Top 10 Hopeful Danganronpa 3 Characters

In the all out battle between hope and despair in the High School Mutual Killing Games, one element always shines the brightest despite the dismal state of affairs: Hope. Hope, beyond everything, stands out as the victor in the DanganRonpa series. Throughout the pitiful condition of the world in the future, it is hoped that always triumphed in the end. As such, in today's article, we thought it would be fitting to showcase the hopeful individuals of the series that made hope possible! They may come from anywhere, even from the side of despair. Eventually, those that are hopeful are those that eventually see the fruition of their plans. Without further ado, let's move on to these 10 hopeful characters in DanganRonpa 3!

10. Koichi Kizakura

A member of the Future Foundation and the head of Division 3. Koichi was also known then as Hope's Talent Scouter. After the Tragedy happened, he continued to recruit talents into the Future Foundation, greatly expanding its cause. Always chic and classy, he also possesses a keen mind and was able to discern a great number of things from his opponents in The Final Killing Game. Somewhat mysterious as well, he is only known to have a strong loyalty to the previous headmaster, Jin Kirigiri.

Koichi Kizakura may have a lesser role in the whole anime, but he has very good reasons to be on this list. Despite being a minor character, he served one of the most important roles in the anime that allows hope to triumph. Of course, we are talking about the saving of Kyoko Kirigiri! That's right, this was a promise that was revealed at the end to Kirigiri's father, to protect his beloved daughter at all times. Despite having witnessed the Tragedy and surviving in the Final Killing Game, Koichi kept his head high and pursued on in the name of hope, eventually even preserving one of the beacons of hope.

9. Kyousuke Munakata

A stoic and steadfast and leader, Kyosuke was dubbed the High School Level Council President. Unwavering in his goals and pursuits of hope, Kyosuke stands by his principles with an iron will. His role in the Future Foundation is the overall management of the whole organisation. Even the leader of the Foundation, Tengan was a mere figurehead under his leadership. An adept swordsman as well, Kyosuke cut the highly skilled Tengan and can hold his own against various foes.

Having an inflexible and stubborn take on a principle can often lead you astray. Kyosuke's unfaltering perception of hope eventually almost succumbed him to despair and it was only through opening his mind, was Kyosuke then able to fully realise hope. That is not to say that he held a distorted perception of hope, however. It takes a certain amount of dedication and resolve to keep one's principles. Even if it led Kyosuke astray, his earnestness and conviction led him on the right path once more, showing him an even better world of hope.

8. Chisa Yukizome

Dubbed the High School Level Housekeeper, Chisa takes good care of her friends and students as she would to a house. Acting as a responsible teacher, it was her tutelage that produced a class of High School Level hopefuls with the blossoming of an outstanding leader in the very same class that served as the class's ray of hope. Her main objective was to serve Munakata, her crush in investigating the school. However, amidst her investigation, she was brainwashed by Junko Enoshima. Regretfully, she succumbed to despair in the end.

Chisa was bubbly as the homeroom teacher of 77B and sparked rejuvenated energy in the dejected and isolated class. Her spirit and energy were what kept the class together, honing their talents further. Despite falling into the pit of despair, it should be clear that Chisa struggled till the very end. Ultimately, it was only after her death, that her intentions and affiliation to hope was made known. Watching The Final Killing Game in the afterlife with Junko narrating the events, at long last she declared that Hope will begin again during the climactic moment of the anime, showing that she finally broke out of her Despair state through her free will.

7. Aoi Asahina

Aoi retains her personality after all these years but with an added level of maturity. She still remains as the friendly and compassionate person that she was. Now as a Future Foundation leader, Aoi is shown to be more level-headed and less prone to emotional outbursts. Aoi derives her strength from her friends to which, she will willingly go all the way for as seen when she tried protecting Naegi at the risk of her life. Dubbed the High School Swimmer Pro, she is an athletic nut and is known to excel in other sports asides from swimming.

Deriving her strength through her friends, Aoi’s hope shines the brightest when she is around them. After having gone through so much in the Killing School Life Game, she has a greater appreciation to the original participants she now calls her friends than others. Ultimately, Aoi believes Naegi to be the one that brings hope to others and places her utmost trust in him. She is known to support Kyoko and Naegi fully and served as the important role of the supporter of hope.

6. Kyoko Kirigiri

Silent, mysterious and seemingly always calm. Kyoko happens to be the daughter of the then headmaster Jin Kirigiri. Dubbed the High School Level Detective, she can handle the sight of dead bodies and blood do not deter her from her job. Analysing clues is what Kyoko does best and she sometimes takes it to the next level by analysing the person's intention before dying as well, bringing solace to the grieving living. In Danganronpa 3, Kyoko heads Division 14 and supports Naegi in pursuit of his goals as well being more open about her feelings to her friends.

Outside lies a cold and stoic appearance. However, Kyoko has been shown multiple times to succumb to emotional distress as well. It is often hard to pick up her minute cues and traits. However, she is known to be passionate towards her friends. Like Aoi, the original School Life Killing individuals are the source of her motivation and hope. To protect Naegi is to protect the world's hope. Placing her utmost trust in him, she was even willing to sacrifice her life just to allow Naegi to continue on to end the Final Killing Game.

