5 Best JoBros in JoJo no Kimyou na Bouken (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Every JoJo main character knows that they’d be nothing without their most trusted and loyal friend, the JoBro. While there can be more than one JoBro per JoJo (Jolyne has both Ermes and Foo Fighters, for example), their individual importance as morality boosters and combat partners cannot be understated. No JoJo has ever saved the world alone.

We’re here today to honor our five favorite JoBros – those who have gone above and beyond in their service to the Joestar family line. They may not be the protagonists, but these characters have earned their places in the JoJo pantheon as true comrades and bros to the very end.

5. Yasuho Hirose

This 19-year-old college student may not be fit for combat, but she does everything she can to assist her friend Gappy. Yasuho’s stand Paisley Park is essentially a supercomputer that can use digital devices to find information, which she uses to help Gappy unravel the mysteries of his past and the enigmatic Rokakaka fruit that everyone is fighting over.

Yasuho has her own interesting backstory and her budding romance with Gappy is just adorable to watch. With one on the frontlines and the other investigating behind the scenes, they make a great team.

4. Okuyasu Nijimura

First introduced as a villain along with his brother, Okuyasu turns out to just be a scared teen trying to save his father from a stand-related disease. After Josuke heals him after their battle, Okuyasu decides to make his savior his best friend.

Josuke isn’t thrilled at first, but he and Okuyasu quickly become inseparable and spend the rest of part 4 coming up with zany schemes and fighting alongside each other. Watching the two of them hang out together like brothers is one of the simple joys of Diamond is Unbreakable.

3. Caesar Antonio Zeppeli

Joseph and Caesar struck up a rivalry as soon as they met, spurred on by their similar but conflicting personalities. Caesar hated how flippant and careless Joseph was, but set aside his gripes to team up with Joseph against the Pillar Men and eventually grew to like his teammate. According to his teacher Messina, it was true love.

After a heated argument with Joseph, Caesar rushes into a battle with Wamuu by himself and pays for it with his life. But with his last breath, he manages to secure Joseph’s antidote and deliver it to him in a bubble made of his own blood. That’s true dedication right there.

2. Gyro Zeppeli

Taking cues from Caesar as well as Will Zeppeli from part 1, Gyro serves as both best friend and mentor to Johnny Joestar. This zany Italian is a master of the Spin, which has the potential to make paraplegic Johnny walk again. Throughout the Steel Ball Run race, Gyro teaches the former jockey Spin techniques and forges a friendship with him that slowly pulls Johnny out of his years-long depression.

Our favorite moment in their friendship is when the two men are about to face Valentine in the final battle, but Gyro makes them exchange secrets beforehand in case they die. This is where Johnny’s infamous bug bite fetish is mentioned, as well as Gyro’s (equally embarrassing, according to him) real name. They’re both on such a serious mission, but Gyro always makes time for a little fun and Johnny always indulges him.

1. Robert E. O. Speedwagon

Speedwagon has no stand powers, no hamon, and no real reason to follow Jonathan Joestar other than that the man spared him after a fight. Jonathan’s selfless altruism touched the former Ogre Street thug so deeply that Speedwagon did what no other JoBro was able to do: support every other JoJo all the way through Stone Ocean.

After accompanying Jonathan on his journey to defeat Dio, Speedwagon moved to America and struck it rich as an oil tycoon. With his millions, he created the Speedwagon Foundation—a research society filled with doctors, pilots, and other professionals—which went on to provide assistance to the Joestar family for six generations. Oh, and he was pretty good with a sledgehammer, too.

Final Thoughts

These JoBros are fantastic characters in their own right and make great partners for their associated JoJos as well. We only wish we could help our friends the way these legendary bros helped theirs.

What did you think of our list? Who is your favorite JoBro? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

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