Is the World Ready for Hollywood Movie Anime Adaptations?

We’ve seen many anime series get live-action movie adaptations before but have you ever wondered…is that all we can adapt? Haven’t you ever seen a Western film and thought, ‘wow this could be an anime’? Well, folks, we’ve thought the same and today we’ve come up with several movies that we think would make excellent anime series. There have been a few anime—such as Blade, Iron Man, and X-Men—that have gotten anime adaptations but these series were based originally on comics, not movie exclusive. The series we mention below aren’t really going to become anime—at least as of writing this article—but one could dream of a future where it does happen.

Street Races and Fast Cars! Why Not Make Fast & Furious into an Anime?

One of the more popular racing franchises in the west is the Fast & Furious series. This over the top franchise has continued gracing movie theaters for nearly two decades now and fans—including us—can’t get enough of it. Japan has seen a popular racing car anime franchise—in the form of Initial D—but imagine a Fast & Furious anime? Rev those engines up folks and let’s all hope that Universal Pictures decides to change the racing anime genre up with this amazing Western movie series!

Ethan Hunt in the Anime Version of Mission Impossible

Even if you aren’t a big action/spy movie fan there’s no way you haven’t heard of Mission Impossible. Since the early 90s, Tom Cruise has stared as one of the coolest action spies out there donning the role of Ethan Hunt. Getting Tom Cruise to voice Ethan in an anime adaptation might be a pricey venture—he tends to ask for a lot of money for his films—but we’d love to see spy-themed episodes of Ethan’s team trying to save the world from various threats and other darker agencies. Plus, imagine hearing the awesome Mission Impossible opening song done with an anime spin. Our ears can hear it now.

Western Horror Needed? Time for The Thing: The Animation

An alien that can clone any living creature is a nightmarish concept and it’s why John Carpenter’s The Thing was considered a classic horror movie back in 1982. The Thing originally was considered a flop but as the years passed people realized that John Carpenter made a true masterpiece. The beauty of The Thing being animated would be the ability for an anime studio to create an original plot using The Thing as the base. Maybe a 13-episode series where new survivors in Antarctica are facing the unknown alien or maybe use the original cast—at least their likeness—and just redo the movie but with an anime style. In all honesty, we wouldn’t care how The Thing would be animated as long as they make the series keep us up at night.

More Action? Why Not!? Come on in John Wick

John Wick—starring Keanu Reeves—has become such a hit action movie franchise that it has spawned three movies, a fourth coming out in a few years, and a video game! ‘Why?’ you might ask. Simple, folks, because John Wick is a straight-up fun and exciting gun-blazing series! Imagine now if a studio like Madhouse or even Studio Bones adapted John Wick into a long-running anime? We’d be watching gun-fu fights and high octane action for weeks!

Final Thoughts

There are thousands of possible Western movies that could make for exciting anime series and we barely scratched the surface of the list. Think you have an awesome movie in mind that could make for an even greater anime series? List some down below so we can discuss it! Be sure to keep stuck to our amazing hive for even more articles like this one curtsey of us here at Honey’s Anime!

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