5 Best Fight Scenes in Manga

When it comes to fight scenes, the full-color, movement-blessed animated sequences easily appeal to many. However, that doesn’t mean manga, as a medium, is falling behind. Fight scenes in manga have their own unique charm, especially if done exceptionally well. In fact, it can be argued that animated adaptations of renowned fight sequences in manga don’t always give the monumental events any justice. With that being said, here are five of the best fight scenes in the world of manga.

Contains Spoilers

5. The Fights from Kengan Ashura

A fight scene article can’t do without a good one-versus-one action series, and Kengan Ashura is that series for this article. However, this is not just a pick borne of necessity, but because Kengan Ashura’s anime adaptation is somewhat off-putting. The CGI rendering isn’t necessarily bad, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the source material. Being a fighting manga, Kengan Ashura offers a slew of blood-pumping fights, and the best way to enjoy them is through the manga, especially since the manga does a great job expressing the intense fighting spirit the characters emit.

4. Soul Society VS Espada from Bleach

It is no secret that Bleach has some glorious art, especially in the manga. Don’t get us wrong - the anime adaptation of the series has done a great job in its own right, but the manga’s stillness proves to be a big advantage during the Soul Society’s fight against the dreaded Espada. Not only do both sides have a good amount of characters in their lineup, but their aesthetics, especially the attacks and transformations, are exceptionally superb. Seeing them in black and white somehow amplifies the intensity of their appearances, while the stillness of the medium also allows the readers to appreciate the fight as long as they prefer.

3. Guts VS Zodd from Berserk

Berserk is another classic whose anime received a large following. However, viewers especially loved its plot and storytelling rather than its action sequences. Even though the anime does a decent job with Guts’ fight with Zodd, the manga fully captures the epicness of the fight. For one, the manga successfully encapsulates the great tension between the two. This is especially true as the art style of Berserk’s manga is intricately detailed. The actions, expressions, and struggle are immortalized in ink, making it a blast to read.

2. The Summit War of Marineford from One Piece

The Summit War of Marineford will forever be a monumental event for fans of One Piece. The battle takes the life of numerous nameless side characters, while also ushering in great developments. Both Ace and Whitebeard painfully meet their end during this war, and Blackbeard manages to acquire his second Devil Fruit power. However, what truly distinguishes the manga from the anime is censorship. In the manga, Whitebeard suffers a graver fate - in fact, a part of his head is gone as he stands there lifeless. For the full gory experience, you have to read the manga version of this fight.

1. The Three-way Fight from One Punch Man

One Punch Man is one of those manga series wherein the mangaka has gone above and beyond. The manga’s art is simply glorious, and almost every page and panel is a masterpiece. The three-way fight between Flashy Flash, Platinum Spermatozoon, and Garo is a prime example of this. The battle between the three contenders is already amazing, but the better part is that it stayed true to One Punch Man’s tone. They fight so quickly that they create a beautiful constellation-esque phenomenon in the night sky, beautifully complementing Saitama and Genos’ heartwarming reunion.

Final Thoughts

Anime is the typical go-to medium for many when it comes to amazing fight scenes, and we can’t really say that’s a bad idea. After all, watching the fight in action is a true blast of an experience. However, that’s not always the case. Some fight scenes are better in manga for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s the fine attention to detail, and sometimes it's the superb art. Manga, as a medium, won’t be going down without a fight when it comes to brilliantly executed battles!

Did we miss another awesome manga fight scene? Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below!

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