Top 10 Sexiest Male Uniforms in Anime

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From the infamous sailor suit to the salary-man suit and tie, uniforms permeate Japanese culture. Due to its entrenchment in Japanese daily life, it is no wonder why uniforms appear so often in anime series and play a large role in solidifying its appeal. But, what uniforms come to mind when thinking about anime uniforms? More likely than not, schoolgirl uniform in varying varieties of sailor-ness and sexiness. If schoolgirl uniforms float your boat, then there are plenty of anime series right up your alley.

But, what’s a person to do when in search for male uniforms, particularly sexy male uniforms?

Well, look no further! The following is a list of the top ten sexiest uniforms in anime. Ranging from police uniforms to sports uniforms, this list highlights the standardized clothes that both visually unify and showcase the male form.

So without future ado, here are the top ten sexist male uniforms!

10. Samurai Flamenco

samurai flamenco dvd
  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2013 – March 2014

Looking for fashionable justice?

Now, starting off with a show that many people probably dropped midway is perhaps not the most promising. But hear me out. For all intents and purpose outside of plot and genre continuity, Samurai Flamenco truly accentuates the handsomeness of the male form with uniforms. This can easily be seen with Masayoshi Hazama, the main character of the show who rocks the superhero spandex with his buddies of justice. There are also a great variety of police uniforms as well.

Take a gander at Hidenori Gotō, the resident and reluctant representative of the law. Throughout the series, Gotō uniform slightly changes much to his and the audience’s benefit. It is perhaps no wonder why many of the females in the show like Mari Maya finds Gotō to be the perfect man to satisfy their uniform fetish.

For those unfamiliar with Samurai Flamenco, the phrase, “you have to see it to believe it,” might be the most applicable when describing the series. To keep things simple, Samurai Flamenco follows the story of Hazama as he tries to become a superhero.

samurai flamenco wallpaper

9. Antique Bakery (Seiyou Kottou Yougashiten: Antique)

antique bakery dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2008 – September 2008

On a slightly different track than Samurai Flamenco, we have Antique Bakery for those who have more butler-esque uniform tastes. While this show is not really about butlers, Keisuke Tachibana and his gang of handsome men (Yusuke Ono, the patisserie with “demonic charm,” Eiji Kanda, the former boxer, and Chikage Kobayashi, the closest thing to an actual butler in the entire series) do black and white uniforms justice and lightly touch on butler play.

Plot wise, Antique Bakery depicts the story of four men who are squeezed in small bakery and make cakes for an intended female audience. While it brushes up against what can be viewed in American audiences as “shounen’ai,” the series does not delve into the explicit and is appropriate for most ages.

antique bakery wallpaper

8. Death Parade

death parade dvd
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2015 – March 2015

Along the lines of service industry uniforms, the attire of Decim and Ginti in Death Parade, while a bit on the understated side, will certainly turn heads. That is, if you can notice their clothes through your tears (note for the sensitive: Death Parade may make you cry). Decim and Ginti’s uniform is modest bartender fare: a well-tailored dressy vest paired with an apron and bowtie. Yet, its subtlety gives Decim and Ginti a certain allure accentuating their already well-crafted character design.

Describing the plot for those unfamiliar with Death Parade will spoil the surprises that continually unfold from the very first episode. To state that this show deals with question of the meaning of life and love is perhaps the least spoiler-ish way possible to describe emotional rollercoaster called Death Parade.

death parade wallpaper

7. K

k dvd
  • Episodes: 13
  • Aired: October 2012 – December 2012

I am not going to beat around the bush. If you are looking for plot, K may not be the best place to look. But, if you are looking for faintly seductive military-esque uniforms as embodied by the Scepter 4 uniforms, K will more than satisfactory. Within the world of K, Scepter 4, also know as the Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Civil Registry Department, Annex 4, is a quasi-police organization that tracks and manages people with supernatural abilities.

Like how this organization has special duties, the uniforms associated with the job can at the least be described as “special.” A mix of Full Metal Alchemist uniform, pirate costume, and old French military uniforms, the Scepter 4 uniform is simultaneously attractive and at times baffling. But, for those looking for male eye candy, watch out for Munakata Reisi and Fushimi Saruhiko, two glasses characters that make wearing more clothing sexier.

As an anime with a plot that feels continually elusive even with the release of the film K: Missing Kings, K is a difficult series to summarize. At best, K can be described as a show about people who wield supernatural powers and are members of clans. If this seems confusing, watching the show might not actually help. With any hope, season two of K will enlighten us.

k sexy uniform wallpaper

6. Full Metal Alchemist (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi)

fullmetal alchemist
  • Episodes: 51
  • Aired: October 2003 – October 2004

Classic as it is recognizable, the State Alchemist uniforms of Full Metal Alchemist embody a more mature yet formidable sensuality. While a bit more heavy duty and formal than the Scepter 4 uniforms, State Alchemist uniforms nonetheless will satiate anyone with a military uniform fetish. Also, Roy Mustang particularly ups the sexy level with his white ignition cloth gloves.

