Yama no Susume: Omoide Present OVA Key Visual Released

What You Need to Know:

  • Yama no Susume's third season is coming this fall, but that's not the only new thing they've got going on. On 28 October 2017, an OVA will be screened at an event.
  • Titled Yama no Susume: Omoide Present (Encouragement of Climb: Memory Present), the OVA shows Aoi and Hinata taking a journey through their memories together after finding some photographs and accessories.
  • A key visual for the OVA has been released, which you can see in the official tweet above. It has also been revealed that the OVA will be 28 minutes long in total.

Source: Official Website

honey's anime character
Look. At. How. Cute. They. Are. I can't wait until fall!!

honey's anime character
The plot sounds really cute, I can't wait for the return of Yama no Susume!

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