Just be responsible folks, remember that gacha games are gambling in many ways and they can be enjoyed free of charge but those easy to fall victim to wanting to spend on a chance at unlocking a new character might do it quickly when they enter SLIME -ISEKAI Memories.

Final Thoughts

SLIME -ISEKAI Memories is really a pretty amazing gacha game as it does have those elements but they aren’t so shoved in your face like other titles. As it celebrates That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime: Scarlet Bond release and the one-year anniversary, SLIME -ISEKAI Memories is a great gacha game to dive into headfirst right now for tons of free rewards and plenty of new events to enjoy! Even if you don’t like gacha games—when they are based on your favorite anime or have that anime aesthetic—you’d be missing out on a great game.

Are you currently a player of SLIME -ISEKAI Memories? What are your thoughts on it? Comment below to let us know as we’d love to talk about it even more! Be sure to keep stuck to our excitement for the movie hive here at Honey’s Anime for more video game articles, reviews, and all things anime!

Slime-ISEKAI-Memories-wallpaper Why You Should Play SLIME -ISEKAI Memories, RIGHT NOW!!!


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