5 Funniest Generation 8 Pokémon We Can't Wait to Catch!

Every generation of Pokémon brings with it some hilarious creature designs: Dunsparce, Stunfisk, Goomy, Alolan Exeggutor... and generation 8 certainly doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. We’ve picked out five Pokémon from Sword and Shield that make us laugh in one way or another, although that doesn’t mean we love them any less. Let’s take a look at the 5 funniest generation 8 Pokémon we can’t wait to catch!

5. Arctozolt

  • Type: Electric/Ice

According to the Galar Pokédex, Arctozolt is a fossil Pokémon that originally went extinct because its ice-covered body was so top-heavy that it had trouble moving around. Just the sight of Arctozolt’s tiny little arms and head poking out of the massive ice block that is its torso is wacky enough, but seeing it try to move is a whole new level of comedy. Still, we wish we could hug that frigid dragon and commend it for trying its very best.

4. Cramorant

  • Type: Flying/Water

Cramorant isn’t very smart. Whenever it uses Surf or Dive in battle, it comes back up with either a small fish (Arrokuda) in its mouth or a full-sized Pikachu sticking out of its gaping maw. Its special ability is to spit out the Arrokuda or Pikachu to inflict status conditions on its enemies, but we just have to wonder how Cramorant managed to get itself into this situation in the first place. It chokes on its “food” no matter what it catches, so how does it even survive? The world may never know...

3. Chewtle

  • Type: Water

Chewtle’s head is so large compared to its body that it looks like someone stuck a bicycle pump in its mouth and inflated the poor thing’s noggin so full that it could float away in the breeze. Its evolution Dreadnaw has much more reasonable proportions, so why does this little buck-toothed lad have to suffer from balloon face? In any case, this snapping turtle Pokémon is one of our favorites of the new generation despite (or perhaps because of) its comically enlarged head.

2. Eiscue

  • Type: Ice

Speaking of comically enlarged heads, this penguin Pokémon forms a large ice cube around its face to “keep it nice and cool”, according to the Pokédex. The ice cube (which sports an emoji-like face) can take a hit for the Pokémon in the same way that the move Substitute does, but disappears after one attack to reveal the deeply concerned real head underneath. Poor little Eiscue... we’ll make sure it hails so you can reform your comfort cube!

1. Appletun

  • Type: Grass/Dragon

Apple pie dragon? Apple pie dragon. This little guy (who is just over a foot tall) evolves from the even smaller Applin by using the Sweet Apple item and exudes a sweet nectar that attracts bugs for it to prey on. A tiny dragon who looks like an apple covered in lattice pie crust seems like a stupid idea for a Pokémon, but we can’t help but love it to pieces. Please join our team, Appletun!

Final Thoughts

Funny honorable mentions include Dreepy for its hilarious wide-eyed stare and eagerness to be shot out of Dragapult’s horns at supersonic speeds, Barraskewda for its curly Tim Burton-style mouth, and Galarian Weezing for its pure meme potential.

What did you think of our list? What are your favorite funny generation 8 Pokémon? Let us know in the comments, and thanks so much for reading!

Cramorant-pokemon-Wallpaper-358x500 5 Funniest Generation 8 Pokémon We Can't Wait to Catch!


Author: Mary Lee Sauder

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