5 Moments Manga Fans are Dying to See in Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2!

Although it was practically guaranteed, fans of Jujutsu Kaisen can rest easy with the official announcement of Season 2! Thankfully, manga readers have plenty of material to catch up on before the new season, but with studio MAPPA at the helm, we can’t wait to see some of Akutami Gege’s fight scenes brought to life in glorious detail!

The next major arc is huge and filled with massive life-or-death battles like nothing you’ve seen in the first season. Today on Honey’s Anime, we’re talking through five manga moments that fans are dying to see animated in Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen!

SPOILER WARNING: We will be spoiling major battles and moments from volumes 8-14 of the manga. If you want to avoid any spoilers, read no further!

--- Spoilers Ahead ---

5. Toji Fushiguro vs Satoru Gojo

The next arc following the end of Season 1 will be “Gojo’s Past”, which takes place during Gojo’s time as a student at Jujutsu High, alongside the future villain Suguru Geto. During a high-stakes mission to protect a young girl with an important role, Gojo finds himself facing off against Toji Fushiguro – Megumi’s deadbeat dad, as well as an infamous sorcerer-killer.

The battle between Gojo and Toji is huge, destroying large parts of Jujutsu High itself, and shows us Gojo’s first usage of his ‘Red’ and ‘Purple’ cursed techniques. Their fight is a two-parter, and each engagement is equally as bloody and thrilling – and we can’t wait to see their clash brought to life on our screens!

4. Ultimate Mechamaru!

Throughout the Kyoto Goodwill Arc – when the Kyoto and Tokyo schools of Jujutsu hold their training together – we learn of a traitor among the sorcerers who helped Mahito and the others invade Jujutsu High. That traitor – spoiler alert – was Kokichi Muta, a.k.a Mechamaru, everyone’s favorite robot-sorcerer. He was promised a reshaped body by Mahito in exchange for his services, but when he does get a new body, he’s immediately forced to fight Mahito.

Mechamaru hasn’t spent his whole life in a bathtub for nothing, though! Mahito bears witness to ‘Ultimate Mechamaru’, a huge robot that uses literal years’ worth of cursed energy in devastating attacks. For the sheer scale of the fight alone – and getting to see the closest thing to a mech-battle in Jujutsu Kaisen – we’re definitely looking forward to seeing this moment animated!

3. Itadori vs Cursed Womb: Death Painting Choso

Having taken the lives of the Cursed Womb: Death Painting curses Eso and Kechizu at the end of the previous arc, Itadori finds himself squaring off against their older brother, Choso. Another blood-manipulator, this fight is intense and, well, bloody – but that’s not the main reason fans want this animated.
The main body of the fight takes place in a flooding bathroom at Shibuya station. Reading the manga alone was an absolute treat, with some incredible water drawings – but now imagine it animated by MAPPA! One of the best studios at the moment, animating water gushing from the ceiling and taps while Itadori clashes with a Special Grade curse?! This will be a spectacular visual treat – and we can’t wait!

2. Limitless: 0.2 Seconds

The largest arc to date in Jujutsu Kaisen, with around sixty chapters, is the “Shibuya Incident” arc – which will undoubtedly take up the majority of Season 2’s runtime. At the crux of the arc is Satoru Gojo, drawn into battle against Mahito, Hanami, and Jogo in the bottom of Shibuya train station, surrounded by hundreds of Halloween-celebrating civilians.

When Mahito unleashes an entire train-load of transfigured humans onto the unsuspecting crowd, there’s little Gojo can do to prevent bloodshed. Using his Domain Expansion would surely kill the non-Jujutsu civilians, forcing him to fight handicapped… at least, that’s what the enemy thinks!

Gojo activates his Limitless Domain Expansion for a precisely controlled amount of time – just 0.2 seconds – which temporarily paralyzes everyone around him, giving him just enough time to safely exorcise hundreds of transfigured humans. What’s the effect of witnessing infinity on the non-Jujutsu-capable brain? Literal months of rehabilitation. But we suppose that’s better than being killed by a cursed spirit!

1. Fifteen-Finger Sukuna vs Jogo

By now, you’d think curses know Sukuna is only looking out for himself. At the height of the Shibuya Arc, loveable volcano-head Jogo finds an unconscious Itadori and force-feeds him ten whole fingers. For those playing along at home, that brings Yuji Itadori’s tummy-full-of-fingers up to a staggering fifteen, unleashing a nearly full-powered Sukuna. Does the most powerful curse user of all time thank Jogo for this gift?

No - instead, the two fight, and Shibuya is partially destroyed by a meteor.

In the manga, this epic battle between curses pours across multiple full-page spreads, mostly without words or even sound effects, slowly allowing the gravity of the destruction to sink in. Sukuna decides to fight ‘fairly’ and battles Jogo with fire-based curses, creating a hugely destructive battle that ends only when Sukuna’s time driving Itadori’s body finally expires.

Afterward, Itadori is left with the crushing horror of witnessing Sukuna’s destruction, feeling more helpless than he ever has before. Of all the moments we’re looking forward to seeing animated in Season 2, this battle and its aftermath is our top pick.

Final Thoughts

As you may have gathered from this list, the next two arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen leave you no room to breathe. It’s action-packed from start to finish, and we even avoided spoiling the fates of your favorite characters (because there’s such a thing as too many spoilers)!

2023 feels like decades away right now, but we know it’ll be worth the wait when Season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen hits our screens!

For any of the manga readers here, do you think we missed any important moments? And for anime watchers, are you even more excited for the new season now?! Let’s talk in the comments, and as always, thanks for reading!

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