3 Reasons Why We’re Doki Doki for Todoroki from HeroAca


We can’t deny it. Shouto Todoroki has got our kokoros going doki doki. All terrible weeb puns aside, this Boku no Hero Academia boy is undeniably amazing. But what is it about him that makes him stand out so much as one of our favourite characters? Let’s take a look at just some of his great points - and watch out for spoilers up to episode eight of the second season!

1. Cool & Collected

Yeah we get it, because he has ice powers, har har. But seriously, Todoroki is one cool character. Not only did he get into U.A. on a scholarship due to his extraordinarily powerful Quirk, Half-Cold Half-Hot, he also knows how to keep calm when in a tough situation. He has the ability to look at an issue with a level head and work out the best way to deal with it, making him an awesome guy to rely on. He’s also quite cold personality-wise, making him a real hit with the girls in his class! If you don’t get why, it’s probably best you don’t try to. It’s just something that works, take my word for it.

2. Hot & Passionate

Beneath Todoroki’s icy surface lies one hell of a passionate guy. We can see this especially in the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc when fighting the villains, and in the Sports Festival arc against his fellow students. His need to be ahead of everyone else shows his fiery dedication towards becoming the best hero he can be. In fact, although he may appear ruthless in battle at first, we soon learn that his heroic ethics mean that he refuses to take lives, instead using his ice powers to simply freeze enemies in place. With his cold exterior and his burning passion, you get the best of both worlds with Todoroki.

3. Burning Backstory

In the second season, we finally learn why it is that Todoroki refuses to use the Half-Hot side of his powers - and the meaning behind the scar over his left eye. It’s revealed that Todoroki despises his fire powers as he inherited them from his father Endeavor who, instead of creating new life through love, only wanted to create a child with a Quirk so powerful they could surpass All Might to become the greatest hero. It was through this desire that Todoroki was born.

We also learn that due to his father’s ill treatment, his mother came to despise Todoroki’s left side, the side representing his fire powers, and she at one point poured boiling water over him. With this, his facial scar is explained in a heartbreaking way. To have had such a hard upbringing and yet stand as strong as he is, to still want to be the best person he can be - how could we not fall head over heels for him?

Final Thoughts

So here we have just three reasons why we’re doki doki for Shouto Todoroki. How do you feel about him? Can you come up with more reasons why he deserves all the love? We sure hope so! Let’s get chatting in the comments, and talk about why this precious prince gets your heart beating faster!

037 3 Reasons Why We’re Doki Doki for Todoroki from HeroAca


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