[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aries Spring Highlights - Kanata no Astra (Astra: Lost in Space)

Kanata-no-Astra-Wallpaper-1-591x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aries Spring Highlights - Kanata no Astra (Astra: Lost in Space)

The Sweet Space Cadet

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Sci-Fi, Adventure, Space, Shounen
  • Airing Date: July 2019 – currently airing
  • Studio: Lerche

Kanata no Astra Preview (Astra: Lost in Space) (No Spoilers)

In the year 2061, a flighty new transfer student named Aries Spring and eight of her classmates embark on a fun weeklong nature trip to another planet. But suddenly, a strange white orb engulfs them and transports the kids 5000 light-years away from Earth! They happen upon an abandoned spaceship and must learn to work together as a team to make it back home, all while slowly uncovering the mystery of who or what left them for dead in space.

Aries Spring Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. She’s Unfailingly Sweet and Kind

Aries is the most upbeat member of the crew, always looking on the bright side of a situation and keeping everyone in good spirits. She makes a concerted effort to get to know every single person, even starting out the trip by complimenting the other girls on their unique spacesuits. It’s impossible to be sad when sweet little Aries is on the scene!

2. She’s a Bit Socially Inept

But despite her positive attitude, she can be a bit clueless when it comes to societal norms. She routinely messes up common phrases, laughs like a seagull on helium, and doesn’t fully understand her own crush on Kanata. We don’t really know why she’s like this as of yet, except that she must’ve been a pretty sheltered child. No matter what the explanation, though, her social ineptitude is always entertaining to behold.

3. Her Design is Adorable

Aries is just so cute! She has a wavy bob of pink hair, white hairpins that look a bit like mouse ears, and a smile worth protecting with our lives. Her shapely body fills out her pastel pink spacesuit and casual uniform very nicely, and we also love the Chinese-inspired travel outfit she wore in the first episode. We just want to give her a big, squishy hug!

4. She’s Vital to the Group

Everyone on the Astra crew has some sort of job, and Aries is in charge of logistics. She came up with the idea to get home by hopping from one habitable planet to another and she makes sure to catalog everything that happens onboard in her shipboard diary. Her photographic memory is incredibly useful as well since she was able to navigate the group away from a second transportation orb that was attacking them by remembering the exact layout of a planet’s forest. What would they ever do without her?

5. There are Still Mysteries Surrounding Her

We still don’t know everything about Aries, though. Why does she have a photographic memory? Why does she seem so sheltered and odd? Why are her eyes different colors? Why does she resemble Charce’s childhood friend so much? Do those hairpins conceal something that’s attached to her head? Kanata no Astra is filled to the brim with mysteries, and we can’t wait to find out the truth—one that Aries herself may not even know.

Final Thoughts

Aries Spring is an adorable, if strange, girl who stole our hearts the moment she first appeared onscreen. Her positive outlook on life and mysterious past keep us coming back every week to see what this pastel pink cutie gets up to next.

What did you think of our overview? What do you like about Aries? Is her laugh charming, utterly bizarre, or both? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Kanata-no-Astra-Wallpaper-1-591x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Aries Spring Highlights - Kanata no Astra (Astra: Lost in Space)


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