Seiren - Winter 2017

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Romance, Comedy

Airing Date:
January 6 2017

Studio Gokumi, AXsiZ

Honey’s Highlights

honey-happy5 Seiren - Winter 2017
Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh What is this!? This oddly calming romance anime is like a breath of fresh air over the past few seasons.
honey-happy5 Seiren - Winter 2017
Some kinda rom com and well.... The girls look cute. I am definitely pulling for what looks like it could become a harem? There is like 1-2 guys and 6-7 girls.
honey-happy5 Seiren - Winter 2017
This has the signs of Clannad and maybe even To Aru Majutsu no Index if you hold the magic. Seiren has serious potential as what could make a good romcom. Nothing is forced and less tropes means more fun.
honey-happy5 Seiren - Winter 2017
This is drawn by the person who illustrated Free! I am feeling like this will be similar to Amagami.

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The second year of high school, summer. Shouichi Kamita is called out by his homeroom teacher about his plans for the future, and starts to worry about becoming an adult. That’s when he meets various different girls… What kind of future will he aspire to?

So starts this romance story of this large-as-life high schooler running towards his future, and the refined and sweet heroines he meets!

Three Episode Impression

The new exciting harem anime in town, Seiren, is here turning heads because of how it is known to be like the ever popular Amagami SS. While it starts off a little weird and the main character personalities are not all that similar, Seiren is a fairly entertaining anime. It starts off a bit strange and had us questioning what might possibly happen but so far, as each episode has progressed, it delves a little further into the main character's relationship with said girl. The main character, Shoichi, is a bit of a pervert in comparison to the main character from Amagami SS, but he is not outlandish by any means. Also, you can tell that there is a bit of fan service in Seiren which aligns well with other harem, but don’t expect too much. It looks like a fair romantic school life anime which will appeal to many, especially the way the anime is laid out. At this point, it might be interesting to see how Seiren plays out.

Characters & Voice Actors List

Shouichi Kamita

Voice Actor: Atsushi Tamaru

Birthday: March 17
Class: 2-B
School club: None
He can’t leave anyone alone when they’re in trouble, but when he’s troubled himself he has a habit of looking up to the sky and wondering what to do. A secret pervert who always ends up lost in his own fantasies. A game lover, he plays anything from consoles to arcade games.

Kyouko Touno

Voice Actor: Juri Kimura

Birthday: February 22
Class: 1-A
Likes: Horror manga, Love stories
Dislikes: Staying up late
Blood Type: B
Childhood friends with the main character, they played together at Okanoue Park. Kyouko has excellent grades in school, and is a good student. She also likes shojo manga, and has a childlike side which are her insecurities.

Hikari Tsuneki

Voice Actor: Ayane Sakura

Birthday: November 30
Class: 2-B
Likes: Eating
Dislikes: Cigarette smoke
Blood Type: O
Hikari is the always-cheerful class idol. She won second place in last year’s Miss Santa contest and has a special seat in the terrace. She likes eating and has a stubborn streak.

Makoto Kamizaki

Voice Actor: Shiori Mikami

Birthday: June 7th
Class: 1-A
Responsibility: Disciplinary Committee Member
Likes: Traveling with Family
Dislikes: The stubborn disciplinary committee head.
Blood Type: O
Makoto is a first year student on the disciplinary committee. She has joined the disciplinary committee as she was supposed to caution others, but as she is not very resolute and a pushover, for some reason she always gets coaxed into whatever is happening. She has an older sister and loves her very much.

Miu Hiyama

Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa

Birthday: August 5th
Class: 2-D
School Club: Swimming
Likes: Fully packed trains where she can empty her mind.
Dislikes: Seeing men in swimsuits.
Blood Type: A
Miu is a student at a school for well-to-do girls. She is part of the swimming club and a bit ignorant of how the world works. She has a frightening look, but in reality she is gentle, honest, and quite naive. She has always been in all-girl schools, so she get jealous of co-ed couples in other schools.

Ruise Sanjyou

Voice Actor: Honoka Kuroki

Birthday: September 9th
Class: 2-A
School Club: Disciplinary Committee
Likes: Taking her body measurements in her room
Dislikes: Nothing (that she’s aware of)
Blood Type: A
The head of the Discipline Committee with the best grades in her year. She hates anything unreasonable and is strict with those around her, but she is also kind and good at looking after Makoto in the year below her.

Toru Miyamae

Voice Actor: Shino Shimoji

Birthday: March 2nd
Class: 3-A
Likes: The view of Mt. Takamine from the club room window
Dislikes: Talking about romantic relationships
Blood Type: A
A lover of games. She’s so good at them, she even participates in tournaments. Very skillful with her hands and even makes original goods as a hobby. Kind of bad at talking and can’t hold a conversation with someone who doesn’t have the same interests.

Tomoe Kamita

Voice Actor: Manami Numakura

Birthday: April 20th
Class: 3-A
Likes: Watching her little brother grow up
Dislikes: Throwing things away
The protagonist’s sister, older by one year. She was Miss Santa last year and draws people to her with her natural idol-like disposition. Thanks to that she’s very popular at school.

Theme Songs
  • Opening Song: Kimi no Hana by Hanako Oku
  • Ending Song: Shunkan Happening by Hikari Tsuneki (Ayane Sakura)
    Muteki no Megami by Toru Miyamae (Shino Shimoji)
    TBA by Kyouko Touno (Juri Kimura)

Main Staff
  • Original Creator: Kisai Takayama
  • Director: Tomoki Kobayashi
  • Character Design: Naoto Hosoda
  • Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
  • Original Illustrator: Kisai Takayama
  • Music: Nobuaki Nobusawa

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