[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Junko Enoshima Highlights - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

Danganronpa-Junko-Enoshima-wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Junko Enoshima Highlights - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

I just love despair!

Article Intro

  • Game Developers: Spike
  • Publisher: Spike, Spike Chunsoft, NIS America
  • Release Date: 2010

Game Preview (No Spoilers)

Makoto Naegi ends up with a very lucky surprise, he has been apparently accepted into Hope’s Peak Academy for those with ultimate talents. Being that he has won this entry, Makoto is titled the Ultimate Lucky Student and immediately jumps on the idea of attending this prestigious school. However, all goes very wrong when upon arrival he finds himself blacking out and ending up inside the school with other students who find themselves trapped inside the school. Worse yet, an odd bear like robot named Monokuma reveals that the students of Hope’s Peak are now engaged in a game where they must kill off a fellow student and not be caught to “graduate”. Makoto will now learn the reality of his situation while all the while learning what is really going on in this twisted game of life and death.

Character Bio

Seiyuu Name: Megumi Toyoguchi (ErinFitzgerald and Amanda Celine Miller)

Junko Enoshima, known as the Ultimate Fashionista, has got it all going for her. She has a killer fashion sense, amazing looks, intelligence, and a loving idol fandom all of her own in the world. Junko seems to scream the ultimate package all in all and few would disagree seeing as she’s on famous magazine covers. On the outside it looks like Junko is just a trendy high school girl who meets an unfortunate fate when she is forced into the events of Hope’s Peak Academy’s killing game. However, behind her status lies a hidden personality and a larger goal in mind. Whatever Junko has planned seems to be known only to her and as the story of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc goes forth you will learn just what role she plays in the events of Hope’s Peak Academy’s fall. Let’s just say, never judge a book by its cover, even if it’s the form of a cute seemingly innocent high school girl.

Character Highlights (Spoilers beyond this point)

1. The Ultimate Package

Despite being the mastermind of the whole death game, Junko Enoshima still stands strong with the early mention of her traits. She is gorgeous. She has an evil mastermind like mentality. Junko Enoshima is calculating. She’s ruthless and she’s still amazing despite that. How often can a person say that despite being evil, she has it going on nonetheless? Need more proof, continue reading as we explain a perfect example of what makes her the Ultimate Package.

Junko Enoshima, before being the True Ultimate Despair, was the Ultimate Fashionista. Her face and body were on covers on idol like magazines where she was shown in all of her glory for the world to see. Switching gears to focus on that brilliant mind of hers, Junko Enoshima orchestrated the entire killing game making sure the people who were accepted into the school would be viable choices. She faked her own death by having her twin sister pose as her in the beginning events of the game just to make it seem she really was dead. These concepts all conclude into one thing…Junko Enoshima might be deranged but she is quite literally blessed with all traits a girl should have indeed.

2. Brutally Honest

Honesty is a precarious trait in any school environment. Often friends or people you think you can trust will try to stab you in the back, we’re looking at you Sayaka Maizono. Junko Enoshima might be an evil genius bent on making everyone fall into utter despair, but hey she doesn’t lie about. From the moment Junko Enoshima reappears in the grand story, she throws out nonstop verbal threats and plans to those who have survived up till the end of the killing game of Hope’s Peak Academy.

Chapter six of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc has Junko appear to Makoto and Kyoko claiming the truth behind everything. Explaining to them the outside world is a shell of its former self and her plans to make despair a way to control people, Junko lets loose the grave realities at hand. Yeah she might have tricked some people by staging her death and she may have altered some realities to ensure her death game was a resounding success, but at least she came clean at the end. We here at Honey’s Anime will take a brutally honest mastermind over a lying one any day of the week.

3. A Gaming Master

Look, we’ll be honest, the events that take place within the halls of Hope’s Peak are pretty gruesome. Some of the ultimate students who actually try to kill their peers are forced to hide their murders as best as they can leading to the innocent ones having to have class trials to solve who really did the deed. Say what you wish but that sounds like a scarier version of the classic who done it game. Junko Enoshima stands behind the curtains and watches as Makoto and friends try to solve clues and trials with a big smile on her face.

While the killing game is forced, the ability to play detective is a nice touch of fun. Let us look at Kyoko Kirigiri, she enjoys solving the murder mysteries as she attempts to learn the truth behind what seems like blatant falsehoods. Then Makoto and the gang go to a faux courtroom to try and figure out through false statements and odd temperaments who really killed a fellow student. Look, if Junko Enoshima would remove the whole killing element of the game, we at Honey’s Anime would probably participate…note again on the condition we aren’t killed or maimed.

4. Junko Enoshima Made Monokuma

Regardless of how you see it, let’s all agree on this one statement, Monokuma is a legendary evil character mascot. This white and black bear has made appearances in several games from publishers NIS America and Spike Chunsoft such as Conception 2 and even the PlayStation Vita version of Terraria. Now while we are trying to focus on Junko Enoshima with this article, we can’t forget that she envisioned this evil robotic bear. While not directly creating it, she shaped the personality of the Monokuma bear we bear witness to in the events of Trigger Happy Havoc, and we won’t lie that’s an awesome feat in itself.

Thus let us realize that while Monokuma isn’t the beautiful Junko herself, the way he acts crazy and nihilistic is because she made him that way. The odd jokes thrown at the students such as lines like “Did you say I’ve got the nicest butt on the block?” or his occasional wall breaking lines like “The happiness you feel when the mystery you create is solved…only producers know this feeling of ecstasy” are literal laugh out loud moments. All in all if Junko Enoshima isn’t great just for her whole being, we can’t forget she created the coolest evil robot personality ever.

5. Junko Enoshima Almost Won

Evil never wins, that’s a staple of any story that involves good versus evil. Junko Enoshima is indeed destined for a loss at the end of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, but she nearly won. Not only did she take over the academy but on the outside world, her mindset of despair and destruction had devastating effects. While Makoto and a few other students stand victorious at the end of the game, the amount of carnage brought on by her plan of action lead to the world being changed and almost a game that ended in her favor.

The perfect example to how her moves on the world almost worked is seen in several scenes during the game’s ending narrative scenes. When she explains what happened outside, in the form “The Tragedy” Makoto and Kyoko were left almost distraught. Add to that fact that when she eventually does lose her own class trial, she accepts defeat happily as she loves the fact of facing utter despair that’s self-inflicted. We all know of those are sore losers but even as the curtain roles on the life that is Junko Enoshima her large smile stands forth as a testament to someone in reality feels as if she won. Maybe in reality Junko did win in some odd way, but we can’t actually ask her that seeing as she is long gone.

Final Thoughts

Junko Enoshima by the very definition is an evil and overly deranged character. Her very essence screams someone you really shouldn’t probably get along with but even despite that we can’t help but feel that just makes her character shine even greater at the end of the day. Do you however feel like we missed a certain concept that could have made our article even better and her defense stronger? Leave a comment below and make sure you stick around for more great articles from us here at Honey’s Anime, cause you wouldn’t want us to despair would you now?

Danganronpa-Junko-Enoshima-wallpaper-500x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Junko Enoshima Highlights - Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


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