5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Junjou Romantica is an amazing shounen-ai oriented anime. Its popularity is all up to its characters who are funny, insecure and can start the strangest gags. Three are the couples around where the story revolves, and all the characters are related in some way: Junjou Romantica, which depicts Usami Akihiko, alias Usagi – a writer – and his relationship with Misaki Takahashi; Junjou Egoist, which depicts Hiroki Kamijou – a teacher, who had is heart broken by Usagi – and his relationship with Nowaki Kusama; and last, but not least, Junjou Terrorist, which depicts You Miyagi – a teacher and a colleague of Hiroki – and his relationship with Shinobu Takatsuki.

Fans love sharing their thoughts about their favorite couple, but so far the undisputed winner is Junjou Romantica. Usagi and Misaki are bound by a strange destiny, and we all love them. Even though we like the way they interact, we must admit that sometimes they can really make us lose our marbles! That's no reason to complain, but still we needed to list these five reasons and hear what you think about it!

1. There's Some Useless Jealousy There!

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Usagi, who is older than Misaki, is supposed to be the adult in the couple. Although he is older, though, he has some childish behavior. First of all, he is pampered, and wishes for stuff to be always as he wants. This is a pretty funny trait of his character, and the way it makes Misaki loses his patience is just too amusing! Aside from it, though, Usagi shows a possessiveness towards Misaki which can be really annoying sometimes. He would go as far as to close Misaki into their home, just to be sure no one'd watch him.

The situation worsens when Misaki starts going to university and meets his first friend, Shinnosuke Todou. Misaki and Todou share the same obsession for Kyou Ijuuin, a manga writer who draws their favorite manga. Usagi's jealousy is just too much to handle. In fact, when both Misaki and Todou win a ticket to join Ijuuin-sensei's sign session in Fukuoka, guess what? Do we really need to say it? Well, Usagi loses it completely, and it becomes a family trip as Usagi, as well as Kaoruko and Mizuki – Usagi's cousins – join them and fly to Fukuoka. Come on, Usagi! Give your little Misaki a little room to breathe!

Misaki's jealousy acts differently. Even when he is jealous, Misaki can't say it out loud. He just starts fidgeting, and starts thinking about stupid things. Usagi notices his change in behavior as soon as it happens, but when he asks if he is feeling jealous, guess what? Misaki just denies it! Really? Let's put aside his useless jealousy, when Usagi is clearly so head-over-heels for him that he'd hole Misaki up in a room, but can you be a little more honest?

2. They're Two Whiny Fellows

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

I guess all of us, in a relationship, start to feel insecure and stuff to a certain point. Once we overcome insecurity and understand that the other party is feeling the same way, we are able to move forward.

This doesn't apply to Usagi and Misaki. Not at all, it just doesn't work with them. Usagi is an adult, but still can't seem to act like one. When Misaki is not around, he feels insecure. Then he starts to wonder if he loves him, or if he stays beside him just because it's convenient. He can become really whiny, but in a very strange way. In fact, he just stays silent, and makes the silence become unbearable for Misaki. Are you serious, Usagi? Do you really think that any other guy would allow you to harass them, without punching you in the face? Just accept that Misaki loves you back, and stop complaining!

On the other side, there's Misaki. Well, he likes acting as if he doesn't care. He acts as if he is strong, and try to convince himself that even if something should go wrong, he can still keep on living without Usagi. The only problem is that when he fakes that he doesn't care, he is actually overthinking and instead of asking for explanations, his mind just keeps on tripping in the wrong direction. In fact, when he was asked by his older brother to find his own apartment instead of living with Usagi, he actually thought about agreeing. In the meanwhile, he was just afraid that Usagi would have been okay with it!

3. They Can't Seem To Deal Properly With Their Love

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Okay, let's stop being mean to Usagi and Misaki, and let's start talking about the reasons why they act like this. They are people who aren't used to loving someone. Above all, they are not used to being loved back. Well, Misaki is too young, and before meeting Usagi, he probably didn't even know that he was gay. Usagi had his own delusions in love, and the source of those delusions was Misaki's brother. Talk about irony!

When they suddenly find themselves caught up in a relationship, and start living together, well, it's obvious that they don't even know where to begin. Still, they both know how to make things complicated. They move their first steps acting very strangely. Usagi just jumps on Misaki whenever he gets a chance to do so. Misaki just wonders why, without realizing the main point: Usagi is in love with him. What's more, Misaki doesn't even realize that he himself loves Usagi. Aren't they two awkward fellows?

4. Misaki Overthinks, Usagi Overthinks About Misaki

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

The 3rd reason takes us directly to the 4th as a consequence. Right because they can't seem to deal properly with their love feelings, their insecurity, unreasonably, grows bigger and bigger.

On one side we have Misaki. Well, sometimes you'd just take him and scream “WAKE UP!” at his face. As we said up above, Misaki doesn't want to show Usagi his weakness. It means, literally, that he doesn't want Usagi to find out that he loves him. Why? It beats us. We can only assume that he still finds their relationship too strange, or maybe he is still insecure about Usagi's feelings. Yeah, it's unreasonable, we know, but still Misaki tends to analyze the situations on his own. He reaches a conclusion on his own and he is fine with it, until Usagi does something that really makes him mad, and finally he allows himself to speak his mind... a little.

On the other side, we have Usagi. His entire universe is Misaki. Whatever he does, he does thinking about him. Whatever Misaki does, has the power to crush him, or make him the happiest person in the world. So we can say that the balance here is a bit unstable, as we have a boy who is totally insecure about his feelings, Usagi's feelings, and a man who is only sure about one thing: his love toward Misaki.

5. Misaki Runs, Usagi Chases After Him

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes

Probably the main reason why Usagi and Misaki can make us all lose our marbles, though, is their Cat & Mouse game. Let us explain this, and we're sure you'll agree with us!

From the beginning, Usagi forced himself on Misaki. Let's not forget how he kissed him out of the blue when they met in a difficult period of Usagi's life – when he had his heart broken by Misaki's brother. Well, when they started living together, and their tutor-student relationship evolved into something else, the situation didn't change one bit. What we mean is that Usagi keeps on jumping on Misaki, while Misaki tries to escape.

What a joke! Okay, Usagi may be too possessive and too clingy. Misaki tries to run, but without even really trying. What we perceive is something like Usagi trying to sexually harass a poor, defenseless boy. So they end up doing their romantic things, and guess what? Misaki is into it way more than Usagi! So the question here is: why do you even bother faking you don't want it, dear Misaki, while you actually crave for Usagi's touch? If this could be worse, well, when for one reason or another, Usagi doesn't jump on him... Misaki is disappointed! Can you believe it? This situation is a vicious cycle that drive us crazy; Misaki doesn't want to be jumped on, but if Usagi doesn't jump on him, he gets all insecure and wonders why. Let's say it; you both just need to be more honest with yourselves!

Final Thoughts

These are the five reasons why this couple can drive us bonkers sometimes. Don't misunderstand us; even though we admitted that these two can be annoying, we still love them and the other two couples in the Junjou Romantica world. This list was merely meant to discuss with you about their way of interacting, focusing on some of their character's traits that tends to be exaggerated. In the end, they're a very popular couple, and they're made for each other. We just needed to joke a bit about their awkwardness!

Junjou-Romantica-3-wallpaper-617x500 5 Reasons Why Misaki and Usagi Make You Lose Your Marbles Sometimes


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