[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Tsuneki Highlights (Seiren)

seiren-dvd [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Tsuneki Highlights (Seiren)

You don’t really smell like anything Kamita-kun

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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Romance, School
  • Airing Date: Jan 6, 2017-Mar 24, 2017
  • Producers: Gokumi, AXsiZ

Seiren Preview (No Spoilers)

Shouichi Kamita has a lot issues flooding his mind as of late. Not only is Shouichi worried about the fast approaching university exams but he’s also thinking about a human emotion that many struggle with, love. Seeing three beautiful girls, Shouichi begins to wonder about how they could be part of his life someday. Hikari Tsuneki, Tooru Miyamae and Kyouko Touno all could be women that Shouichi could see his life being bonded with one day if they should indeed fall in love. The story of Seiren will allow viewers to see how Shouichi’s life could be with each one of the three girls in three separate arcs. Will he choose the constantly teasing Hikari, the gamer girl Tooru who has issues talking with anyone, or Kyouko who just so happens to be Shouichi’s childhood friend? Three possible choices, three lives to live—which will become your favorite romance tale?

Hikari Tsuneki Bio

Seiyuu Name: Sakura, Ayane

As Shouichi begins to wonder about the girls of his possible future, the first girl he ends up with in Seiren is Hikari Tsuneki. Thanks to her looks and attitude, Hikari has been dubbed the idol of class 2-B at Shouichi’s school. While at first it seems as if Hikari is a bit of an overly crass and annoying girl with her constant teasing and quick retorts, underneath that exterior lies a girl who truly has a softer and more cute demeanor. Hikari Tsuneki will eventually come to show Shouichi that she in fact only teases him because she really doesn’t know how to show her love for him initially. Possibly the only other thing she truly loves besides Shouichi is all things that are food as Hikari loves to eat anything she can get a hold of.

Hikari Tsuneki Highlights

1. A true tsundere

Listen guys out there. We here at Honey’s Anime will drop some knowledge on you. Girls like Hikari Tsuneki will come off as rather rude and sometimes downright hurtful. However, for Hikari Tsuneki, this is just her tsundere way. Hikari is crude sometimes and she can say some let’s just say overly mean comments. Despite this though, Hikari Tsuneki is indeed a girl you would want to be with and let us explain why.

As most anime fans know—something we may know too well here at Honey’s Anime—tsundere girls are a tough nut to crack. Just look at episode 2 when Shouichi begins to worry about Hikari and her current living problems. Rather than seem weak or in dire need of help, Hikari would rather just keep making jokes and say silly comments at Shouichi’s expense. While this may seem just overly mean or make Hikari not a first choice for girlfriend material, we see it as a girl who would rather deal with her issues internally then always need to rely on others for assistance. Hikari is a self-independent woman—as we know since she works—and only needs help when she has exceeded her emotional limits. We here at Honey’s Anime respect girls like this in the world of anime.

2. Quite the beauty

If one were to say that Hikari is just pretty we think most of the characters in Seiren would look at that person with an odd stare. Hikari is a literal knock out. Mature looking, beautiful features and a cute outward personality, this is a girl who is literally worth of the idol title she holds in the beginning of the series. Now you may want to compare her to the other girls—which we can’t blame you for—and try to find ways to defeat our argument here. However, we have our ammo to show you why we’re not the only ones who think Hikari is a vision of beauty.

Episode 1 and 2 are easily the first episodes to come to mind when it comes to our defense of Hikari’s looks. As we all know Shouichi is a bit of a pervert and can sometimes let his mind wander. However, in episode 1, Shouchi’s wandering perversion makes him think of Hikari in a bathing suit at the beach. While it’s a simple outfit, Shouichi—like the rest of us—see that even in that simplicity, Hikari is a knockout. Then we just need to mention episode 2 where she’s basically wearing next to nothing when she appears—creepily we may add—outside Shouichi’s window. Regardless though, when you stop and think of these scenes—which are just a few we named—we know you’re going to realize that Hikari is a true beauty in every sense of the word.

3. Is a chief in training

In this world—and the anime world—girls who can cook are a great thing. That’s why we knew this was an all too necessary trait to point out here. Hikari’s passion for eating food is also what drives her to want to make better meals. However, it’s possible you may have forgotten this piece of trivia about Hikari. No worries folks, after we explain about Hikari’s cooking skills a bit more, you’ll remember and then want to fall in love with her all over again,

All throughout Hikari’s arc, we learn information about her desire to be a cook. When Seiren first starts with her arc, Hikari is working part-time as a cook for a café. This would be only her first step towards her dreams however as later Hikari would leave Japan to seek out training overseas. As we know in episode 4, Shouichi’s reunion with Hikari comes in the form of her coming back from Spain to learn how to make more meals such as omelets and deer dishes. This goes to show you that by this point in the story, Hikari has learned to cook incredibly well and that makes her ultimately a girl who can cook great meals for the ones she loves.

4. Doesn’t want to rush a relationship

Now if you were like us here at Honey’s Anime, you know that episode 4 seemed to be a bittersweet emotion at first. Despite a strong confession by Shouichi, Hikari drops the dreaded friend title on our main character. Yes, that pain we know is resonating with all who have loved someone and then heard, let’s stay as friends. However, we do have an explanation as to why this is actually a very good thing in the long run. Trust us everyone, you’ll realize why this was a good way for things to turn out better in the long run.

While the credits are playing in episode 4 we see the lives of our characters moving on after high school. Though our main focus is seeing the very end scene which has Hikari and Shouichi reunite in the café she use to work at. As Hikari mentioned earlier, she didn’t want to lose that great feeling she had with Shouichi and she wanted to pursue her dreams. Thus by her essentially friendzoning Shouichi, she actually could become the woman she wanted to be and come back to Shouichi without any regrets. That’s why now we’re positive that Shouichi’s life with Hikari will only be stronger. A girl who doesn’t rush into a relationship has a good head on her shoulders and when you add that to all the things we already love about Hikari it’s easy to understand what makes her so appealing.

5. First girl chosen

Seiren as we know isn’t all about one girl like a traditional romance anime. Nor is Seiren focused on a harem-like story. This is a tale of what ifs and that is something we appreciate as it allows all the love of the different girls in a show their chance to shine for an arc. Though while it may seem petty, we here at Honey’s Anime can’t stop thinking about one of the best things about Hikari from the get go. She was chosen first!

Shouichi is a man of taste just look at the girls he envisions having lives with. While Shouichi could have chosen the gamer girl or the childhood friend, he didn’t. Instead Shouichi went with the girl we’ve been defending this entire article, Hikari Tsuneki. Folks, the girl we considered best was chosen first before any of the other beautiful ladies of Seiren. It may sound petty but we don’t need any evidence to defend it, the whole first 4 episodes of Seiren does it for us. Thus if this was a competition, Hikari at the end would receive the gold medal for being on the top of the podium.

Final Thoughts

Tsunderes are a dime a dozen in the anime world. However, Hikari Tsuneki isn’t your atypical tsundere. Behind her attitude lies a girl who just wants her happiness and refuses to allow anyone—friend or family as we know—to destroy that. Thus that’s why we love Hikari something fierce here at Honey’s Anime, and we’re pretty sure we convinced a few of you out there as well. Now do you think we missed a good trait or two about Hikari Tsuneki? Sound off in the comments below to defend her and be sure to keep returning to Honey’s Anime if you loved this article as we have other articles you may want to read on our awesome site.

seiren-dvd [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Hikari Tsuneki Highlights (Seiren)


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