6 Anime Like No Guns Life [Recommendations]

The fall 2019 anime season brought us one of the best new anime around in the form of No Guns Life. Featuring a gun-headed protagonist battling against the evil forces in his city this show is truly a joy to watch. If you love No Guns Life and are looking for some similar anime to it then this list is for you. Today we are going to be looking at six anime similar to No Guns Life. Each series will feature some of the great aspects of the series with a focus on the characters, the action, and the story. Let's get started.

Similar Anime to No Guns Life

1. Gangsta.

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2015 - September 2015

Nicholas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are a pair of mercenaries known as the Handymen that take on all the jobs nobody else can handle. Contracted by the police, the mob, and everyone in between, Nicholas and Worick face the toughest challenges the city of Ergastalum has to offer. While on a job to kill a notorious pimp, the Handymen save a prostitute named Alex Benedetto and then decides to take her in. With an ongoing war for power in Ergastalum and the mass killing of superhuman beings known as Twilights, Nicholas and Worick are about to face some of their toughest challenges yet.

Gangsta and No Guns Life have a lot in common from the story to the characters. Both stories center around mercenaries who take odd jobs around crime-filled cities. Throughout both series, Juuzo and The Handymen have to deal with both regular crimes and the supernatural related incidents with the Extended and the Twilight respectively. What makes these two anime similar though is the way their stories progress. We see the heroes in both series save a helpless individual which ultimately sets them down a path to unraveling a huge mystery. They both do a great job of slowly building up to these big moments as the characters learn the truth about everything that is going on in the city.

Gangsta. PV

2. Cop Craft

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: July 2019 - October 2019

Fifteen years ago, Earth became connected to a magical world after a hyperspace gate opened up in the middle of the ocean. Over the years, the various magical races of that world, collectively known as Semanians, have immigrated to earth with the city of San-Teresa now home to over two million of them. Not only has San-Teresa become home to the magical races, but it has also become home to people from all over the world creating one of the most unique and diverse cities around. With so many people in one place, San-Teresa has also seen an increase in crime. Kei Matoba is a member of the San-Teresa Metropolitan Police and has worked for years trying to keep the city safe. While carrying out a drug bust, Kei learns of a new drug-enhanced with the power of fairies. Along with his new partner Tilarna Exedilica, Kei must uncover the secret behind this new drug and save the fairy before it is too late.

A lot of the similarities between Cop Craft and No Guns Life come from the characters. Juuzou and Kei are both serious, determined, and a little crass. Their personalities along with their desire to help people, make them behave in very similar ways in both their personal lives and when they are working. There are also many similarities between Tetsurou and Tilarna. They don’t share anything in common like Juuzou and Kei, but they both play similar roles in the lives of their partners. Juuzou and Kei both protect and depend on Tetsurou and Tilarna when they are on a job, creating some very similar character dynamics.

Cop Craft Trailer

3. Dimension W

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: January 2016 - March 2016

Thanks to the discovery of a fourth dimension, humans were able to make great technological advances. They call the new dimension, Dimension W, and developed coils to harness the energy pouring out of it. Many years after the discovery, the New Tesla Energy corporation dominated the energy market leaving people with no option but to buy their coils. However, some people choose to get around this by buying and selling unofficial coils. Kyouma Mabuchi works as a coil collector, hunting down the illegal coils wherever they pop up. While out on a regular coil collection job, Kyouma encounters a mysterious android named Mira Yurizaki who is the daughter of New Tesla Energy's founder. Mira joins Kyouma on his journey and the two begin uncovering the secrets of the coils, the New Tesla Energy, and Dimension W.

Dimension W may just be the most similar anime to No Guns Life on this list with the setting, characters, and story all matching up. Both anime takes place in a futuristic world with technological advances that drive the story forward. Dimension W has the fourth dimension and coils, while No Guns life has the body modifications of the Extended. Juuzou and Kyouma are both ex-soldiers who are living an ordinary life until they meet and must protect a person who has familial connections to the companies in charge of the coils and the Extended. From there both stories unfold in similar ways with Juuzou and Kyouma getting wrapped up in the mysteries of the world and uncovering the truth behind Dimension W and the Extended.

