Youjo Shachou (Cute Executive Officer) Review: Baby Boss Meets Aggretsuko

Youjo Shachou (Cute Executive Officer) is an office gag comedy, perfect for fans of Aggretsuko. The bite-sized episodes were released as an OVA in January and we were curious to see if the humor from the original manga translates well in animation. The result was a fun half-hour, with plenty of highlights, manic energy, and the cutest boss one could get.

Toddler Boss Saves the Day

Najimu Mujina is the president of the Mujina Company. She is cute and bubbly, with long blonde hair and shiny blue eyes, a toddler beaming with energy. Why is a five-year-old the president of a corporation? There is no clear answer to that, but somehow it works! She manages to calm down angry customers, completes her paperwork on time, and she even saves the life of a bankrupt businessman who threatens to fall off the rooftop. Najimu saves the day and causes trouble almost equally when she insists to have a sleepover in the office or destroys important contracts by drawing on them.

Najimu is not the only one doing the saving though: her sidekick, Mayu, has an interesting backstory which we will not spoil in this review. We will only say it somehow involves alligators! She is not the only memorable side-character - there are also Yuki, the secretary pampering to Najimu’s every whim, and Garcia, the expat worker who comes from an unidentified foreign land, possibly from South America. Even one-off characters are strong, considering they appear only for a few minutes.

Top-Tier Parody

Cute Executive Officer is in its element when it makes fun of business lingo, work routine, and the adult world. Mujina thinks that pulling an all-nighter to reach an important deadline is a sleepover with friends, she launches a new robot which is a literal corporate drone, and even gifts an important prospective client a limited edition Trash Cure doll (a funny play with words, referring to Pretty Cure). Somehow, Mujina succeeds in impressing difficult clients and solving business issues, while the adults around her are freaking out. Cute Executive Officer even makes fun of Aggretsuko, with the appearance of Corporatallica at the end of the season, a morning assembly metal band...Imagine that!

Cute Animation, Chaotic Energy

The animation style adapts the manga well, and it looks like something out of an anime aimed at children: characters with round faces, bright colors, and a lot of vibrant effects. It’s not the most amazing animation style you have ever experienced, but it serves its purpose well. The same goes for the opening theme, which prepares us for one hell of a ride. All in all, the style is visually arresting and we didn’t find ourselves bored at any point of watching Mujina Company's descent into chaos.

Final Thoughts

Cute Executive Officer was an entertaining watch, especially if you enjoy office comedy. Our only complaint was that it’s too short! We would love to see more of Najimu Mujina and her shenanigans. What did you think of Cute Executive Officer? Thank you for reading and let’s take the discussion to the comments below!

Youjo-Shachou-Wallpaper-500x500 Youjo Shachou (Cute Executive Officer) Review: Baby Boss Meets Aggretsuko


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