[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nino Arisugawa Highlights (Fukumenkei Noise)

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Fukumenkei-Noise-Wallpaper-543x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nino Arisugawa Highlights (Fukumenkei Noise)
  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Music, Romance, Shoujo
  • Airing Date: Apr 11 to Jun 27, 2017
  • Producers: Shogakukan Productions,Nihon Ad Systems, Hakusensha, Warner Bros., KlockWorx, BS Fuji, Kansai Telecasting

Fukumenkei Noise Preview (No Spoilers)

Who hasn’t got a high school romance? Who hasn’t enjoyed the band of the moment while savoring life at high school? What happens when you create music and live it at the same time? Fukumenkei Noise presents us with three youngsters in a love triangle that also involves the most outrageous sound. While they seek for their true selves and enter the world of fame, what will happen with their complicated feelings? You will have to watch Fukumenkei Noise to live the music yourself 😉 However, if you already watched it and just wanted to remember the good stuff, we welcome you to read this article about Nino Arisugawa. Keep in mind that there will be some spoilers along the way!

Nino Arisugawa’s Bio

Voice Actress: Saori Hayami

The protagonist of Fukumenkei Noise is Nino Arisugawa, a peculiar teenager. If we could summarize Nino Arisugawa in a few words, it would be: masked girl who often sings in front of the ocean. She used to hang out with Momo when she was little and also met Yuzu in that time. Hoping to meet both guys one day, Nino keeps training her voice until the awaited day comes. And sure it came, as she eventually becomes Alice, the vocalist and guitarist of Yuzu’s band, in NO hurry to shout!

Nino Arisugawa’s Highlights

1. Nino doesn't listen to other people

One of the most notable things about Nino is that she always changes the conversation’s topic. It looks like she can only concentrate in one thing at a time. For example, when she meets Yuzu, she nicknames him “Eyelashes” because his eyelashes were long and that was the only thing she could focus on about him. This feature of Nino often exasperates those around her.

However, as the story advances, we notice that this might be a mechanism of self-preservation. When we see Nino’s past with Momo, we notice that she insists on singing when he tries to talk about painful topics (a.k.a. that he might “disappear”). Also, after Yuzu kisses her, it is notorious that she avoids his presence (by being absent from school). It is Yuzu who apologizes and gives an excuse (that he was protecting Nino’s voice from harm because she was screaming like hell) to re establish proper communication. Nino also has a tendency to ask strange questions, like when she was thinking that Momo was having a romance with his manager. Then she went to ask Yuzu if, if they were living together, they would be just friends? Poor Yuzu almost had a heart attack with the idea XD

2. Nino Arisugawa’s obsession with Momo

Oh, yes. If there is something that defines the protagonist of Fukumenkei Noise, it is that she calls Momo’s name like a mantra all the time. To understand the origin of this obsession, we have to go back to their childhood. Other children used to think that Nino was weird but not Momo. As neighbors, these two walked together to school and back. By night, when Momo’s parents were fighting, they used to sing out loud to block and forget the violence. Also, although other kids made fun of this pair when they held hands, they kept doing it anyway.

In short, Nino and Momo were a mini couple, separated by that dirty thing called money. Yes, Momo’s parents were heavily in debt, so the family disappeared one night without telling the details to anyone. This abandonment without a proper explanation left Nino traumatized for life and particularly sensitive to people leaving her. It didn’t help that, when she finally met Momo again in high school, he treated her in the worst cold and distant way possible. Nevertheless, Nino can’t forget her precious memories with her first love, Momo, and his personality back then. She didn’t even confess to him! That’s why Nino keeps pursuing Momo.

3. Nino Arisugawa’s face mask

Face masks are quite typical in Japan nowadays. People use them in the spring to protect themselves from spores and also whenever they catch the flu. Some teenagers are keen to use face masks to cover their facial features. That is why Nino’s appearance is not strange.

However, it is her reason for wearing a face mask that makes this feature peculiar. This is yet another consequence of her relationship with Momo. When he left, Nino was so traumatized that she only wanted to scream. Thus, she started to wear the face mask to keep herself under control.

We could judge Nino Arisugawa as some sort of emo because of her mask and because apparently, she doesn’t have many friends. Nevertheless, when she is really worried, the mask slides from her face. For example, when Yuzu stops going to the school and she runs to the beach to meet him, the mask is dangling from her neck. It is Yuzu who puts it back on place when he sees how cute Nino looks smiling and crying of happiness :p

4. Nino Arisugawa’s Musical Self

We have arrived to Nino’s essence: her voice and music. Since her childhood with Momo and Yuzu, music was her weapon of choice. Nino’s voice is what connects her strongly to both guys as well, as they recognize her when she sings at the school while the Music Club was playing. It helps that our protagonist has an unusual voice, suitable for alternative rock.

Of course, Yuzu requests Nino to become Alice, the vocalist of his band, In NO hurry to shout. Although a bit insecure at first, Nino Arisugawa accepts and trains hard to improve her musical skills. From asking for help from her “rival” Miou with singing, through borrowing books from the library, to special lessons with Yuzu himself, Nino advances surprisingly fast. During the intensive camp for In NO hurry to shout, Nino becomes capable enough to play the guitar and sing at the same time. Not happy with that, Nino Arisugawa ends up writing the lyrics for the band’s new song.

Should we remember In NO hurry’s performance in the Rock Horizon festival? Alice had all the weight of the performance. Nino swore to herself to “make it so neither of them can never leave”, thinking of both Momo and the audience. The result was that the auditorium filled to capacityl and even Momo could hear her voice from afar. So, who knows what awaits Nino in the future? She is proving herself as a 100% musical girl.

5. Nino Arisugawa keeps singing

Throughout her life, Nino has resorted to music when she is happy, angry or sad. A couple of times, she has been so depressed that she can not sing. An example is (of course) when Momo disappears yet again after the Rock Horizon festival. However, she eventually goes back to singing in front of the sea.

This is yet another aspect that can puzzle people around Nino. An exasperated Miou even asks her if she knows what it means to quit. Nino screams that she does not know what it means to give up, so she will keep trying to reach Momo through her voice. Thus, our protagonist, Nino Arisugawa, keeps singing.

Final Thoughts

Nino Arisugawa might appear as a stupid lead to some otakus. How come she does not realize that Yuzu is head over heels for her? Once there are so many hints of this, how come Nino doesn’t give him a chance? Yuzu is such a great guy, always there for her! However, once the story advances, we realize things are not as easy as they look. Momo’s family is an unavoidable obstacle, and the way Nino and he deal with their mutual feelings is far from ideal.

Here is where we should remember that our protagonists are teenagers. Yes, Yuzu is the one guy in the love triangle who knows better how to deal with his and Nino’s feelings. However, until they all have enough experience and maturity, and above all, until Momo does not solve his family problems, we won’t have a resolution to this triangle. Until then, Nino will have to deal as best as she can with her lingering feelings… We can only guess that Nino Arisugawa will create powerful music along the way.

Which is your favorite scene with Nino Arisugawa? Do you think she will end up with Momo or with Yuzu? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

Fukumenkei-Noise-Wallpaper-543x500 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Nino Arisugawa Highlights (Fukumenkei Noise)


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