Dorei-ku The Animation Review - Ready to Gamble Your Will Away?

Ready to Gamble Your Will Away?

  • Episodes : 12
  • Genre : Drama, Psychological
  • Airing Date : April 2018 - June 2018
  • Studios : TNK, Zero-G

Contains Spoilers

Dorei-ku The Animation Introduction and Story

Shinjuku is ablaze with all sorts of activity, but the one gaining traction is but a game of chance. Well, it’s actually a game of chance where you may unwittingly be putting your free will on the line. Should you lose, you become the slave of the victor, so some are willing to do anything to win.

Why You Should Watch Dorei-ku The Animation

1. Premise

One of the main reasons you probably even looked at this anime is its premise. It’s known as the “slave anime” and features a story in which you gamble your free will away, similar to anime like Kakegurui. If you loved Kakegurui, you were probably looking for another gaming anime and Dorei-ku The Animation seems to fall under that scope.

2. Stories that are told

Many characters are introduced in Dorei-ku The Animation, but unlike anime like Juuni Taisen where characters are brought in and given no context, most of the characters in Dorei-ku The Animation are given brief backstories about their contributions to the game. Every person who is mentioned, except for Eiya’s friend, has a backstory and purpose in the anime. From Julia down to Shinnosuke, everyone has some sort of part that they play in the anime.

Why You Should Skip Dorei-ku The Animation

1. Brief

While we did say it’s great that so many relevant characters were introduced, one really frustrating part is how brief everything is. Everyone’s backstories are told only up to the point that the characters are useful. Every plot point is brief, especially Ryuuou’s, which is odd considering what a threat he held. We were even more frustrated by the brief importance the Judgement SCM had in the anime, which was almost none at all. Why introduce something so pivotal when it barely does much? Ridiculous. Yes, we get that this is a short anime with only 12 episodes so we understand that a lot of things have to be cut short, but it’s merely only mediocre. The writers made the most of their time, but whether or not it is worth investing yours is up to you.

2. Smarts

Well, it’s more like lack thereof. We are told that Yuuga and Eiya are intelligent, but this isn’t really explored well in the anime. Heck, we get the idea that Ryuuou is also intelligent, but then when he’s introduced, we don’t see much of that either. Sure, they can guess at human nature, but overall, they don’t do too much in the way of calculating. It’s a shame, too, as everyone seems to be emotionally driven more so than logic driven, which we believed to be part of the original premise, but what do we know. We’re just viewers *sarcasm*.

Final Thoughts

The season may be over but many fans are flocking over to check out what’s worth checking out. Whether or not Dorei-ku The Animation is worth checking is up to you, but here’s our 5 cents. Hopefully you get a good idea of whether or not you want to check out this anime. What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s worthwhile? Or have you seen it already? Share your thoughts all in the comments below!

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