Worst Wonder Killers Explained (Wonder Egg Priority)

Watching Wonder Egg Priority hasn’t been a walk in the park. From its chilling opening episode to the almost-final episode, the curious blend of magical girl, sci-fi, and psychological horror was a breath of fresh air in the anime industry.

Ai, Neiru, Rika, and Momoe help Egg Girls whose trauma is similar to their own. So by helping others, they also deal, little by little, with their own trauma. It’s important to look into the connections to delve deeper into the story. As the Accas explained, each Wonder Killer is “A symbol of the Egg girl’s discord, obsession, or trauma”.

Today we are rating the worst Wonder Killers that the girls had to face and touching on how they are related to each Egg Girl’s trauma. It’s quite a dark topic to deal with, but we decided to go through them to remember the formidable enemies the girls had to overcome on their way to the finale, coming out on June 29.

Spoilers Ahead!!!

5. The Gym Coach

Minami appears in the second episode, and Ai has to defend her against a huge monster that represents her abusive sports coach. Minami was part of her school gymnastics team but was bullied to death. Her abilities were not only constantly questioned, but she was also physically abused by this sadistic adult.

Minami’s Wonder Killer is a gigantic entity with several breasts. She spews poison, literally, and through her poisonous words. Minami stands up to her, finally, and she is defeated with the help of her gymnastics ribbon. We know that Ai suffers from low confidence and was bullied at school for her heterochromia. By defeating Minami’s Wonder Killer, she is one step close to retrieving her strength.

4. The Elephant in the Room

This is the invisible yet deadly Wonder Killer which represents Yae’s trauma. Yae would see and hear things others did not. The way her mental illness was treated by those around her, getting confined in a mental health institution, and being constantly exposed to all the pain around her made her condition worse.

Her Wonder Killer is invisible and thus extremely dangerous. We see it landing really harsh blows on Ai until it gets recognized and reveals itself. The Wonder Killer looks like an elephant with mosquito characteristics and a schoolgirl outfit. It’s actually overjoyed that someone can see it and then it is easily obliterated. This is the episode where Ai is confronted with her feelings: Is she smitten with Sawaki sensei? Is she the only one avoiding the truth? Can she be honest with herself? By defeating this Wonder Killer she decides to participate in life again, go back to school, and discover the truth about Koito and Sawaki.

3. The Predator

Kaoru is a trans boy who got targeted by his coach, assaulted, and after getting pregnant, decided to give an end to his life. Kaoru’s Wonder Killer has huge grabby hands, showing his predatory actions, a loveheart, ironically, on top of his head, and a giant double sword.

This was one of the most graphic episodes, and Kaoru one of the most adorable kids that hatched out of the eggs. We felt Momoe’s rage and were overjoyed when her identity was affirmed by Kaoru, whom she avenged successfully.

2. The Cultist

The cult leader Wonder Killer was absolutely terrifying, a vicious, gaslighting, manipulative creature preying on Rika’s weakness to make her give up on life. His use of insidious attacks, and not just brute force, was very effective; he almost killed Rika. He’s got several long arms and a beak.

Rika, like the Egg Girl, Shino, does not want to take responsibility for her life, blaming her mom for all her hardships, and her dad leaving. She is forced to recognize her victim mentality, and in the end, she saves herself by accepting her weakness and joining forces with the rest of the gang.

1. Sawaki Sensei

Ah, Sawaki sensei, Ai’s first love or Ai’s mortal enemy? After watching episode 12, we see that Ai has created a fearsome image of Sawaki sensei in her mind since she is both inexplicably attracted to him and repulsed by his magnetism. Sawaki shows up as a gruesome head with paint tubes attached to it, like tentacles. His perspective takes over, he paints a suffocating narrative about love and doesn’t leave any space for Ai’s perception, prompting her to end her life while still young.

The two sides of Ai, the weak and the strong one, the Ai who took her own life and the Ai who survived, come together, and she accepts herself fully. Thanks to her emotional maturity Ai is now closer to her goal of becoming a Warrior of Eros.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have them, the worst Wonder Killers in Wonder Egg Priority according to Honey’s Anime. This was a recap and exploration of the scariest Wonder Killers the girls had to face so far. We are looking forward to Wonder Egg Priority Special on June 29 for the completion of the series.

Do you agree with our picks? Which Wonder Killer creeped you out the most? Let us know in the comments below and thanks for reading!

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Wonder-Egg-Priority-Wallpaper-1-500x281 Worst Wonder Killers Explained (Wonder Egg Priority)

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