Dimension W OP

Any Anime Like No Guns Life ?

4. Karakuri Circus (Le Cirque de Karakuri)

  • Episodes: 36
  • Aired: October 2018 - June 2019

Narumi Katou suffers from a rare disease called Zonapha syndrome which causes him to have severe seizures with the only cure being to see someone laugh. While working, Narumi runs into a young boy being chased by three men. The boy reveals he is Masaru Saida, the new owner of Saiga Enterprises, and that he is currently being chased by assassins sent by his family. Narumi decides to help out the boy and does everything he can to save him, including taking the three men on all by himself. Luckily a strange girl named Shirogane arrives claiming to be Masaru's guardian and helps Narumi finish off the three assailants. Karakuri Circus follows on the lives of Narumi, Masaru, and Shirogane as they discover the secrets of Automatons, and the Zonapha syndrome

Karakuri Circus and No Guns Life have very similar setups with very different plots. In both series, we see a strong man with physical issues that saves the son of a powerful businessman. Both of the boys that are saved have connections to both the major companies in their series and the technological advances of the Automata and the Extended. While the character dynamics and the way the stories unfold are different both series still give off similar vibes thanks to their setup. There is also a good balance between the intense action sequences and the story in both series, giving you all of the pertinent info, you need while also keeping everything entertaining.

5. B: The Beginning

  • Episodes: 12
  • Aired: March 2018

A series of recent murders have left the Royal Investigation Service stumped. With the only clues being the victim's criminal histories and the mark left by the killer at each crime scene, the RIS decides to call in some help. To solve the mystery, the RIS brings in a legendary detective named Keith Flick, who has spent the last few years away from any and all investigations. Along with Lily Hoshina, Keith begins his investigation into the Killer B murders, but things get difficult when superpowered beings begin to show up. With these superpowered beings, terrorists, and a corrupt government all wrapped up into this case, Keith will have to work harder than ever if he wants to find out the truth.

B: The Beginning is unlike a lot of the anime we've looked at so far and its similarities to No Guns Life are quite different as well. These series both focus on the mystery portion of their story, constantly giving you more info into what is going on and keeping you on your feet so that you never fully grasp is what is going in a good way. There is also a major focus on the backstories of Keith, Koku, and Juuzou and we get to watch and see how their stories impact the overall plot of their series. The stories have more similarities than just the big mystery portion with some supernatural elements and some child experimentation thrown into both. Both series also does a good job at mixing in action and a little bit of comedy into the rest of the series giving you a nice and balanced story.

B: The Beginning Trailer

6. Hero Mask

  • Episodes: 15
  • Aired: December 2018

The Special Service of Crime works had to maintain order in the city. James Blood is one of the best members of SSC who also has a history of reckless behavior. After a hard day at work, James is about to head home when he runs into a man from his past he thought was dead. The man's name is Grimm and was a criminal that James had put behind bars. Grimm shows James he isn't the same man he was before as he shows off the supernatural powers he gained thanks to a mysterious mask. When more of these mysterious mask users start appearing around the city, it is up to James and the SSC to investigate and find out the truth behind the masks.

While Hero Mask doesn't have as many similarities to No Guns Life as a lot of the series on this list, it does have a few major ones that make it worth mentioning. James and Juuzou are both hard-working and talented at what they do, but they are also willing to bend the rules to accomplish their goals. We constantly see James go against police protocol, while Juuzou is willing to defy the major corporations and governments in his world to do what he thinks is right. This creates a similar vibe to both series and while watching them you kind of feel like James is like younger Juuzou. The other major thing that is similar is the amount of action in bother series. While they are very different styles of action scenes, both series are filled to the brim with them and you're not going to be bored watching them.

Hero Mask Trailer

Final Thoughts

That’s it for our list of the six anime like No Guns Life. Hopefully, you found a new anime that you will love. What was your favorite series on this list? Are there any other anime similar to No Guns Life? Let us know in the comments.

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