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.hack//G.U. Last Recode is a game that fans of the series have been waiting for for over 10 years. We finally get to see our favorite characters remastered with a few much-needed tweaks to gameplay. On top of that, Last Recode comes bundled with the brand new Volume 4 - Reconnection. Now, we have a final chapter that further develops the main character, Haseo (Terror of Death), and brings the events of the G.U. series to a close. This game was released this month on November 1st.

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Most of you have probably played through the original three GU games. However, if you haven’t played the latest game (Reconnection) and don’t want to be spoiled, please don’t read number 5 in this article. I’ll put one more spoiler tag below to remind you of that.

But, let’s get back to our favorite character, Haseo. Let's talk about our five favorite moments where he truly shined in the .hack//G.U. series.

Haseo Highlights

1.Enter the Terror of Death (Volume 1 - Rebirth)

In Vol. 1 - Rebirth, we see Haseo step in to save a little girl who is being bullied and beaten by a group of PK'ers (player killers). With an evil grin on his face, Haseo sneaks up behind one of the PK'ers and kicks him in the back. He faces off against some of their best fighters but they're tossed aside by ferocious swings of Haseo's twin swords. They even try ganging up on him all at once, but he easily slashes them away with one swipe of his deadly scythe. Even their cunning leader is quickly dealt with and shown no mercy by the Terror of Death. What a beast!

This scene is important for several reasons. First off, it sets up the rivalry between Haseo and Bordeaux. It's something that'll further develop throughout the series. Second, we are shown that Haseo has taken a vengeful turn in his life as a gamer. He enjoys killing off PK's. It’s his way of lashing out against those who did the same to him when he first started out in The World. Third, his identity as a PKK (player killer-killer) is the basis for how he'll develop as a person from here on out. He's full of anger and hellbent on revenge, those are things he'll have to overcome if he wants to realize his full strength and protect the ones he cares about.

2. Haseo Meets Tri-Edge - Azure Kite (Volume 1 - Rebirth)

Haseo returns to the Hulle Hanz Cathedral after hearing rumors of Tri-Edge being sighted there. As he enters, he hears a familiar noise. Flashbacks of his time with Shino and she fell into a coma swell up inside of Haseo. He pulls out his swords and lashes out at the mysterious figure that appears, Tri-Edge. Even though he uses his job extend skill to pull out multiple weapons, he is no match for the silent monster. His pain, sorrow, and anger manifest in physical attacks aimed at cutting through the opponent before him. But, none of it makes a difference. Haseo is easily out-classed and is subsequently Data Drained.

This confrontation with "Tri-Edge" demonstrates that even the strongest players cannot stand up against this powerful entity. With no information on this character, all Haseo knows is that he can't possibly defeat it in his current state. After recovering from this encounter, he begins to realize that there exist things that are outside of the normal game. Call them bugs, viruses, corrupted files, what have you. These "things" affect the game and players in unexpected ways. If they aren't dealt with, they'll put everyone into comas (like Shino) or worse. Haseo doesn't have the means to overcome what's happening in The World. At least not on his own.

3. Haseo/Skeith vs Azure Flame God (Volume 1 - Rebirth)

Azure Kite reappears at the end of Rebirth to confront some detected abnormalities near the Morrigu Barrow Wall. There he is confronted by Haseo, Kuhn, and Pi. The combined efforts of a more powerful Haseo and his party members lead to them inflicting heavily damage onto Azure Kite. He is forced to use an ability similar to Data Drain to recover. It's at this point that he transforms into his second form, Azure Flame God. Haseo replies in kind by unleashing his powerful avatar, Skeith.

Up to this point in the G.U. series, it is believed that Azure Kite is the "Tri-Edge" who has been going around putting players into comas such as Shino. Seen as the antagonist, Haseo spends the majority of Volume 1 - Rebirth looking for Azure Kite and trying to acquire abilities that will allow him to defeat this creature. This showdown near the end of Rebirth is what we have been working towards since the beginning of the game. It's also the first time we see Haseo/Skeith pushed to the limits of their power. At one point he doubts his ability to go on, but then he envisions those that have been hurt by Tri-Edge. That gives him the energy to endure Azure Kite's final attack and then counter with his own emotionally empowered strike.

4. Haseo Unlocks his Xth Form (Volume 3 - Redemption)

After Haseo confronts Ovan for the second time, he manages to overpower Ovan. In his defeat, Corbenik is finally able to unleash its "Rebirth" ability to reset the internet. This rids The World of the infecting AIDA. However, Haseo's PC data is heavily damaged by this reset. With the help of Zelkova, Hase is able to recover from the data corruption.

It's in this state of recovery that Haseo is confronted by his own avatar, Skeith. The avatar senses weakness in Haseo's fortitude and willpower, so he threatens to leave his owner. After realizing that Haseo still has work to do in regards to Shino, Alkaid, and the other Lost Ones, he decides that he's not letting Skeith go anywhere. The two then fuse together to create the final form of the original G.U. games, Xth form.

This form surpasses the limitations set by The World. This new form allows him to dash around the battlefield. Instead of only running from attacks or blocking them, we can no dodge them and set ourselves up for counter-attacks. For us, the players, it feels great to have more mobility during combat. It also allows us to use twin guns, DG-X, as new weapons in our arsenal. For Haseo himself, it allows him to face off against a new enemy that has emerged since The World's "Rebirth". The enemy is known as Cubia.

Contains Spoilers


5. Haseo and Ovan vs Moralta (Volume 4 - Reconnection)

Before the game's release, we were teased with information about Haseo's 5th form and new characters. But, within the preview material, we were also told that Ovan would be able to join our party. Not only that, Ovan and Haseo would be able to combine their strength as Epitaph Users and create a new avatar, Unison Skeith. This new ability is unlocked, near the end of the game, only after we've found Ovan, released him from the ice block that imprisoned him, and he has merged with Kusabila (the AIDA that used to possess his arm).

This new avatar is amazing. The design oozes cool. The right side of the body is black with gold highlights (Haseo's color scheme). While the left side is white with blue highlights (Ovan's color scheme). It has glowing blue hands and a halo of red swords above his head. On top of that, Unison Skeith is the culmination Haseo as an Epitaph User. He had already combined all 8 avatars into himself. But, with the addition of an awakened Ovan, Haseo had now reached the pinnacle of being a Chosen One.

In the beginning, he was a brooding young man. After Shino's incident, he didn't want to get close to anyone again. It was only after he learned to trust others, rely on the power of friendship, and actively sought to protect those weaker than him that he was able to reach the power capable of ridding The World of evil once and for all. His final attack with Ovan against Moralta was the perfect way to show how far Haseo had come in his character development.

Final Thoughts

So, those are our favorite Haseo highlights from .hack//G.U. Last Recode. If you haven't played the series, you should do yourself a favor and check it out.

We'd also like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you have other moments that you thought were more impressive? Do you think his 5th form is more remarkable than Xth Did you play Reconnection? We're big fans of this game. So we'd like to geek out over it with you. Let us know what you think in the comments or you can tweet us @honeyfeedfm. Thanks for reading and we'll see you next time. Take care!

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