Zombieland Saga: Revenge Review – Who Gave Them the Right to Be This Hype?

Back in 2018, a modest little idol anime called Zombieland Saga surprised everyone as one of the best new series of an already stacked year. The songs were catchy, the characters were immediately lovable, and the “zombie” element allowed for unusually complex musings on regret and what it means to be an inspiration to someone. So, now that Franchouchou is back after all this time, what do these seven undead divas and their kooky manager have to offer us? Let’s see!

The Deep Well of Zombieland Saga Lore

One of our favorite aspects of the first season was the underlying mystery of how and why the girls got revived in the first place. Kotaro seemed to be connected to Sakura in some way, and the bar owner/possible necromancer he occasionally visited felt indebted to Yuugiri, but we were left with more questions than answers in the end. This season dives much deeper into the lore of the Zombieland Saga universe, dropping hints about a curse that prevents Saga from reaching its full potential and even focusing two whole episodes on the Meiji-era conflict Yuugiri took part in. The Tae-centric episode even features parallels to the newly released Zombieland Saga Gaiden manga that explains what made her so legendary. And since the suspicious journalist from last season’s after-credits stinger is getting closer and closer to figuring out who these idols really are, this information is tied to a ticking clock that could spell Franchouchou’s doom if they’re not careful!

Legendary Performances for Every Character

If there’s one thing about the first season that fans didn’t like so much, it was the subpar CG used during the band’s performances. This has now been entirely fixed – probably because the anime’s popularity earned it a bigger budget – and the variety of songs has also gotten better. We’ve got solo acts like Lily’s improvised scat version of “Life”, a rock-metal anthem in Junko’s “Gekkou SURVIVE” (which the death metal dudes are happy about), Yuugiri’s absolutely iconic jazz number “Saga Jihen”, the hype-tastic opening theme “Taiga yo Tomo ni Naitekure”, and many more. Even Kotaro gets his own insert song this time!

It’s just so clear how much detail and passion went into writing and performing these tunes – Lily’s complex scat section is a perfect tribute to the legendary Scatman John (who was surprisingly big in Japan back in the day), the multiple versions of “Do You Hate Windy Days?” and “Mezame RETURNER” each have their own unique flair, and the singers pour their characters’ personalities into every single note. If this trend continues, we can’t wait to see what season 3 has to offer!

Final Thoughts

Zombieland Saga: Revenge takes the strong core that the first season created and makes it even better, from the plot and character motivations that drew in so many non-idol fans in the first place to the music and animation that prove its worth as a true idol anime that can compete with the best of them. Let’s just hope we don’t have to wait another three years for the next season!

What did you think of our review? What were your favorite moments from Zombieland Saga: Revenge? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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