5. Ryouta Mitarai

From young, Ryota has never been one for talking and engaging in social situations. He was a shut in during his younger days. Ryota is dubbed the High School Level Animator due to his passion for animation. Despite his weak connection to his external environment, Ryota’s beliefs are built upon creating a better world for everybody. With his skills as the Animator, he seeks to create an animation to save the people of the world. Unfortunately, his work was used by Junko to accelerate despair and he was desperate enough to brainwash the entire world into submitting before hope with his new creation.

Ryota's beliefs were built upon that of a better tomorrow for others. He carried with him the belief of new hope for the new world. This was especially so after Ryota found out that his animation was distorted and used to create despair. Feeling distressed, he almost wanted to force the world to be his perception of hope by brainwashing before being talked out of it by his former classmates. Nevertheless, this just shows the intensity of Ryota's hope such that it even made him desperate for it.

4. Nagito Komaeda

Seemingly pretty normal, but in actuality, a devious mastermind who has a penchant for analytics and acute foresight. Nagito was the High School Level Good Luck but this often worked in awry ways, causing him bad luck instead. He holds a twisted perception of hope and often worked in questionable methods in order to obtain them. Most even speculated that he was the Ultimate Despair. In the end, Nagito simply wanted to be the beacon of hope for the world just so he at least has someone to appreciate him.

The main motivation and reason behind Nagito's actions were recognition. Not much is known about him but it is apparent that he yearns for attention and often exclaimed how little attention he got. By pursuing hope, Nagito hopes that it would one day garner him the attention of someone. Based on how he acts and how socially awkward he sometimes can be, Nagito can be quite devoid of attention which translates to a fervent attempt at pursuing hope. Ironically, his anguish and despair of not having anyone there for him became the singular and powerful reason for his hope.

3. Hajime Hinata

A Reserve Course student. As Hajime, he had no outstanding talent nor skills. Submitting himself to the Izuru Kamakura Project and assumed the identity of Izuru Kamakura - harnessing all known Ultimate skills there is in order to become Ultimate Hope. Before he was deployed, however, he was persuaded by Junko instead and he became one of the Remnants of Despair. He was awakened at the climax of the anime and at long last took the title of Ultimate Hope.

During his time as Izuru, Hajime had no recollection of himself nor his friends. After being sweet talked by Junko, all he could do was spread despair claiming that there was no logic involved pursuing hope anyway. After accepting that he is Izuru, Hajime existed alongside the other personality and chose instead to pursue hope in the name of Chiaki. Through his own sheer willpower, he was able to overcome Ultimate Despair and became Ultimate Hope. Talk about a hopeful student...

2. Chiaki Nanami

The charismatic and optimistic class leader of 77B. Chiaki was not always the person that she is today. She used to be introverted and rarely speaks. Her ability as the High School Level Video Gamer demonstrates her prowess in video games but not in social situations. Only through bonding with her classmates and the guidance of her homeroom teacher was she then able to embody the hopes of 77B and become the class's beacon of hope. Alas for her class, they all succumbed to despair while she is tragically killed by Junko, leading to their downfall. The absence of hope is despair so in a poetic sense, her death is what caused the despair of her beloved classmate.

Chiaki was the only person in the class that did not submit to despair. As class leader, she rallied the entire class and motivated them, doing a splendid job at it. As the person that shone the light on the class, Chiaki must have carried with her, an amount of hope that is equivalent to that of the whole class. Even as she passed on, her spirit lingers on in the Remnants of Despair after they've recovered from their trance. It was also explained that the reason for the recovery AI to be built upon the form of Chiaki was due to the fact that the class yearned to see her once again.

1. Makoto Naegi

Danganronpa-3-The-End-of-Kibougamine-Gakuen-Mirai-hen-Wallpaper Top 10 Hopeful Danganronpa 3 Characters

A member of the Future Foundation's 14th Division and the most influential person in the Foundation. Naegi originally held the title of High School Level Luck but was renamed the High School Level Hope following the events of the School Life Killing Game. Now, as an acting agent of the Foundation, he continues to spread hope. Naegi's uncanny ability to inspire and spread hope to other is what garnered him his new title. Despite being suspected of being a Despair, Naegi refused to give in to despair and concurrently sought to end the Final Killing Game and save everyone.

This one is a no-brainer. Naegi holds the Ultimate Hope title alongside Hinata. Unlike Hinata however, Naegi's hope is born from his inherent goodness and hope to make it the most original and resolute hope there ever was. Naegi himself is placed in numerous killing games including the Final Killing Game and in each of them, he ends up being the sole person to reunite the warped survivors. His ability to bring solace and comfort to others is remarkable such that he has followers including the level-headed Kyoko. All of them place their faith in Naegi because they have already seen him to be the true and purest form of hope. Obviously, he takes the top spot for the most hopeful individual in DanganRonpa 3.


So there you have it! Our take on the top 10 characters worthy of bearing the title of hope! After everything, they went through and despite what they may be, true hope lies inherent in everyone. Do you feel that there is another character who best exemplify hope as well? Do leave us a comment and tell us why! Until next time, jya-ne!

Danganronpa-3-The-End-of-Kibougamine-Gakuen-Mirai-hen-Wallpaper Top 10 Hopeful Danganronpa 3 Characters


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