[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Narumi Kato Highlights – Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri)

Karakuri-Circus-Wallpaper-2 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Narumi Kato Highlights – Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri)

I hate those who throw away their lives

  • Episodes: 36
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery, Shounen, Drama
  • Airing Date: October 2018 – June 2019
  • Studio: Studio VOLN

Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri) Preview (No Spoilers)

Narumi Katou only thought about surviving while making people laugh due to a strange illness he suffered. But when his path crossed with Masaru Saiga, the young heir of the Saiga fortune; and Shirogane, Masaru’s mysterious bodyguard, he decided he’d do anything to make them both smile. He never expected that this vow would make him discover terrible secrets behind his illness and those who control the world.

Narumi Kato Highlights (Spoilers Beyond This Point)

1. He Never Lets A Child be Harmed

At first, Narumi tries to show that he’s a stoic man who only cares about his own survival, but the moment he sees Masaru get kidnapped, he can’t stop himself from helping. And it’s not just because Masaru laughed and saved Narumi’s life. Later on, whenever an Automata or Puppeteer threatens a child near Narumi, no matter if he doesn't know them, Narumi will make them suffer lots of pain.

2. He Never Gives Up

It doesn’t matter if Narumi’s being thrown into an endless pit, shot with a thousand steel cones, and losing all his blood, he will not stop fighting for those who count on him. Even near death and being told by his allies to sit down and let the others handle their enemies, Narumi will force his body to go on fighting until the end.

3. His Love for Shirogane Survives Everything

The moment Narumi saw Shirogane, he fell in love with her and decided he would do anything to make her smile. And even after losing an arm and his memory to an explosion, and then his other arm and both legs, and being told that Shirogane was the cause of all his suffering, he can’t bring himself to kill her. Deep down, he loves her even as he doesn’t know who she is.

4. He Never Forgets His Friends

Just as Narumi won’t forget or betray Shirogane, he will never leave a comrade behind or forget their sacrifices. While Ming-Xia was worried Narumi would be angry when they used his friend’s puppets to replace his limbs, once Narumi woke up, he declared that the new limbs made him more human; they were eternal reminders of his friends and the sacrifices they made for him.

5. He Always Has Time for Children

Just as Narumi will always fight for a child in danger, he will drop everything he’s doing if children need his attention. Even in the middle of the war against the Midnight Circus, he was ready to quit fighting for the children in the ZONAPHA Research Center’s first wing since they needed caretakers who weren’t drugged out of their mind or cared nothing for the children.

Final Thoughts

Narumi is not exactly a handsome bishounen type, but he’ll never let you down. His determination and sincerity make him very easy to love and admire, as everyone in Karakuri Circus discover after spending just a few hours with him. So let us know, what are the things that you like the most about Narumi?

Karakuri-Circus-Wallpaper-2 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Narumi Kato Highlights – Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri)


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