5 Characters in Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro (Chio's School Road) That Will Have You LOL

It’s been a great summer season watching Chio as she tries to figure out how to get to school on time each day. With her day to day antics, we don’t really get how she manages to get enough sleep, have friends, and still get to class, but we sure did love watching her day to day activities. However, each day wouldn’t be entertaining to watch if it weren’t for each character that really makes Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro as good as it is! As such, today we are looking at 5 characters in Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro that will have you LOL.

5. Yuki Hosokawa

Yuki is the second real character introduced in Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro and when she is introduced, she’s shown as the popular girl who Chio feels completely inferior to and wants nothing to do with. However, Yuki is just a fun loving, popular girl whose entire mind is focused on her love of running, and of course, she’s a sweetheart who wants to be friends with everyone. Yet, it’s her love of running that will have you cracking up as she will just burst out sprinting given any chance and loves wearing her uniform around as if it were natural. Oh, and let’s not forget her love of being naked in her own home which leads to her prancing around without panties in one episode!

4. Manana Nonomura

Manana is Chio’s best friend and you wouldn’t know it based on how they treat each other most of the time. They rag on each other, play pranks on each other, and sometimes they’ll sacrifice the other for their own benefit. Manana has even used Chio to become Yuki’s friend in an effort to become popular! Manana tries to show up Chio most of the time and will even do so by parading around town without panties with Yuki to freeze Chio out. What more could you ask out of friendship?

3. Madoka Kushitori

How could anyone forget Madoka? Madoka is first introduced as Chio’s senpai and captain of the Kabaddi club at school. While she seems to just be passionate about Kabaddi at first, it turns out that Madoka is a lesbian who plays Kabaddi because she loves getting the chance to grope girls! Then there’s that scene where Chio beats Madoka at Kabaddi by going under Yuki’s skirt and so Madoka is willing glued to Yuki’s butt, unwilling to—literally—let go of that moment of pure bliss. Oh, how could Madoka not make you crack up?

2. Mayuta Andou

Mayuta Andou has to be one of our favorite characters in Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro! He is a rather gruff biker gang character at the beginning who is accidentally knocked out by Chio and becomes convinced that the nerdy looking Chio is actually an international criminal! Even when Chio reveals the truth to him, Mayuta still gives up his biker gang ways to live a rather pitiful life as a common man who works multiple various jobs to make ends meet. To top it off, Mayuta falls for Chio which leads to some of the best scenes in Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro as he tries to get her attention in the weirdest of ways.

1. Chio Miyamo

Here comes our main character, the Bloody Butterfly herself, Chio! This high schooler actually attempts to fly under the radar by having completely average grades, showing no athletic ability in school, and doing everything she can to sabotage herself when, in fact, she’d be good at everything. Chio will stay up all night playing games only to sleep outside with a bag over her head with great confidence that Manana will wake her up. She’s the type who tries to reenact all of her gaming antics in real life while also betraying her own party in games. Let’s not forget how she convinced Andou that she was a international criminal and tried to hide the BL magazine she was buying by making a chocolate bra on the naked cover.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 characters from Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro that will have you laughing out loud! These 5 are definitely our favorites. What about yours? Do you think any of the other characters are funnier? Do you have a favorite funny character from Chio-Chan no Tsuugakuro that you want to mention? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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