5 Reasons Wearing a Mask at Cons Will Be Awesome

We’re slowly getting back to a sense of normalcy as covid rates are declining and more and more people are getting vaccinated. One return many of us have longed for is that of anime conventions. Now more than ever after a year of near isolation, we can once again enjoy a community around our favorite media and hobbies! But many cons are enforcing strict mask policies that might initially feel like a bummer. However, there are 5 reasons to rejoice in the wake of these mask mandates!

It’s a Convenient Way to Hide Your Facial Expressions

While previously many of us were quite good at hiding our expressions in surprising or disgusting situations, a lot of us have lost that ability being cooped up in our houses. If we have to see people we previously didn’t enjoy seeing, the disappointment could be evident in our frowns. Perhaps we find a model or figure that ends up being more expensive than we anticipate and our mouths fall open. Thankfully, your handy dandy mask will keep you from making any noticeable reactions that might cause additional awkwardness!

You Have Another Way to Represent Your Favorite Anime

Itabags all filled up? Already have your anime tote? If you need another way to show off your favorite anime or anime character, masks are a lovely canvas to display them prominently across your face. BoxLunch, Redbubble, and Etsy are filled with old and current anime-themed masks to keep you safe and styling. As you should be switching out your masks periodically anyway, you’ll have an excuse to show off multiple series or waifus close to your heart.

They Can Be Part of Your Cosplay

Worried that wearing a mask will ruin your cosplay? Fear not! There are many characters that would either look normal wearing a mask or have a mask as an integral part of their look! Yasuhara Ema from Shirobako would certainly wear a mask if she were feeling under the weather or just out of consideration. Characters Like Kakashi from Naruto and Inugami from Jujutsu Kaisen have their mouths covered most of the time. Keep an aire of mystery around you while still being out and about. You won’t even need to apply makeup to the lower part of your face, saving you time and effort!

You Can Keep the Con-Funk at Bay

One thing you may or may not remember is that with big crowds often come big smells… often ones you don’t wish to be engulfed in. Whether it’s sweat or a generous layer of Axe body spray, you don’t want to be caught in the thick of it as you’re trying to enjoy the con. Having a mask keeps the dreaded con BO from totally overwhelming you. And as memory is super closely tied to your sense of smell, you’ll be glad for the barrier to preserve those precious memories!

Protect from Covid AND Con-Crud!

Let’s not forget that before Covid-19 was ever in our minds, we all knew the danger of con-crud. That awful feeling of some vague sickness that comes over us after a long weekend being surrounded by strangers. It’s so hard to go back to work or school when you’ve got some kind of cold weighing you down. Wearing masks will help keep us all healthy and cut down on a number of sicknesses that we have just assumed were inevitable. Wearing a mask will be an extra defense against others’ sneezes and diseases!

Final Thoughts

Wearing masks doesn’t have to be a hindrance. By embracing both the benefits and potential of facemasks, we can keep ourselves and others healthy as well as have fun. You can either work a mask flawlessly into your cosplay or maybe get different themed ones to show off your character’s interests and personalities! Let us know in the comments what you’re most looking forward to when wearing masks at anime conventions!

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