Dorei-ku The Animation: The Idea of Controlling Others

There have been some interesting ideas presented into anime, but one interesting idea comes from Dorei-ku The Animation, an anime featuring characters who bet their free will on a game of chance. As frivilous as it sounds, this bet is very real with very realistic consequences. In Dorei-ku The Animation, characters utilize a device known as the SCM that drives neurological functions so that those who become enslaved are true to their word and act as such, with some boundaries, of course. While the concept is really quite interesting, exactly how feasible is it to do any of this? Could Dorei-ku The Animation hold up at all in the real world?


While I’m not exactly convinced you can control people via a remote control device. They don’t reflect any of the science behind how the SCM works, but it just seems to make your brain develop some need to follow your master’s orders, which even drives you to the brink of madness when you take out your SCM. Why? Not even sure.

The SCM must have some sort of hold on your neurological stimuli or hormones, but it doesn’t make sense that you can be driven to insanity even when you are not wearing it. Certain types of stimuli have been proven to have some hold on living creatures as shown in the experiment performed by James Olds and Peter Milner in which they had given rats the ability to directly stimulate their pleasure centers in the brain via a lever and thus, releasing dopamine. This resulted in the rats running to press the lever thousands of times in mere minutes and shirking even basic bodily necessities like eating. However, if removing the SCM is still somehow able to create some sort of stimuli and perhaps dependency on this stimuli, I really would be interested to know how it would be able to do this.


Some real methods of controlling people are present with scenes like when Yuuga uses Eiya’s concern for his well-being to manipulate her into coming to his rescue only to be forced into a fixed game and taking advantage of Zushi in order to control Eiya. While it’s a bit convenient, it is definitely a feasible way of controlling someone without an SCM. You take exploit a person’s weakness and essentially use it for blackmail, although we do not condone that whatsoever!

The same can be said of Julia who will follow all of Ryuuou’s orders because she is just merely loyal to him (and codependent). Julia’s story appears to be quite the pathetic one and she seems to be extremely codependent on the people in her life because all she wants is “someone’s hand to hold.” Not exactly a motivator, but I can see someone having this sort of simplistic mindset. However, her codependence makes her really susceptible to being controlled by others, even going so far to put all of her trust in Ryuuou and getting electrocuted per his instructions just because she believes Ryuuou wouldn’t kill her.

These types of ideas are quite realistic, and I’m sure we’ll get to see more of the mind control in Dorei-ku The Animation outside of the SCM aspect of it. Maybe the mangaka and writers knew what they were talking about?

Final Thoughts

Now, how’s that for interesting? The idea of controlling someone’s free will is an interesting and rather scary concept, but maybe people can be controlled without even doing anything bordering on fantasy. What do you readers think about the concept? Would you play a game using an SCM? Share your thoughts below!

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