[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Arakawa Eiya Highlights - Dorei-ku The Animation

Doreiku-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Arakawa Eiya Highlights - Dorei-ku The Animation

The woman who wants to free everyone


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Drama, Psychological
  • Airing Date: April 2018 - June 2018
  • Studio: TNK, Zero-G

Dorei-ku The Animation Preview (No Spoilers)

The most recent craze in the underground world involves a little device known as an SCM. These SCMs are utilized in games of chance to bet your free will. Should you lose, you become the slave of the person who beat you. What do you do when people want to enslave others at all costs even if it’s unfair?

Arakawa Eiya Highlights

1. Intelligent but Not Cocky

From the first episode, it is evident that Eiya is intelligent when she is able to beat Yuuga at his own game by identifying the situation between the couple in the same cafe. Eiya shows that she’s quite observant of the things around her, even when it does not appear that she is paying anyone any mind. While this isn’t shown as well in the anime as it does in the anime, Eiya has a lot of wit and intellect that we can only hope will shine through in the rest of Dorei-ku The Animation.

2. Has a Heart

While this may be done to death, we have to applaud Eiya for being loyal and caring, even when it puts her in a bind. When Yuuga has turned the tables of their agreement with his wild and selfish side, Eiya still goes out of her way to “save” Yuuga when he tricks her into coming to his rescue. She has even gone to actually save Yuuga even after that ordeal and his enslavement of Zushi, which shows Eiya has a heart even when Yuuga deserves a good kick in the pants.

3. Idealistic

This is also another trope that’s done to death, but on Eiya, it looks good. She’s an idealistic person, despite her intellect. After getting roped in further into Yuuga’s shenanigens, Eiya makes the selfless decision to enslave everyone in an effort to free them from the SCMs. This means she actually has to play, which puts her and Zushi in danger of being enslaved by others, but unlike everyone else in the game, Eiya wants to sets people free!

4. Not The Type to Back Down

Even when she’s being hunted, Eiya does what she needs to to survive and help everyone, even if it kind of means leaving them behind. Eiya knows that she is the key to everyone’s survival in the end, which is why Yuuga will save her at his own expense. Eiya knows that if she does not run for her life, she will not be able to save anyone else. Unfortunately for her, that also means leaving behind Zushi!

5. She’s a Dog Lover

This may seem silly, but I think we just had to point out the loyalties that lie between Eiya and Zushi. It’s the reason why Eiya is roped into Yuuga’s mess (since he’s blackmailing her by enslaving Zushi). Zushi is also extremely loyal to Eiya, which is why he played against Yuuga and tried to eat a plate and silverware. This dedication between Eiya and Zushi really shows how good a person Eiya must be!

Final Thoughts

While Dorei-ku the Animation is still going on, we just had to give out some love to Eiya, who seems to be one of the few characters from the anime that doesn’t outright frustrate the crap out of us. She’s brilliant and resourceful but also, caring. We can only wait in anticipation to see what happens next for Eiya and her crew!

For those of you muscling through Dorei-ku the Animation this season, what are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite character? Share all of your thoughts down below!

Doreiku-manga [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Arakawa Eiya Highlights - Dorei-ku The Animation


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