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  • Episodes: 10
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Shounen
  • Air Dates: July, 2017- Present
  • Studio: Diomedea

Aho Girl Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
Aho Girl follows childhood friends Yoshiko Hanabatake and Akutsu Akuru as they deal with various oddities and comical issues that arise around them. While Yoshiko is clearly head over heels for Akutsu—or as she refers him as A-kun—he doesn’t feel the same about her. In fact, Akutsu would rather have Yoshiko far away from him but knows that if he leaves her alone, Yoshiko will be a threat to not only herself but others. Watch as these two “friends” attempt to survive school life and various other friends who might just as odd as these two. Part romance and all comedy, Aho Girl is all about making you laugh and showing the more ridiculous side of school life.

Yoshiko Hanabatake Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Yuuki, Aoi
As Akutsu Akuru—Yoshiko’s childhood friend—would say best, Yoshiko Hanabatake is an idiot. Obsessed with bananas and living life as if she was five years old, Yoshiko has energy and a can do attitude despite the odds being heavily stacked against her. She is very much in love with Akutsu—or more so referred to as A-kun—and despite the disdain he has for Yoshiko, that doesn’t stop her from making moves on him. Yoshiko Hanabatake may be missing some brain cells but that doesn’t take away from how adorable and cute she is.

Yoshiko Hanabatake Highlights

1. Infinite Energy

Yoshiko Hanabatake is basically the living embodiment of energy. Not only can this girl survive from massive falls and hits—usually from A-kun’s assaults—but Yoshiko loves to run and do things only kids can really appreciate. This can be seen in episode 2 where instead of studying, Yoshiko decides to play with a bunch of grade schoolers. While most high schoolers may have some tough times moving at the same speed as someone half their age, Yoshiko Hanabatake uses her infinite energy to keep going and play hard.

Another example of Yoshiko’s stamina and energy comes during the latter half of episode 6. Here we have Yoshiko Hanabatake participating in a festival dance with professional dancers. Despite the lack of experience in comparison to the guys who she’s supposed to dance with, Yoshiko not only keeps up with their dancing but steals the show right in front of them. If you ever wanted a girl who would probably be able to climb mountains without batting an eye or go exploring and never grow tired, Yoshiko Hanabatake is a definite choice. Though the real question will arise at one point, could you keep up with Yoshiko yourself? We here at Honey’s Anime don’t even know if we could answer this ourselves.

2. Can do Attitude

In episode 1 of Aho Girl, we learn that Yoshiko Hanabatake is pretty much terrible in her studies. While Yoshiko’s friend A-kun has impressive grades—scoring in high 90s on all of his tests—Yoshiko basically gets big 0s on her test sheets. When A-kun then warns Yoshiko that her poor grades will make life all but impossible, Yoshiko instead just says that she could become someone’s wife. Is this a responsible response? Probably not to be honest, but it shows that Yoshiko Hanabatake isn’t willing to just let bad grades destroy her enjoyment of life and we here at Honey’s Anime respect that fully.

If that example wasn’t enough to convince you of the greatness that is Yoshiko’s undying spirit then why don’t we examine episode 3? In this episode we see at one point Yoshiko going up against a rather large and seemingly fearsome white dog. While most would back off—the kids themselves were terrified—Yoshiko only had one dream: to ride the dog like a steed. Despite the dog’s anger towards her—which we can’t blame a dog as most don’t want to be ridden like a horse—Yoshiko still leaps on top of the dog and rides it around with courage and a can do attitude. This goes to show you that Yoshiko Hanabatake won’t back down and is willing to face anything in her way. While this could also be due to her mentality, it’s still a trait we love about Yoshiko Hanabatake.

