[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mii-kun Highlights - Miira no Kaikata (How to Raise a Mummy)

Miira-no-Kaikata-Wallpaper-491x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mii-kun Highlights - Miira no Kaikata (How to Raise a Mummy)

Bark bark!

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Comedy
  • Airing Date: January 2018 - March 2018
  • Producers: 8bit

Miira no Kaikata Preview (No Spoilers)

Anime Preview (No Spoilers)
Kashiwagi Sora lives with his aunt and has a rather quiet life while his father is away on adventures. One day, Sora is sent a large package by his father, something his father found on his travels. Sora’s father has been known to send rather fearsome items so Sora is a little hesistant to open the enormous package that appears to be a sarcophagus. However, inside the large sarcophagus is a tiny mummy smaller than his hand.

Mii-kun Bio

Character Bio
Seiyuu Name: Ai Kayano
Mii-kun is a small mummy that’s very mysterious. While Sora is aware that Mii-kun came from Egypt (or assumes so), not much else is known about Mii-kun, including what is beneath his bandages. Sora’s father has given specific instructions that Mii-kun’s bandages not be removed. Mii-kun doesn’t make much noise but is somehow capable of barking like Pochi.

Mii-kun Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. Helpful

Mii-kun is an adorable little mummy and despite kind of forcing himself on Sora, Mii-kun still strives to be helpful around the house, which may or may not be of any actual use. From the beginning, Mii-kun decided he wished to help with the household chores despite how inconvenient his size is. He tried to help in the kitchen, but fell into a tub of water in the sink. Mii-kun has tried to lift things, but he’s too small and lacks the strength of an ant to really lift anything his size. Mii-kun attempted cut vegetables with Sora, and while his veggie chopping isn’t going to help make any salads or be very uniform, you have to appreciate where his heart is. Mii-kun is absolutely adorable and how can you not love that scene in episode 2 when Sora makes a tiny knife for him to chop vegetables with? Mii-kun just excitedly ran around with the mini knife like a little sociopath because of how happy he was that he could do something, but he just wants to be helpful to Sora in the end. While Mii-kun may not have found a real way to be helpful around the house, you just have to love how much he tries. Mii-kun does not want to be a freeloader (like Conny).

2. Loving

Right from the start of Miira no Kaikata, Mii-kun shows just how loving he is. Like a duckling to its mother, Mii-kun immediately imprinted on Sora and constantly wants to be around Sora. It is rather cute as Mii-kun behaves like a baby or little child. In episode 11, Mii-kun wakes up from a nightmare and when he realizes that Sora wasn’t around, he clings to Sora the rest of the day.

However, it’s not just Sora that Mii-kun loves. Mii-kun loves all of his friends and cares for them a great deal. This can be seen when Mii-kun believes he sees Conny outside of the shrine in episode 8, so Mii-kun runs out to save Conny even though this gets him lost. We can also see this in how he bonds with Pochi and the other monster friends. When they create a little daycare for the monster pets, Mii-kun is ecstatic that he gets to play with his friends everyday! It’s really cute to see.

3. Playful

Mii-kun is especially playful and energetic, making him even more cute. As we stated in the last point, they made a daycare for Mii-kun and his monster friends and Mii-kun becomes extremely happy to be able to spend all of his time with his monster friends while everyone is at school. This side of Mii-kun is also shown when he gets to see his friends for the first time in a while and they run around having fun together to the amazement to their human owners. Mii-kun is a fun loving and playful little mummy so how can you help but love him?

4. Cannot Speak

This may seem like an odd point, but one of Mii-kun’s endearing points is that he cannot speak. Well, for one, Mii-kun would be so much less endearing if he spoke, like a child begging Sora to constantly stay with him or whine about being lonely. However, that’s not why we brought this up. We believe that Mii-kun is especially cute for being unable to speak because it makes him have to be more expressive in different ways.

Mii-kun is forced to use body language for a majority of his communication. He waves his arms all about and when he gets excited, he may run back and forth because he is just so jovial. Mii-kun has even been known to bark, which is as close to speaking as he will get. Mii-kun sometimes barks to show how happy he is. While it may all sound a bit strange, it’s really cute to watch. Won’t you admit that if Mii-kun talked all the time about what he wanted or how he felt, you’d be annoyed by his presence in this anime?

5. Mysterious

Upon first meeting Mii-kun, Aayan the Anubis sculpture declares that Mii-kun is not a mummy, but that is quickly waived away with a nonsensical explanation. Tazuki constantly wonders what could be under Mii-kun’s bandages, but Sora’s father gave instructions to never take off Mii-kun’s bandages! All of this mystery leaves us to question exactly what is Mii-kun if he’s such a small creature. Perhaps Aayan had a point in saying that Mii-kun is not a mummy, but we won’t find out soon if Sora doesn’t let Tazuki take off Mii-kun’s bandages!

However, it does bring to question that would could possibly exist beneath those bandages? Considering the nature of how how mummies are made, one could assume that something that small is a fetus, but how would that work when Mii-kun absorbs water like a sponge and is able to move? Mii-kun is also capable of curing his own cold by planting himself in the dirty like a bulb. While Aayan says Mii-kun is not a mummy, apparently Mii-kun enjoys playing in the sand. So considering all of these rather random traits of Mii-kun’s, what exactly is he? The mystery seems to go on and on as each episode passes, but so far, we have no clue what Mii-kun could possibly be aside from what Sora believes him to be: a mummy!

Final Thoughts

With that, we would love to end this Honey’s Crush Wednesday with the thought that Mii-kun is an adorable creature/character in Miira no Kaikata (How to Keep a Mummy) and he makes the series all the more enjoyable! While we’re getting all sorts of new characters coming in in each episode, there’s none that we enjoy more than Mii-kun. For those of you reading today, what are your thoughts on Mii-kun? Do you have another character that you prefer more? Please share your thoughts in the comments down below!

Stay tuned in for more anime, manga, and gaming related articles, and thank you for checking out our articles.

Miira-no-Kaikata-Wallpaper-491x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Mii-kun Highlights - Miira no Kaikata (How to Raise a Mummy)


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