Top 5 Coolest Quirks from HeroAca’s Sports Festival


Boku no Hero Academia is above all else SUPER ULTRA HYPER AWESOME! We all love it and I would be utterly shocked to find someone who does not enjoy at least one aspect of something about this show. The second season is off to a really good pace and there are so many more characters this season that are likeable. Plus we are getting to see some really well-thought out quirks. As more and more battles are being held, we are really seeing just how diverse this universe is. While yes, Midoriya’s power is cool, this article is going to look at five extremely cool and standout quicks that either, we got to see in action for the first time, or they have just really went above and beyond. So take a journey with us and let’s relive so far, the top 5 coolest quirks from the new season of Boku no Hero Academia.

5. Dark Shadow (Fumikage Toyokami)

Most people know Fumikage and his shadow quirk from the first season with the villains incident, but it is not really until this season when he teams up with Midoriya that we get to see just how cool his power can be. Dark shadow is a bit of a double edged sword for Fumikage. During the day, because the sun is so bright, the shadow is smaller. This makes it easier for him to control, but makes him slightly weaker. During the night, the shadow is much more powerful, but this also means then that it is harder for Fumikage to control it. We really get to see just how kickass his power is when they are doing the cavalry battles and he is in the front dishing out commands to the shadow in order to save the headband Midoriya wears. More than attacking, this quirk is perfect for defense. We really hope that Bokuaca keeps Fumikage-kun around because we are loving not only his cool quirk, but his reserved, powerful personality as well!

4. Creation (Momo Yaoyorozu)

Creation is made by Momo from her body directly. Which, if you look closely, is why parts of her body are exposed in her superhero costume. Momo is able to make anything that she wants, other than a living creature, as long as she understands the molecular makeup of the object. This is probably why she is so smart and knows so much as she needs this information to use her powers. Again too like with Fumikage, in the cavalry battles, she acts defensively making things like shields and rods to protect her team. She is also featured in season one, but since we are talking about her quirks now, when you think about it, her powers are limitless and that is pretty darn cool!

3. Brainwashing (Hitoshi Shinsho)

We all remember this dick for using his powers to almost make Midoriya walk out of the ring and lose the match! Hitoshi’s Brainwashing quirk allows him to ask someone a question and if they answer it, he has complete control over their minds. Which, to say the least, is absolutely terrifying. Hitoshi has a bit of a complex about his quirk in that people frequently tell him that his power is so much more suited for a villain. We even get a flashback scene about it! Hitoshi actually explains to us and Class 1-A what happens when you do not make it into the top class and are relegated to the lower levels. Even after he is defeated by Miyoriya, we all get a soft spot for him again when his classmates tell him that he is awesome as is his quirk. Little by little, we see into his psyche more.

2. Copy (Neito Monoma)

Neito has this ability and it actually shocks people when it happens because no one really understands it till he says something. Copy allows Neito to essentially copy and use for his own, another quirk if he makes contact with that person. He has five minutes to use the quirk however he wants. The best part too is that he only needs a few strands of hair to get it. Of course though it would not be all that interesting if he was not flamboyant about it, and after coming across as arrogant in the cavalry battle, he still manages to start stealing quirks and it is pretty cool how fast he gets to use them. It’s just a shame that he only has five minutes. I wonder if his hands have to be bare to make it work.

1. Half-Cold Half-Hot (Shouto Todoroki)

Todoroki-kun is our little nugget that we love to death. Shouto is the actual rival to Midoriya while Bakugo has the personality of that rival. Half-Cold Half-Hot refers to Shouto’s duality. We already knew from the previous season that he was very skilled and talented with his quirk, but seeing him go all out in this sports festival with his ice powers truly is really cool. From the right, he can basically freeze anything as well as make ice, while with the left he can shoot flames. He cannot use the ice side too much as it will leave him with frostbite. Considered to be the strongest student in Class 1-A, it is pretty surprising that we never saw his use his fire powers until he explained his terrible backstory. Still though, being able to shoot ice and fire at will is really cool even if his father is a jerk. Here is to seeing more of Todoroki this season!

Final Thoughts

These were the top 5 quirks that we were in love with this season of Boku Aca. There are still many more, but we really think that these stand out the most/best. Regardless, you never know what could be around the corner, so we are looking forward to seeing more from this group of superteens! Please let us know what your favorite quirks are below!

005 Top 5 Coolest Quirks from HeroAca’s Sports Festival


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