XL Joushi. Review – Big Things Come in Small Packages

Big Things Come in Small Packages

  • Episodes : 8
  • Genre : Hentai, Josei, Romance
  • Airing Date : October 2019 – November 2019
  • Producers : Magic Bus

Contains Spoilers

XL Joushi. Introduction and Story

Watase Saki decides to take a side job as a product reviewer when she’s not making enough at her office job but she didn’t expect her very first product would be XL condoms. She tries to drink her problems away at an office party and her boss Sudou Keisuke escorts her home. Saki’s forced to explain her circumstances when Keisuke notices the huge box and much to her shock, he offers to help test them as he wears XL. The catch is, he’ll only use them with Saki. Their relationship begins to change from research to romance.

Why You Should Watch XL Joushi.

1. You Like Big Dicks and You Cannot Lie

Lots of hentai have big ol’ ding-a-lings but wow does this show not let you forget it. They do at least take good care in keeping it pretty uniform in size throughout the anime which not all hentai have mastered. The size and explained rarity of XL condoms help really solidify Keisuke’s big package.

2. The Protagonists Clearly Like Each Other

There’s no sad woman trying desperately to keep the dude at bay. Saki may be embarrassed and hesitant in certain situations, but she very much enjoys Keisuke’s XL. There’s no glamorizing forcing a big dong into someone who is not enjoying it. Both parties seem to quite like their arrangement and like each other as people as well.

Why You Should Skip XL Joushi.

1. Not the Best Animation

Sometimes, the characters look beautiful and detailed and then suddenly you’re forced to deal with weird and repetitive frames during otherwise sexy scenes. in some scenes, Saki’s whole body is rocked in rhythm with Keisuke’s thrusting and other times, only her head moves up and down in very unnatural-looking ways. Keisuke occasionally suffers from only one part of his body being animated as well, though some scenes flow a lot better.

2. If You Don’t Like Hearing ‘XL’ a LOT

Yes, the whole premise is the guy’s huge dick but Saki refers to everything as XL. She’ll say things like ‘Even his ego is XL’ or ‘This problem is XL’ and we get it!! Keisuke even says ‘Between me and my XL, which do you love?’. There’s no cock or dick, only XL. And that XL actually hangs its head in the last episode upon hearing Saki say she loves Keisuke which will elicit a laugh we’re just not sure was intended by the creators.

Final Thoughts

For a short, sexy hentai with somewhat believable circumstances focused on adults, XL Joushi is good. There are things that could be better like more consistently fluid sex scenes and less Saki pushing Keisuke away over things that are her own misunderstanding. But with a sexy, happy ending, it’s a cute and fun story you don’t have to feel ashamed of enjoying.

Cult-of-the-Lamb XL Joushi. Review – Big Things Come in Small Packages


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