Zombidle: Remonstered Releases The Land of Turtles Event; Collaborates with GonzoSSM!

What You Need to Know:

  • GonzoSSM is a well known YouTuber and is also notable for his artistry pertaining to animation and game design. Zombidle: Remonstered has been on Steam and mobile for a while but the team has just released “The Land of Turtles’,” a limited time event developed in collaboration with GonzoSSM, who put a lot of work into both popular online games Toss the Turtle and Super Toss the Turtle.
  • The Land of Turtles adds a brand new map, new items, a new scaling boss and loads more of new things to destroy and people to torment, which is always a wonderful treat.
  • This wild and quirky update is now available for free across all platforms, so don't be slow like a turtle, HURRY UP!

Source: Official Press Release

Official Trailer

Zombidle Steam Trailer

honeys anime character
I played this game for so long and boy was it addicting. Who would've thought mashing your keyboard for hours would be a thrill.

honeys anime character
Yeah I totally got hooked after the first 30 minutes, time just flew by after that.

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