6 Games Like Danganronpa [Recommendations]

DanganRonpa tells the story of a group of high school students trapped within the confines of their very own school. They are forced to engage in mutual killing by the enigmatic and sadistic headmaster of the school - Monokuma. Feeding them with motivations such as personal secrets and lies, the once tranquil school of hope soon turned into a battlefield splattered with blood. You play as the protagonist, Naegi Makoto, the Super High School Luck as he solves mysteries after mysteries to uncover the true killer behind every murder. The only way to prove his findings, however, is through the Classroom Trials, a simulated court trial session in order to uncover the true killer.

Similar Anime to DanganRonpa

1. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

  • System/Platform: DS
  • Publisher: Aksys Games
  • Developer: Chunsoft
  • Release Date: December 10, 2009

You assume the role of Junpei. A boy who mysteriously awoke onboard a ship. Trapped inside a room, it wasn't long before water starting gushing into his room and he realises that he needed to escape... and fast... Through picking up items and analysing the room, he eventually found his way out only to realise that he was not alone. Everyone he met has the same last memories - a haunting figure of a man in a gas mask. Amongst one of them is also one of his childhood friend, June which complicates the situation. Now is the not the time to rekindle old relations nor forge new ones. As it stands, the game has just begun, nine people, nine doors to enter and only nine hours to escape.

999 is a captivating mystery game that will leave you wanting for more. Both captures the mystery genre well with both enticing it's audience through its numerous twists and vibrant characters with deep stories behind them. Instead of a class trial at the end, 999 is just like DanganRonpa in perpetual investigation mode in which players must escape rooms while uncovering the secret behind the predicament that they are in. The suspense and an intriguing storyline are what made both games highly popular and acclaimed. Don't believe us, pick either one up and you will be instantly hooked!

2. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

  • System/Platform: DS
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date: January 11, 2011

You control Sissel, a spirit that just awoke. With no memories or recollections of who he was prior, he was shocked once again to learn that he has until dawn to figure out the nature of his death. Lucky for him, he has the ability of the spirits to possess things to aid him. With the help of another aid, Missile a friendly dog they set up to uncover the truth behind their deaths. It was no easy journey, however, as they will soon find out as there was a greater and darker mystery ahead of them.

Waking up only to have no recollection of who you are and what is your purpose. That is the common trait between the two protagonists of the two series. Finding the meaning of their existence while at the same time, handling the numerous events happening around them is no easy feat. In Ghost Trick, however, you don't have a class trial to attend so more attention can be focused on discovering the character's identity. As you delve deeper, the plot intensifies which only draws you closer to the game. Both series has this irresistible effect in them to compel players to want to play more. So if amnesiac protagonists and mysteries are your things, give Ghost Trick a try too!

3. Persona 4

  • System/Platform: PlayStation 2
  • Publisher: Atlus
  • Developer: Atlus
  • Release Date: July 10, 2008

Our protagonist arrives one day in Inaba city to live with the Dojimas. What should have been a simple transfer escalated quickly into a series of events that will change his life. Shortly after arriving, a TV presenter was found dead, her body hanging atop a TV antenna. Not long after, the high school student who found her body was found dead as well. As our protagonist tries to figure out what is going around him, he and his friends are absorbed in the world of TV where the discovered the existence of Shadows and Personas. The Shadows, which stems directly from the repressed memories of people are harming those same people in between worlds. It is up to our nameless protagonist to resolve the conflicts between both worlds in order to preserve his.

Time to re-imagine DanganRonpa in dungeon RPG form. Can't visualise? No problem, let Persona 4 take its stead. Although Persona 4 focuses more on the RPG aspect, the overall mystery of the game offers the same level of intrigue as DanganRonpa. With similar dynamic characters and a deep storyline, the premise of Persona 4 is almost similar to DanganRonpa. If grinding is more of your thing, then we'd definitely recommend Persona 4!

Any Anime Like DanganRonpa ?

4. Corpse Party

  • System/Platform: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita
  • Publisher: 5pb
  • Developer: 5pb
  • Release Date: April 22, 1996

While celebrating at the after party for their school's cultural festival, a group of students decided to try an urban legend known as the Sachiko charm. The charm promised that the participants will never ever be separated. However, things soon turn grisly upon the completion of the recitation of the charm. Our group of students find themselves trapped in another dimension. Known as Heavenly Host Elementary School, this school carries a dark and gruesome history. Unfortunately for our students, they will be re-living history once more unless they can find their way out.

The element of death always exudes a grim setting. Underneath the sorrowful environment is where the story devices progress. Amidst frustration and the battle of an individual's inner conflicts is where drama happens. These elements are present on DanganRonpa and even more so in Corpse Party. Nevertheless, however, hope is always prevalent despite the dismal state of affairs. If you appreciate a gloomy story that revolves around hope, these two series are not that far apart and we definitely recommend giving Corpse Party a try!

5. Ace Attorney

  • System/Platform: DS
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Developer: Capcom
  • Release Date: October 12, 2001

Ace Attorney follows rookie defence lawyer Phoenix Wright. Just passing out from the bar, he is set to take on numerous cases. Firmly believing in the innocence of his clients, he takes this stalwart principle with him into court. His journey towards becoming the titular Ace Attorney is not easy, however, as he has to battle tricky witnesses, dishonourable prosecutors and sometimes even luck. However, his strong resolve and cunning are what makes him a highly unorthodox lawyer and Phoenix is even well known to bring around any case to his favour thus earning him his nickname, the Turnabout Attorney! Join one of the quirkiest lawyers you will ever see in his adventures as the Ace Attorney!

Perhaps the only game that is identical to DanganRonpa. Ace Attorney gives you the opportunity to assume the role of a defence attorney in the courtroom. The game also features an investigative phase just like DanganRonpa. Both games highlight the thrills of a courtroom battle with the elements of surprises and twists! To that reason alone, both games are highly successful and well-known, spawning anime adaptations and numerous sequels as well!

6. Professor Layton

  • System/Platform: Nintendo DS
  • Publisher: Level-5
  • Developer: Level-5
  • Release Date: February 15, 2007

Archaeologist Hershel Layton is known to be a man of impeccable wit. A true gentleman, he excels in the art of logical deduction and is the video game equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. Alongside him is his trusty apprentice, Luke Triton. Together, the duo is often swamped with countless of puzzles and mysteries to solve. Undaunted, both are able to solve them with ease and style. So challenge your brain as you embark on a journey with them!

For those that enjoy solving mysteries, we'd highly recommend Professor Layton. Think DanganRonpa with just only the investigation phase. Professor Layton games feature one long mystery with sub-mysteries at the side. Professor Layton games are highly suspenseful, highly addictive with a compelling storyline that makes you want to play it all the way to the end. Start today! Quell the inquisitive side of you by indulging in Professor Layton


So these are 6 similar games to DanganRonpa. DanganRonpa is an influential game that spawned numerous spinoffs and sequels across various medias and it isn't hard to see why. The brilliant character cast, the intriguing storyline and an interactive game-play all just some of the reasons why. Have you ever played any of the 6 games on this list? Are they just about the same as DanganRonpa? If so, did they meet your expectation or perhaps, even exceeded them? Do tell us what you love most about DanganRonpa or mystery games in general! Was it the court sessions or the investigation phase? Until next time!

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