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  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Supernatural
  • Airing Date: Jan, 2018- Mar, 2018
  • Producers: 8bit

Miira no Kaikata Preview (No Spoilers)

Sora Kashiwagi has just received a package from his father—who just so happens to be an adventurer—and is immediately suspicious of it. Most of the time, Sora’s dad just sends him scary gifts in the form of cursed items and strange charms found on his journeys. Fearing the worst, Sora decides to still open the strange giant coffin and finds a small mummy within. Despite thinking the mummy is dangerous, Sora learns that this little monster is actually harmless and quite adorable. Sora must now take care of the small mummy he has named Mii-kun and is destined to have some rather curious adventures thanks to his palm-sized mummy friend.

Isao Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: None
Isao is a small orange dragon who is owned—more so found in her home—by Sora Kashiwagi’s classmate, Asa Motegi. While initially afraid of the orange dragon—thinking he was actually a giant lizard which is a phobia of hers—Asa begins to fall in love with Isao quickly loving how kind and intelligent Isao truly is. Able to fly and is quite clever overall, Isao of all the monster pets is the easiest to take care of and also acts as the guardian for the other pets in Miira no Kaikata. Isao might be a dragon—or at least looks like one—but this dragon is far from cruel or scary and is nothing but loveable/cuddly in every essence of the word. Isao might even have a hidden which would allow him to breathe fire but so far has shown no ability to do so despite being a dragon-like monster.
Character Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

Isao Highlights

1. Smartest Monster in Miira no Kaikata

While Miira no Kaikata has a wide assortment of monster pets—if you can even consider them pets—Isao is the smartest of the monsters hands down. Able to quickly understand his owner—Asa Motegi—and even react to situations as he needs to, Isao has an intellect that isn’t see in the other monsters like Mii-Kun, Conny and Mukumuku. Now we can almost feel you guys and girls on the internet wondering if this is true that a cute orange dragon could actually posses a level of intelligence comparable to a human. Well folks, to those naysayers out there we have some evidence in the form of episode 6 of Miira no Kaikata. Here we see Isao showings a scary level of intelligence that might make him the smartest monster pet in all of Miira no Kaikata.

Episode 6—the episode in question—is where Asa Motegi shows Isao’s quick ability to learn. Isao is somehow able to understand the alphabet and quickly learns how to mirror a human like Asa or Sora, in the ability to write out full sentences! That’s right folks, Isao can actually communicate with his owner Asa and even uses that to write her cute messages in a few other episodes of Miira no Kaikata! Mii-kun—Sora’s monster pet—even learned the alphabet from Isao giving some form of instruction to the little mummy but as evident later in the series, Mii-kun can only write some words like apples and together. Thus, it’s safe to say Isao is incredibly smart and that is just one of the many reasons we love the little orange dragon.

2. Caring and protective

Isao quickly shows that he cares about not only Asa but the other monsters in Miira no Kaikata. For example, when in episode 6 the gang try to capture a mandrake that has escaped before he can possibly hurt others, the mandrake falls into the river. Isao quickly goes and flies to rescue the mandrake before it goes too far down stream. Clearly, Isao cares not only for his fellow friends but for other monsters as well. Though if you think this is the only time Isao shows his protective and caring side, you’d be very wrong.

In the same episode—episode 6—we see Isao watching over a sleeping Asa and quickly rushing to tuck her into bed. Besides making us here at Honey’s Anime go aww, it showed that Isao already has begun to love Asa as a person despite their comedic meeting in episode 5. This kindness also extends to the other monsters when Isao plays with Mii-kun or lets them fly around on his back despite the extra weight it probably puts on him. Isao heart is clearly filled with kindness and his nature is one to help/protect the ones he considers friends and or family.

3. Adorable and cuddly

Now let’s flatout admit a reality that is quickly noticed about Isao. The orange dragon easily has one of the silliest faces in all of Miira no Kaikata. Legitimately, we could see people taking Isao’s ridiculous face and making memes about it all over the internet and are genuinely surprised they haven’t already. However, outside of the face Isao is quite adorable with his small wings, tiny horns and round dragon-like body. Isao could be compared to a stuffed animal and maybe Asa secretly sees that in Isao seeing as how she carries him around like a stuffed toy in her backpack and how she held onto him when she fell asleep. With adorable features—outside the face—and a cuddly exterior, Isao is just a monster pet you want to grab onto and hold forever. We need Isao stuffed animals in the merchandise world and we’re sure many others feel the same.

4. Can fly

Mii-kun might be able to absorb water as well as go underground to heal himself from a cold and Mukumuku can eat nightmares thanks to his ability, but can either of these monster pets fly around? No, the only monster pet we’ve seen with the gift of flight is none other than our cute orange friend Isao. Despite having a body that looks a bit too heavy for his small wings—remember this is anime, so logic doesn’t always apply in situations like this—Isao is able to soar around as seen in almost every episode of Miira no Kaikata. This is truly an amazing ability as Isao used that power to save the mandrake as we mentioned earlier and can even fly to provide entertainment for his friends. Isao is a dragon—or at least we think he is—and thus, it makes sense why he can fly, but it’s still very cool to see in Miira no Kaikata.

5. Easiest to take care of

We all love pets here at Honey’s Anime. Dogs, cats, birds and other creatures are such a joy to have as they provide company to the owners and can sometimes just keep you safe when you think you might need some protection. Unfortunately, every pet owner will always agree that the worst thing about owning any pet is that they require a ton of care and work. Like humans, animals need to be fed, washed, loved and taken care of because they lack opposable thumbs and other appendages that would make taking care of themselves simple. While Mii-kun, Conny and Mukumuku need attention and to be taken care of, that doesn’t apply to Isao as he shows in numerous ways in Miira no Kaikata.

Episode 6 near the end shows that Isao has the ability to take a bath on his own without the need of Asa preparing a bath ahead of time. In comparison, Mii-kun—despite our love for him to—is unable to bathe himself without the assistance of Sora. Even in terms of food, Isao knows how to make simple dishes—though in this case he needs some supervision—which amazes us in so many ways here at Honey’s Anime. Imagine for a minute if our pets in the real world could wash themselves—and we mean with soap and water not the typical grooming they do with their tongues—or if they could convey to us when they need food or when a walk is required? If pets could do that, the world would be a lot simpler for us pet owners! Let us hope that a monster pets like Isao is found in the wild one day and that we can buy them as we won’t hesitate for a moment to spend as much money as it costs to own one.

Final Thoughts

Isao is easily one of our favorite monster pets from Miira no Kaikata and that is saying something for a show with adorable and lovable creatures. We envy Asa Motegi as we want Isao as our pets in our hive here at Honey’s Anime. Though if we did have Isao here we’d probably not get any work done so we’ll stick with watching Isao on Miira no Kaikata. If you’re currently watching Miira no Kaikata, let us know which monster pet is your favorite and why in the comments down below. If you loved this article be sure to check out others just like here at Honey’s Anime!

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