5 Hilarious Scenes in Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro

Chio-chan no tsuugakuro was a rather funny comedy anime that aired Summer 2018. It told us the story of Chio, a girl who has a propensity for staying up all night playing games, only to rush out the next morning to school, but it’s never that easy. Chio wants to stay somewhere around just below the middle of her class, but those adventures to school are something that she cannot avoid. Whether it is roads being blocked and her having to walk across roofs, the yakuza that she has to intimidate, or a perverted upperclassman, Chio never has an easy time going to school. In fact, it’s always much more complicated than it should be. If you are like us, you enjoyed the ridiculousness of the series and want to warmly reflect on what brought us joy. Check out our picks for the top 5 funniest scenes below!

1. Semi-nude Alleyway Kabaddi

If there is one thing that Chio and Manana have learned, it is that Madoka aka Kushitori-senpai, is someone you do not want to be around for too long. You see, Madoka is not just another lesbian; she’s a predatory one and uses Kabaddi as an excuse to come into close contact with, and touch, girls. When the two along with Yuki have taken off their underwear to show friendship, they are having fun when Madoka shows up and asks them to play Kabaddi in the alleyway. Yuki, not remembering that she is naked under her skirt, agrees. She flashes her birthday suit towards Chio and Manana before trying to charge into Madoka. Chio and Manana save the day by making an excuse that they were looking for a toilet, but we all know it was to prevent her from touching Yuki in a more intimate manner.

2. Chio’s Foray into BL

Chio is a hardcore gamer and this has gotten her into trouble more than once. Still though, the time that she actually goes to buy a magazine, she finds out that her gaming one has been replaced with a BL one. Initially revolted, she decides to snoop further and realizes that a whole new world has been opened to her. The funny part of this skit is that she has to buy it from Andou, the former yakuza, who is now working at the convenience store, without him finding out. Chio tries to distract him with talk of a bike license and much more before trying to cover the magazine with chocolates leading the already steamy cover to become more enticing. Needless to say, he notices, plays it cool, and then goes over to someone’s house to start playing BL games to have more in common with Chio.

3. A Picnic with the Yakuza

Chio has just pulled off something amazing. She somehow convinced a yakuza that she went by the name Bloody Butterfly, and is actually a member of a gang. The yakuza, Andou, thinks about redoing his life when Chio accidentally walks into him and his gang. The two walk off together without making a scene and Chio confesses, but Andou doesn’t believe her! The complete idiot is still set on making this happen though because he doesn’t want to seem weak for reversing his decision. Needless to say, it ends up with a bloody forehead and more.

4. I Just Need to Find the Bathroom

Chio really needs to relieve herself one episode and is desperate for a bathroom. She charges in not looking and finds herself in the men’s bathroom. After pouring tea all over the ground, she also makes sure that there is a cleaning sign up to keep other men from coming in after they see the mess and leaves. She then has to escape from a tiny window… where her head gets stuck! Trying to get out, luck is on her side as the men outside are distracted by two girls leaning over a cat. They just want to see the girls’ panties, while Chio hopes to God that her bare ass isn’t seen by everyone. She manages to get out, but all isn’t well that ends well.

5. The Bloopers

Funny enough, this anime went far enough to make a bunch of bloopers at the end of the series. If you watch to the end of the final episode, there are a bunch of scenes that seem like they played out a lot better in the series in contrast to filming. Manana and Chio accidentally French kiss when they are trying to be cool in an alleyway. While spying, Andou accidentally does butthead Chio instead of the wall, and Chio accidentally falls into the river when Manana was supposed to save her. While they seem inconsequential, they actually are rather funny and remind us not only of how ridiculous the series was, but how real the characters are and adds a dimension of relatability.

Final Thoughts

Chio-chan is gone, off on another adventure on her way to school. The series brought us laughs, ridiculousness, and more strange occurrences than we ever thought possible, but it does hold a special place in our hearts. What are your thoughts on this series? What scene did you enjoy the best? Be sure to let us know below. Till next time!

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