[Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yuzuriha Kanade Highlights - Fukumenkei Noise

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Fukumenkei-Noise-wallpaper-700x498 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yuzuriha Kanade Highlights - Fukumenkei Noise

Kanade Yuzuriha Highlights - Fukumenkei Noise

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Music, Romance, Shoujo
  • Airing Date: Apr 11, 2017 to present
  • Producers: Shogakukan Productions, Nihon Ad Systems, Hakusensha, Warner Bros., KlockWorx, BS Fuji,Kansai Telecasting Corporation

Fukumenkei Noise Preview (No Spoilers)

Who doesn’t have a sad love story buried deep in their hearts? How many times we have given up or said good bye to someone we love because of external circumstances that we can not fully understand? This is what happens to Nino Arisugawa not once, but twice! Since then, she keeps singing in the hopes of reaching out to the two guys that marked her childhood: Momo and Yuzu. How will music play along with this love triangle? You will have to watch and listen to Fukumenkei Noise to find out!

Kanade Yuzuriha “Yuzu” Bio

Voice Actor: (Child) Rie Takahashi, (Teenager) Daiki Yamashita

Meet Yuzu, a young composer who goes to the same High School as Nino and Momo. Although he is older than Nino by one year, he has gotten held back in school. Not that Yuzu minds, though, as his real passion in life is music. In secret, Yuzu is the composer and member of a recently debutant band called In NO Hurry To Shout (or “Inohari”, as it is called for short by its fans). We must admit that we have a soft spot for Yuzu because, in the released chapters of the anime, the plot is showing him in a good light. Let’s see some reasons why...

Yuzu’s Highlights

1. Yuzu’s cuteness

The first times we saw this anime, we could not help but notice some physical resemblance with other famous Japanese characters: the Vocaloids. Perhaps Momo is a mix between Kaito and Kiyoteru, while Nino goes as Miku Hatsune especially when her hair is in pigtails. As for Yuzu… can we think about another male character with a loose ponytail? If you thought about Len Kagamine, that’s right! Vocaloid fans love to make up couples between the characters. So, at last we can imagine Miku and Len as Nino and Yuzu somehow ;p

Part of the reason why Len Kagamine is one of the most famous Vocaloid characters is the same reason that hits us when we see Yuzu in his first scenes in Fukumenkei Noise: Yuzu is absolutely cute! Short for his age, Yuzu is always drinking from a big milk cartoon. One of the first things Nino notices in him is how long his eyelashes are too. It is not surprising that Yuzu dresses as a girl for Inohari. With black clothes in the best gothic lolita fashion and long, black ponytails, Yuzu simply looks perfect!

2. Yuzu’s tsundere personality

Tsundere characters tend to be among the most popular in anime, if they are developed well, of course. In Yuzu’s case, he starts as a bit of a grumpy and solitary guy, focused on his band. Yuzu even runs away from Nino when he recognizes her in High School! However, she didn’t have any of it and went in pursue. Once reunited, it was obvious to everyone (including Yuzu’s girlfriend Miou) that Yuzu still had a crush on Nino.

Ah, but what makes things so fun is that Yuzu denies, again and again, that he likes our protagonist! Yuzu blushes, runs away or changes the topic. However, his feelings are as evident as daylight. Do you remember when Nino bluntly tells him that, if they were living together, they would be roommates, meaning they would be (just) friends? Yuzu, all red in the face, immediately blurted out that he did not see Nino as a friend, only to correct himself saying that indeed, they would be roommates. That was comical, although Yuzu so lost his chance at confessing! We only forgive him because Nino is as clueless as him on such businesses ^^U

3. Yuzu’s musical talent

We meet Yuzu as a little boy doing something that is not usual for youngsters at the beach: writing song scores in the sand. When we see him as a teenager the first times, we find out he is a member of the music club at High School. Anyway, other than music, the main characters of Fukumenkei Noise don’t look interested in school activities or well… study. In the case of Yuzu, the place where he apparently enjoys to spend his time is the music room, where he writes scores and plays the piano or the guitar. It is evident that he likes to play music when Nino arrives and sings along his piano. That was among the cutiest scenes in Fukumenkei Noise ^^

Anyway, if we talk about his life outside school, Yuzu is the guitarist and composer for In NO Hurry To Shout. Despite that the band members are young, they are all talented! Plus, for being a recently debuted group with just one live appearance, their success has been considerable. Have you noticed how people talk about them in the public transport? That’s a testament of Yuzu’s talent in music, don’t you think so?

4. Yuzu’s love for Nino

As all great artists, Yuzu has a muse! Let’s go back to the scenes in the beach during the characters’ childhoods, shall we? We find out that Yuzu was hospitalized due to a sickness that compromised his voice. Furious at not being allowed to sing, he escapes to the beach to write music. That is why Nino meets Yuzu there. When she sings the score he wrote in the sand, Yuzu looks in awe at her and believes he has found his voice. However, Nino is more than a mere instrument to express himself. When she arrives devastated to the beach after Momo’s disappearance and screams like mad, Yuzu embraces her and sings loud for Nino. That gesture cost him his voice forever TT

Anyway, despite the years, Yuzu keeps composing music thinking about Nino. He even gave her the nickname Alice, and he himself dresses up as Alice in Inohari. Heck, even Miou states clearly that she was a replacement for Nino, both as a girlfriend for Yuzu and the voice of Inohari. And well, although many would find it weird, one of the most intense things Yuzu tells Nino is that he will always compose songs for her whenever she feels like screaming. This guy sure expresses love in an unusual way, right? 😉

5. Yuzu deals pretty well with challenges

So, everyone knows Yuzu is head over heels over Nino, but oh, the tragedy! Things can never be easy in love stories. Despite that Nino is extremely happy for reuniting with Yuzu and doing music with him, she still yearns for Momo. Yes, Yuzu has a rival who is talented for music too! So, what does Yuzu do? Cry tragically and shut himself down in his room?

Nope, otakus. Yuzu fights back! Just count the amount of scenes where Nino and Yuzu are together. He teaches her to play the guitar that used to be Momo’s. Yuzu keeps cheering and supporting her. He is literally by her side at all times! Even after Nino’s disastrous audition in Momo’s workplace, Yuzu went to pick her up and without asking questions, brought her to their first live performance as Inohari.

This doesn’t mean Yuzu does not feel enraged or sad for not being the object of Nino’s affections. In the school’s music festival, during Nino’s first performance with the music club, he realizes two things: first, that she is still singing for Momo; and second, that Yuzu wants her only for him. Therefore, Yuzu is actively competing against Momo in the love and the music arenas, as they are members of different bands. However, so far, Yuzu has shown us he is up to the challenges.

Final Thoughts

So, how will this love triangle end? For starters, someone should really wake Nino up, don’t you think so? As she is now, she would not be able to make a clear decision on who to chose. Or maybe someone should push (em, even more?) Yuzu to confess. Anyway, the anime is still ongoing! We still need to discover more details on the characters. However, it does not matter what happens in the end, Yuzu is by far, one of the best characters in Fukumenkei Noise and in the musical anime genre in general. Someone give this guy a medal for maturity and resilience, for Osamu Tezuka’s sake!

Which is your favorite scene with Yuzu in Fukumenkei Noise? Do you think Yuzu will be able to stay with Nino in the end? Don’t forget that we are open to all your comments and suggestions. See you soon!

Fukumenkei-Noise-wallpaper-700x498 [Honey's Crush Wednesday] 5 Yuzuriha Kanade Highlights - Fukumenkei Noise


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