[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Miyamo Chio Highlights - Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro (Chio’s School Road)

The Bloody Butterfly Strikes Again!


  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Comedy, Seinen
  • Airing Date: July 2018 - September 2018
  • Studio: Diomedea

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Preview (No Spoilers)

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro is an anime about Miyamo Chio on her way to school. It sounds really mundane, but this anime is anything but. Chio tends to find trouble on her way such as running into bike gang leaders and getting trapped in the men’s room. While Chio does everything she can to appear absolutely average in school, Chio is the furthest thing from normal!

Miyamo Chio Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. Troublemaker

There’s something wonderful/grating about watching troublemakers. You either love them or hate them, but how can you possibly hate Chio? Sure, she’s always causing trouble for Manana or defying her mother’s rules like playing games in the middle of the night, but that’s what makes her so wonderful. She pushes the boundaries, all while trying not to stand out. Let’s not forget that she even told Andou that she was an international gang leader named Bloody Butterfly in hopes of not getting into further trouble for knocking him out. Why didn’t she just run? Then there’s that time she decided to just climb a wall for fun because why not? It’s dangerous, and there’s a safer path, but nope. Chio does everything her own way.

2. Innocent

Despite being a troublemaker, Chio still has a cute side to her where she’s completely innocent, like when she first discovers BL magazines. It’s cute to see her blushing and getting all heated up. Then she gets all bashful and tries to hide the fact that she’s buying a BL magazine from Andou by covering the cover with chocolate. Oh and then there’s her dream of wanting to throw a cigarette back into a car and telling the culprit to throw it into a trash can. Who dreams of doing these things?!

3. Creative

Chio consistently runs into obstacles on the way to school, but it’s clear that she’s pretty resourceful. Like when she gets stuck in a Kabbadi match with Madoka. Chio refuses to lose so she slides under Yuki which had Madoka’s hand rooted to Yuki’s butt. Thus, Chio wins! Then there is that time when Chio got stuck in the men’s room. She spills tea on the ground to look like urine so that no one enters the bathroom. Oh, and of course she’s really epic like when she and Manana join forces to help Andou deliver the newspaper to that cranky man! Chio is pretty creative and epic in all that she does!

4. She learns new skills via video games

Have you ever wanted to play a video game and apply those skills in real life? Well, Chio is one of those people who actually does apply those skills in her every day life. She’s full of antics and compares her life to a video game while trying out new skills during her walk home. Let’s not even forget that she actually freakin’ learned pole dancing through playing GTA. Who does that?

5. Relatable to an extent

Despite a lot of Chio’s antics, she’s actually really relatable. She just wants to fly under the radar and not stand out as a student. Chio also plays video games relentlessly. Plus, there’s her funny friendship with Manana that many of us can compare to our own weird friendships with our best friends.

Final Thoughts

Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro was a great anime from the Summer 2018 season and with such a great main character, how can you not agree? What do you guys out there think? Was Miyamo Chio your favorite character? Or did you prefer another character? Share your thoughts below!

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