3. Knows what she wants

Here’s a reality check, A-kun doesn’t want Yoshiko in any form, even less as a potential girlfriend. However, Yoshiko knows that she wants A-kun because she feels he’s a nice guy and is just playing hard to get. Yoshiko is similar to her mom in this sense as they both have their eyes on A-kun—though the mother for a different reason—and is willing to fight for him. This can be seen in most of the episodes—such as 1 and 6—but really is noticeable in episode 3 when Yoshiko basically kidnaps A-kun in his own home. Yes, it may be a bit much—really it’s beyond even that—but this just shows that Yoshiko is dying for A-kun to notice her and what she can give him in return.

Now let’s also mention another of Yoshiko’s obsessions which comes in the form of bananas. Yoshiko is absolutely bananas for bananas, yes we know that this is corny. Just look at episode 1. Here Yoshiko talks to Fuuki Iinchou—who is in charge of keeping the students in order—about giving her one of the most expensive bananas she knows costing about 1000 yen per individual banana. Even as she tells Fuuki about this, she begins drooling profusely imagining how good it tastes. This right here shows that while Yoshiko may love A-kun, she also loves bananas and knows that her life needs to be filled with the yellow fruit at all times.

4. Friendly to all

Yoshiko is kind to nearly every single character in Aho Girl. Despite the obviously crude and harsh A-kun—who always treats her pretty poorly—Yoshiko still cares about him alongside others that are introduced in the show. Let’s examine Ryuichi Kurosaki who is introduced in episode 2. While most see Ryuichi as a delinquent, that doesn’t apply to Yoshiko who immediately tries to befriend Ryuichi and despite the silliness that follows, Ryuichi cries as he realizes he has someone who cares about him. This goes to show you that regardless of what someone is like or if they are seen as bad by someone else, Yoshiko will quickly accept them for who they are.

Maybe to better help you see her friendliness at full volume, we need to provide a stronger example. Episode 5 comes to mind when Yoshiko’s mom ruins Fuuki’s bathing suit by drawing on the bikini top. Feeling bad for Fuuki, Yoshiko actually draws on her own top as well to help fit in with her friend. This is Yoshiko’s enemy for A-kun’s heart and yet she is still willing to damage her own chances just to help a friend not stick out. In the game of love, everything is fair play but for Yoshiko she is always willing to make sure her friends don’t suffer.

5. Adorable personality

Yoshiko Hanabatake is simply just adorable, really that’s all we should have to say but as always we need to make sure you the reader agree with us on these statements. Yoshiko may be very silly and goofy, but those traits make her equally cute and precious. When she fights for A-kun’s attention or when she talks about her love for bananas, you just feel a curtness that only Yoshiko can unleash on the masses. Even if at times Yoshiko may be a bit scatter brained, she still aims to make cute gestures and equally cute moves.

A prime example of how adorable Yoshiko can be is seen in episode 5 when she talks about summer vacation. While A-kun is adamant on spending the summer studying, this doesn’t even slightly faze Yoshiko as she talks about the joy they will have on the beach and together. Face it, your heart most likely melted slightly when you saw the pure joy and sparkle in her eyes in this scene just as we felt here at Honey’s Anime. Yoshiko Hanabatake is a girl who doesn’t try to be adorable on purpose. Instead, just by being her odd and bubbly—sometimes very silly—self, Yoshiko actually comes off as adorable without even batting an eyelash. Though when she does attempt to flirt with A-kun that also is equally adorable.

Final Thoughts

Yoshiko Hanabatake may not be the smartest or brightest female lead we’ve seen here at Honey’s Anime but her spirit and drive make her one of the cutest girls ever. There is something very appealing about a girl who tries her best despite knowing the flaw she has and even at times ignoring them. While A-kun may not want Yoshiko, we here at Honey’s Anime wouldn’t mind showing her the appreciation and love she clearly deserves. What are your thoughts on Yoshiko Hanabatake? Are you also crazy for her or do you think like A-kun and can’t stand the mere sight of her? Let us know in the comments below and don’t leave for too long as we’re always crafting new articles to show the love to our waifus and husbandos.

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