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Can my man catch a break?

  • Episodes: Unknown
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School
  • Airing Date: Jul. 2017 - Ongoing
  • Producers: Diomedea

Aho Girl Preview (No Spoilers)

In comedies, there is always the straight man. That one person who is just like you or me that has people who are a little off, or really strange, drag them along at their own whims. They are a sympathetic and straight-laced type, having very little patience for nonsense. In Aho Girl, Akutsu Akuru exemplifies that character type, but unfortunately for him, he’s been alone in this fight for far too long.

Akuru Akutsu Bio

Seiyuu Name: Sugita Tomokazu

As the unfortunate childhood friend of the titular Aho Girl Hanabatake Yoshiko, Akuru has had a traumatic childhood. Yoshiko is without a doubt the dumbest creature to ever walk the face of the earth, and she is almost proud of that fact. She does however have strong feelings for Akuru, which doesn’t really make him feel any different, in fact it makes him angrier. He’s had to deal with this annoying girl for so long he’s unable to treat anyone else normally either, even when they might not be as bad as she is.
Now, let us explore the tragic story of Akutsu Akuru. The scholar whose studying will not be stopped. The older brother who would sacrifice anything for his imouto. And if Yoshiko has her way, the father of their banana children. Here are our top 5 highlights of the unfortunate Akutsu Akuru. May future generations have pity upon this lost soul.

Akuru Akutsu Highlights

1. Uppercut of Impatience - Episode 1

Most people try to have a certain amount of compassion, patience, and respect for their peers. Akuru, however, has long since lost these common courtesies when it comes to Yoshiko. On the very opening scene, introducing these unlikely companions, things don’t go anywhere near how you might expect your typical romantic comedy to go.

Another normal day for Akuru in class starts with...being incessantly harassed by Yoshiko. Today, she is needlessly proud of the fact that she has managed to score complete zeroes across all of her proficiency tests. Mistakenly hoping to be praised by her beloved A-kun, she is instead rebuffed, and called an idiot to boot. He has no reservations while informing her that she is far too stupid to survive in the world, and all this revelation does is convince her to eat another banana.

Akuru is more than a little annoyed at Yoshiko, as the stupid girl begins to contemplate her choices in life as such a massive idiot. She tells him that she would be set for life if he marries her, and he completely shoots her down. When she teases him over the fact that he doesn’t have a girlfriend anyway, he loses his patience and sends her flying with a punch straight out of Hajime no Ippo. Reeling from his attack, her love for him is not lessened one bit. He then proceeds to casually enjoy a banana to spite her as she continues her confession. Akutsu Akuru, at least when Yoshiko is involved, is a savage.

2. Swing and Miss - Episode 2

You might think that Akutsu Akuru would have some moderation with how he treats Yoshiko around strangers, especially children, but there’s no time for that. Yoshiko is an idiot 24/7, so he must respond in kind. A nosy Yoshiko spies kids playing at the local park and decides to join in on the fun. As the children play rock, paper, scissors to decide which of them will be It in a game of tag, they are joined by Yoshiko, with Akuru not far behind. When she calls herself a master player (at having fun) he whacks her over the head, shocking the children. Frightened that he will once again spoil her fun, she turns Akuru’s torment into a game, convincing the children that he is a dangerous killer.

Seeing an opportunity to make Yoshiko behave herself, Akuru takes one of the children hostage. Proclaiming that he will hurt the girl if Yoshiko doesn’t comply, Akuru waits for her to give up and act normally. The plan backfires, as she leaps onto a swing set to gain momentum enough to attack Akuru with a flying kick. Almost predicting this move, he grabs her, spinning her around, which oddly enough pleases her. Disgusted with her next attempt at flashing her panties at him, Akuru throws her at a tree. After she has been subdued, he drags her off, with the children somewhat thankful after realizing how stupid she really was. When it comes to protecting the future of Japan from his stupid childhood friend, Akuru Akutsu is a national hero.

3. Not the Imouto! - Episode 2

Akuru Akutsu has a short temper with almost everyone else on the planet, but he is the sweetest person in the world when it comes to his little sister. His precious imouto Akutsu Ruri is not quite the scholar that her older brother is. In fact, she is quite a dumb girl, academically speaking. She does, however, have enough common sense to know Yoshiko is bad news, and for that, Akuru is grateful.

