5 Movies That Need Anime Adaptations!!!

Have you ever been in a movie theater with your big tub of popcorn, watched an excellent movie, and then wondered "could this movie be an even better anime series?" For those who have, you aren’t alone. We here at Honey’s Anime constantly watch movies and think they would be terrific as anime adaptations but know it probably will never happen. However, if we did get anime adaptations of our favorite films, here are the top 5 movies we think need to be adapted into anime!

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

If you’ve ever loved Western horror then you have no doubt seen A Nightmare on Elm Street and the craziness that is Freddy Kruger. This claw-handed demon enters his target’s dreams and turns them into literal nightmares where dying means death in the real world. Imagine an anime studio like TRIGGER taking the crazy nightmares Freddy crafts and making that into an anime! Maybe next Halloween we will see this franchise become animated but, for now, we just have to pray for it to happen.

4. Battle Royale

Battle Royale has been a movie, a manga and a novel—not in that order—but still has yet to become an anime! This series focusing on teens killing each other on a Fortnite-like battlefield would make for an incredible anime series! If they didn’t want to show the same battle that many know about, they could always have a prequel or show the first survival game, giving fans a deeper dive into the franchise’s backstory. Regardless of how they adapt it, Battle Royale needs an anime! Plus, with how popular Squid Game is right now, this would ensure Battle Royale’s rise to fame!

3. John Wick

We all love our high-octane action anime but imagine John Wick as an anime! Not only would we get animated gun-fu, but we’d get tons of fights that could give us goosebumps! We need a John Wick anime, the fights would be legendary and it could be a spin-off to the movies exploring John’s past!

2. The Indiana Jones Franchise

Indiana Jones is a franchise that we could totally see becoming an anime as it would be such an epic adventure story. Have our boy Harrison Ford become an animated version of himself with his quick remarks/quips while using his whip to survive dangerous pitfalls and defeat enemies who wish to stop his cave-exploring days! We need an Indian Jones anime and hopefully one day, our dream will come true.

1. Harry Potter

Magic and anime are like butter and toast, it just works and makes for a delicious meal. One franchise we would love as an anime would definitely be Harry Potter! We had Little Witch Academia which was similar to Harry Potter but let’s face it, that just made us want Harry Potter to be actually animated. Seeing Harry unleash his various magical skills on enemies/students would make for quite a spectacle. We would just hope the entire series would be animated, stopping after the first one would be doing the franchise a big disservice!

Final Thoughts

There are so many movies out there that making this list of only 5 was quite a challenge. These movies would make perfect anime adaptations but we know there are plenty more that could as well! What movies would you want to see become anime one day? Give some recommendations—and why they deserve the anime treatment—in the comments below! For even more anime articles keep stuck to our movie-loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

Battle-Royale-Wallpaper-1 5 Movies That Need Anime Adaptations!!!


Author: Aaron

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