6 Broken Characters in Happy Sugar Life

Happy Girl Life tells us the story of a sweet and charming romance full of fun, laughter, wedding vows, and overall happy lives that Satou and Shio live together. However, behind that bubbly surface of love lies a dark, dark secret. Satou has never really experienced love before. She had dated tons of people, but nothing had ever clicked with them the way Shio did when Satou met her one night in an alleyway after being abandoned by her mother.

Satou learns what true love is, and in order to protect this love, anything goes. Lies, blackmail, slander, threats, and even murder. If it means protecting this love she has, then it is worth it. The characters in Happy Sugar Life all have fleeting grasps on reality due to past trauma and all project their trauma onto others. Shio included. So join us as we look at the top broken characters of the show!

6. Daichi Kitaumekawa

Daichi is Satou’s homeroom teacher and while he has a prominent role in the second and third episodes, after that, he is forgotten about slightly. He not only has a problem with sex and going outside of his marriage behind his wife’s back. He tries to get Satou. The funny thing is though, is that Satou realizes he is a massive sadist who wants to get dominated in particularly risky situations. This is all fine and good in a normal situation, but Satou is his student and his wife hasn’t the foggiest what is going on. He then later gets off on the fact that he is helping Satou dispose of the body of the apartment’s former tenant in the school’s furnace. Steer clear of this weirdo.

5. Satou’s Aunt

It’s not entirely clear as to what happened to Satou’s aunt, but we know that the poor woman has been through a lot. The lifelessness oozes from her gaze and she is constantly bandaged and living in an absolutely filthy apartment. It is revealed that either she cheated on her husband, Satou’s uncle a long time ago, or has just been single and enjoyed painful encounters with men. We do not know what truly broke her, but you can tell that she has zero grasp on reality. She even goes so far as to prepare to help Satou run away with Shio by lighting the building on fire and taking all the blame for it.

4. Taiyou Mitsuboshi

Taiyou is Satou’s coworker and the boy revealed very early on to have been sexually assaulted by their cafe boss and subsequently locked in a closet. While one would think that he has recovered from the trauma since he goes back to school and life, he does spend a large amount of time in his room at home. Why? Because Taiyou has seen a missing persons flyer of Shio and has come to hinge his salvation on whether or not she can purify him. Calling her his “angel,” Taiyou clings to the belief that she can help him. When his luck goes well and he meets her, he is on the verge of kidnapping, and possibly raping, Shio when Satou ends up coming in to pluck Shio from the danger that is Taiyou. The poor boy spends the rest of the series desperate to get his hands on Shio.

3. Asahi Koube

Asahi… boy does he have a lot of problems. Asahi is Shio’s older brother who is searching for her. Desperate, he will chase down any lead. He, too, is bandaged from the suffering inflicted by his father. Beatings were regular as was getting his fingernails ripped off at one point. Asahi did try to help his mother escape with Shio, and as a result, suffered more at the hands of his father. Asahi was also blamed, or rather forced, to hide the secret that his mother actually poisoned his father to be free of his malice. Things only get worse as Asahi gets closer to Taiyou beating him and threatens him more as they get closer to finding Shio. Asahi claims to be above it all, but when it comes down to it, he attacks Satou with a bat. The final blow comes in the recovery room where Shio has woken up but says that she only needs Satou inside of her and will never need her brother.

2. Shio Koube

Here is where it gets dark. So Shio did notice some things as a child but due to past trauma, she cannot recall all of it fully. She was abandoned by her mother in an alleyway where she was discovered by Satou and forced to just accept so many harsh realities despite being at such a young age. It only gets worse for her because she is traumatized by being outside the one time she does get out, and then when they decide to leave, Satou not only dies for her, Shio is destroyed mentally thinking that all she will ever need is Satou in her life. It is only going to get worse for this poor girl and the flash shown in her eyes at the end is what does her in fully.

1. Satou Matsuzaka

It makes sense that Satou takes the top of our list. Where do we start with this damaged girl… Her parents were killed very early on which is already traumatic for a child. Then, she lives in filth with her aunt who openly allows random men into her apartment to have sex with her (the aunt) and physically hurt her. She has had so many terrible encounters with partners, that Satou feels that a small girl is her only solution for love. Speaking of, she will lie, steal, cheat, blackmail, injure, and murder in the sake of this “love” that she so highly speaks of not realizing just how unhealthy it is. Satou keeps Taiyou on a leash and even tries to kill Asahi as he was trying to get his sister back.

Final Thoughts

Tragically, Happy Sugar Life ended with an original ending as the source is still ongoing. This means that we actually do not know what fate will befall Satou and Shio, but we hope for goodness sake that what played out in the anime is not reality. What are your thoughts on the characters of this show? We have another yandere to add to the list with Gasai Yuno in Satou Matsuzaka. Is she more intense than Yuno or less? Let us know below. Till next time!

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