Introducing his sister to Sumino Sayaka as the three of them enter Akuru’s home, Ruri is instantly displeased to see Yoshiko among the group. Yoshiko is convinced that Ruri is just like herself, a massive idiot, just afraid to admit that to herself. When a report card slips out of one of Ruri’s books, it reveals a big fat zero, just like Yoshiko scores all the time. Quick to comfort his sobbing imouto, Akuru hugs her, promising that no matter what happens he will always take care of her despite her being an idiot. The fact that her brother doesn’t believe that she will get smarter hurts Ruri, and she runs from the room claiming to hate his guts, damaging him greatly. Despite proclaiming the opposite of Yoshiko, when it comes to his little sister Ruri, Akuru is a very caring person.

4. Man’s Best Friend - Episode 6

Everyone needs some time off, especially if you’re a dedicated student and have as noisy a friend as Yoshiko like Akutsu Akuru does. When she tells Akuru that she’ll be going to visit her grandparents over the weekend, he is understandably relieved. Glad to have one annoying animal out of his life, he discovers that she has left her dog in his care. Convinced that he’s merely exchanged a monkey for a dog, he’s quick to lay down some ground rules with the poor pooch.

After he complains to the dog that he’ll feed him but won’t play with him, the dog is noticeably upset. After realizing this, Akuru tries to test his intelligence by checking his reactions to his words. After being disappointed by Yoshiko mindlessly ignoring him, he’s beginning to enjoy having semi-intelligent interactions with a dog. The two begin to watch one of Akuru’s favorite movies, and as he sees the dog reacting to the emotional end scene, he’s convinced that he is truly intelligent. Unfortunately, just as the two are beginning to bond, Yoshiko returns unannounced. Smugly amused at the results of her decision to leave the dog with Akuru, she teases him over their closeness. In annoyance, he denies any attachment to the dog, which hurts the dogs feelings. Regretting his words, he apologizes to the dog, who motions his understanding in response. The two share a bond that Akutsu Akuru does not have with any other creature, human or otherwise.

5. Movie Time with Two Idiots - Episode 5

The morning begins with Yoshiko leaping across the balcony to Akuru’s room, in the hopes of stealing a good morning kiss. Used to this unwanted affection, he slams Yoshiko into the ceiling. They make such a racket that his little sister Ruri comes racing in to complain. However, Yoshiko hasn’t just rudely interrupted their peaceful summer for no reason. The new film for the magical girl Prechure is playing, and both girls want to go, forcing Akuru to take them.

At the movie theater with stupidity incarnate to his right, Akuru is quick to command Yoshiko to be quiet. She quickly promises to do so, but within three seconds of this is shouting at the screen, forcing Akuru to forcibly and violently silence her. After delivering a knockout blow, he tapes her mouth shut so that the others can enjoy the film in peace. Although, even without making noise, Yoshiko is annoying enough, overreacting to the action on screen by fidgeting and grabbing Akuru. Forced to use more tape to tie her arms and legs together, he thinks the worst is over.

However, Ruri seated to his left begins to frantically scream at the screen, causing him to instinctively grab her. She begins to tear up, and he realizes he has threatened his precious little sister and tries to apologize. Yoshiko then breaks free, and between her and Ruri, they cause a scene that the other moviegoers can’t ignore. With no choice left, Akuru apologizes, and renders the two girls unconscious, fleeing the theater carrying them both. Faced with the challenge of keeping public order, Akutsu Akuru will make difficult choices to save himself from embarrassment. Everyone should be thankful for his heroism when dealing with idiots.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. Akutsu Akuru has gone through a tumultuous childhood with having to contend with Yoshiko from a tender age, causing him to become the man that he is. It was never easy, but making hard choices in life rarely is. As the quick tempered, no nonsense straightman in Aho Girl, he valiantly does his duty in keeping the uncontrollable somewhat in line.

Do you have a favorite character from Aho Girl or another great Akutsu Akuru moment? Let us know in the comments section!

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