World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review

A fun but dated racing experience

Game Info: (Box Display)

  • System: PS4, Xbox One, PC
  • Publisher: Bigben Interactive
  • Developer: Kylotonn
  • Release Date: Oct 7, 2016

Who it Caters to

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
If you’re a fan of the racing games that take place more on an off road setting than the typical closed racing circuits, World Rally Championship 6, or WRC 6, is aimed at you. From publishers Bigben Interactive and developer Kylotonn, WRC 6 is available on several consoles. Boasting 14 countries of tracks, multiple real life drivers and teams, and multiple ways to play, you’ll enjoy the closest thing to FIA World Rally Championship that any current game can offer. If you’re looking for a deep and robust world rally racing game, than World Rally Championship 6 will cater to a lot of your desires indeed. Fans of racing games that want a beginner level off road racer or even those seeking a challenging career in game will find WRC 6 a good choice, especially for the price tag.

What to Expect

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
If you’re new to World Rally Championship 6, or rally racing titles such as this, then understand there’s a big difference between circuit racing and rally racing. Players will have to race on courses that range from dirt roads to unpaved gravel roads which impact how your car handles quite dramatically versus the usual seen circuit paved courses in other racing titles. Each course, of the 14 available courses, provides a varying degree of challenging and tight roads that require players to mix speed and turning. If you’re only in WRC 6 for the single player, there are a load of career mode options available including the ability to create your own. Multiplayer allows 8 players to go head to head for best times. Overall, if you’re looking for more of an arcade off road racer with a simple interface that allows any skill level equal enjoyment, you’ll find World Rally Championship 6 to be appealing to cater to your whims.


WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
In WRC 6 your goal is to obtain the title of FIA World Rally Champion by racing in seasons against the times of other racers from other teams. Each season has racers traveling to various countries and real life locales to race in varying tracks ranging from mountainside roads to gravel pathways. Racers have to deal with treacherous weather and dangerous rallies that require players to adapt quickly. Falling off the track, going off the designated course boundaries and or taking too much damage result in time penalties that can really ruin even the best run. The road to the top of the podium is indeed a hard one, but success warrants fame and fortune.


WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
World Rally Championship 6 gives players a few choices in how they approach the game. If you want a single player experience you’re given the ability to choose from a single player career mode where you go through several circuits aiming for the best time to come off as the victor. There are several dozen choices of racers and teams that you can pick that change the style of car slightly. You’re also given the ability create your own custom career mode. You’re able to pick your team in either career mode who caters to your playstyle which gives the game some realistic elements.

If you’re more into multiplayer modes, sadly you’ll find a lack of multiplayer options and presence in WRC 6. We played the game only several months after its release and couldn’t find a single lobby to join or anyone willing to join. Luckily there is a split screen mode so you can get a second player and race each other for the best times. There are still online leaderboards and ghosts cars to race against, but for some, that will lack the true multiplayer element. It’s unfortunate that the multiplayer is basically a ghost town as this does kill the lifespan of World Rally Championship 6, but it’s not a complete deal breaker to us.

In terms of graphics and sound, you definitely are going to feel a little bit disappointed. Graphic wise, WRC 6 looks at times solid in terms of car details including when the car gets dirtied by the environment. Real weather effects look pretty good with snowstorms, clouds and fog to name a few of the more hazards conditions. However, the courses in WRC 6 themselves, the backgrounds and the various bystanders look outdated. At times you will wonder what year World Rally Championship 6 came out in and then realize this hasn’t even hit past a year. Luckily the sound quality is pretty strong. Cars have a realistic sound and while it’s not perfect, engines sound pretty close to realistic and the commentary from the various announcers creates a real life racing feel.

If you’re looking for robust customization options for cars and options, WRC 6 unfortunately doesn’t delve much in this department, especially in comparison to other racing titles. Options allow some basic changes such as the usual sound qualities and co-driver. You can also tweak the difficulties in terms of AI skills, car handling and racing type such as manual or semi-automatic. However, car customization and such are almost nonexistent. While you can change your teams and racers from said team, who depict real life racers of the Official FIA World Rally Championships, there’s a lack of car variety and freedom in changing said cars.

Honey's Gameplay Consensus:

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
Overall, World Rally Championship 6 isn’t the best rally racing game by any means. The graphics look dated and the lack of customization options is a bit disappointing. Yet despite those issues at its heart, WRC 6 is a fun rally racing game with some great track variety and a lot of arcade like elements that make it feel like an older arcade racing title. The real life elements of racing teams and courses make World Rally Championship 6 feel like the official FIA title it aims to be. While it may not stand at the top in the leaderboard, it’s far from dead last as well thanks to some clever designs in gameplay. We at Honey’s Anime feel like WRC 6 hits just enough racing notes to warrant at least a try.

Honey's Pros:

  • Easy entry for all levels of skill
  • Great Track Designs
  • Tight Controls
  • Fun Single Player Modes
  • Solid in Game Commentary

Honey's Cons:

  • Lack of Variety in cars
  • Graphics feel Dated
  • Multiplayer options
  • Lack of in game customization

Honey's Final Verdict:

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review
World Rally Championship 6 is a fun title despite some flaws here and there. WRC 6 is a dated game in many ways but still a lot of fun for those who love the arcade like racing elements of past titles. Single player offers a lot of unique and diverse courses and the multiplayer adds some depth though not as much as it should have. In the end, we here at Honey’s Anime enjoyed our time with World Rally Championship 6 and that to us equates to a solid title. Let us know down below in the comments if you have played WRC 6 and have some same opinions or differing ones, we’re always happy to hear some feedback. Stick around for more great gaming reviews and articles just like this one.

WRC-BOX-ART-World-Rally-Championship-6-Capture-300x380 World Rally Championship 6 - Xbox One Review


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