Regarding the story, Full Metal Alchemist is about Edward and Alphonse Elric. After a horrible alchemy experiment to bring back their mother from the dead goes awry and results in the loss of Edward’s arm and leg and Alphonse’s entire body, Edward joins the State Alchemist ranks. While employed by the State Military of Amestris, Edward and Alphonse search for away to recover their original bodies.

fullmetal archemest al and ed wallpaper

5. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch)

code geass dvd
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: October 2006 – July 2007

Moving from quasi-military uniforms to school uniforms, we turn to Code Geass, a series bolstering with a variety of uniforms ranging from military, royalty, to school uniforms. For this article, I will be focusing on the male Ashford Academy uniforms. CLAMP’s character design for Code Geass resembles their other lanky, and at times fantastically proportioned characters in series like Xxxholic and Tsubasa.

The Ashford Academy uniforms, notably worn by main characters Lelouch Lamperouge and Suzaku Kururugi, suit the character’s slender figures. For those attracted to lithe and skinny men, be sure to look out for the Ashford Academy uniform.

Story wise, Code Geass is an alternate universe anime envisioning a future in which Japan is taken over by the superpower Britannia. Lelouch, an exiled prince of Britannia, avows to avenge the death of his mother and overthrow the Britannian Empire.

code geass sexy uniform wallpaper

4. Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

attack on titan dvd1
  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: April 2013 – September 2013

While the past two military uniforms discussed in this article were a bit on the modest side, the Shingeki no Kyojin’s Survey Corps uniforms are light, trim, and perfectly frames the best “ass”ets of the hope for humanity. A combo of belts, a cape, and boots, these uniforms emphasizes the svelte figure of such characters like Levi Ackerman and Eren Jaeger leave plenty of room for the imagination. Despite depicting humanity in grave troubles, Shingeki no Kyojin does up the ante for male eye candy fashion.

Shingeki no Kyojin depicts the story Eren Jaeger and his friends as humanity faces the horror man eating titans. After the death of his mother due to a titan invasion, Eren vows to destroy the titans, only to discover they might be closer to home than he thought.

attack on titan wallpaper

3. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass dvd
  • Episodes: 22
  • Aired: October 2012 – March 2013

With well-fitted black suits that are only occasionally covered up with a blue quasi-police jacket, the Psycho-Pass uniforms for the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division at times resembles yazuka formal wear. (Considering Reborn!’s Akira Amano did the character design for the series, it makes sense).

At first glance, there are not many special features to the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division’s attire. But, that does not detract from the overall sexiness of characters like Kougami Shinya and Ginoza Nobuchika. Instead, these seemingly normal suits endows them with a certain gravity and dignity. This goes to show a suit can do any man a favor.

Psycho-Pass is an anime set in a dystopia future in which every citizen of Japan is installed with a “Psycho-Pass” that allows the Sybil System to monitor mental states and probability of committing a crime. Psycho-passes indicate a person has a high likelihood of committing a crime and the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division enforces order with the help of people who are on the brink of being categorized as criminals themselves.

psycho pass wallpaper

2. Kill la Kill

  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: October 2013 – March 2014

Let me tell you two useful pieces of information about Kill la Kill…

Considering Kill la Kill is all about school uniforms, uniform culture, and fashion (or rather fascism), it is probably no surprise it is on this list. Also rather than just typical fan-service for men, Kill la Kill afraid to show some man skin too.

Honnouji Academy uniforms in their normal state by and large appear to be slightly fancier versions a gakuran. But in battle form, they truly become what can be called “sexy male uniforms.” Keeps your eyes peeled for Uzu Sanageyama and Ira Gamagoori, especially during their magical-girl-esque transformation sequences. For those who are looking for a little something outside of the school uniform range, check out the Nudist Beach uniforms which amount to little more than a belt at times. Notables from Nudist Beach include Aikuro Mikisugi and Tsumugu Kingase.

kill la kill wallpaper

1. Free!

free DVD
  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2013 – September 2013

Last and definitely not least is Free!, a series in which what can be called a “uniform” actually amounts to half-naked and mostly-naked men. With the Haruka Nanase and the gang wearing swimsuits ranging from speedos to full body suits, Free! has much to offer in the fan service department…

For those who have not had the pleasure of splashing into Free!, this series follows the journey of Haruka Nanase, Makoto Tachibana, and Rin Matsuoka as they strive to become better swimmers and better friends. Given this scenario, this show opens itself up for plenty of shipping and fan service. However, it also dwells on more serious themes of growing up and growing pains.

free! wallpaper

free wallpaper 02

In this top ten list, we see a mix of military, school, sports, and work uniforms at play. With hopes, these stimulate your sense and stativity your search for sexy male uniforms. If not, be sure to leave your comments, questions, and complaints below!

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