5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

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Akagami-no-Shirayukihime-wallpaper-636x500 5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

Be warned is full with spoilers!

Spring is almost finished, and after a long winter in Japan, we long for sunnier days. While summer is still a month away, we entice you to let your imagination fly away to the wild mysterious seas, the white sands, and the beach been washed away by the gentle waves. Let your heart be filled with adventure, and for a tincture of romance in our escapade, let´s bring along one of our favorites couple; Zen and Shirayuki from the Akagami no Shirayukihime anime series, to keep us entertained.

Based on an ongoing manga, Akagami no Shirayukihime is a story by Akizuki Sorata full of adventure and the kind of romance anime that rather than make your heart race, it will make it go “Dokyun” and skip a beat, showing off the true strength of the author by imbuing his characters with a great heartwarming feeling and displaying situations that will stir your heart.

Giving us a rich background, a pirate’s escapade will pull the anime of Akagami no Shirayukihime forward, raising our hopes to see Shirayuki and Zen into situations where its manga version haven’t go yet , like exploring the world beyond the two kingdoms of Clarines and Tanbarun, sailing through the unknown in disguise, and sharing moments of discovery, confronting danger besides their friends and companions and making of the whole adventure, a window for the viewers to become closer with the characters and know more about their backgrounds and motivations. Let’s sail together in this hopeful exercise of imagination of the 5 reasons why we love to see Shirayuki and Zen go into a romantic pirate adventure. All aboard!

1. We Want to See Shirayuki and Zen Enjoy Their Love.

Shirayuki and Zen, even when complementary in some aspects, have a unique quality in common in their personalities; they are really “Majime” or “earnest and serious”. Even when Shirayuki and Zen are still in their teens, life has forced them to mature quickly. Shirayuki and Zen had their own lives before meeting, but their fateful encounter has given them strength, encouraging one another to discover and reach their goals and ambitions. Sometimes Shirayuki or Zen gets too involved in their work. They just need to play more and delight in the joy of being young and in love.

What more romantic scenario is there than to sail across the open seas under the disguise and freedom of “free merchants”, fighting off evil or revealing mysteries, and enjoy their time in the cozy space of a vessel, having a good time together with their friends and companions while meeting new lands, playing emissaries from the Kingdom of Clarines, and sharing an adventure in their voyage? In the anime OVA, Shirayuki and Zen went out to their first date, and they let us see for the first time how they enjoy their time together, acting as cute as it can be ; and just like that, it will be amazing so see them under the disguise of pirates feeling happy just with the chance to be close to each other, shopping around in foreign lands, exchanging small presents as a memento, and simply spending their time talking and being like normal kids, getting to know each other without titles or labels. It’d be amazing to see more of this freedom in the anime series.

2. Because Shirayuki Uncanny Ability to Get Into Trouble.

Akagami-no-Shirayukihime-wallpaper-636x500 5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

One aspect that seems to be repeating a lot in the series of Akagami no Shirayukihime is that fiscally, Shirayuki takes upon herself a lot of attention because the flashy color of her apple red hair. It seems that having red hair is a trait that is so uncommon, which puts Shirayuki through uncalled difficulties everywhere she goes. It doesn’t matter if is on land or sailing in a pirate ship beside Zen and his companions, one thing we can be sure is that Shirayuki’s beautiful hair will make her standout, and make her the object of desire of the pirates around the seas to be chased, just as the Prince Raji of Tanbarun wanted her before as his concubine, and “Umihebi” the pirate slave trader tried to sell her out. These facts are enough to make us think that Shirayuki’s hair color will put her into trouble again.

Let’s face it, our cute heroine has one of the gentlest and biggest hearts, which bring us to the second reason why Shirayuki is always getting into complicated situations. Shirayuki is truly intelligent and hardworking in her studies, but when it comes to people, Shirayuki usually gives them the opportunity to prove themselves trustworthy, even when at first sight they don’t seem to deserve it, which sometimes pays off and sometimes will put her in danger; because in her naivety, Shirayuki will always prefer putting herself on the line trying to protect others rather than ask for help and endanger her friends. That is the reason why everyone ends up liking Shirayuki, admiring the strength of her unwavering heart, giving her the freedom to be true to her sentiment while trying to protect her at the same time. It is in these moments that Shirayuki shines. With as much trouble as she gets into, a pirate adventure would use all of Shirayuki’s gift for getting into trouble.

3. Because We Want to See The Full Team in Action.

Akagami-no-Shirayukihime-wallpaper-636x500 5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

As Shirayuki and Zen both have a lot of charisma and leadership ability, their pure hearts and strong principles have earned friends and companionship through the adventures shared in the anime. As we have seen in various episodes, the team of Zen, Kiki, Mitsuhide and Obi know their way on a ship and moving through strange places being in disguise; so taking in account their experience, an adventure sailing the seas as pirates, will give the perfect opportunity for the main couple to deepen their feelings, helping too to develop the romance between others--like Mitsuhide and Kiki--and to call into the plot more characters who have proven very interesting; like Kiharu and her beautiful bird Popo, who will be perfect to help the team to keep in touch with the castle even if all go to faraway places! Other characters that will be great in a pirate adventure are the young pharmacist Ryu, who keeps helping everyone with his genius, and Mihaya and Kazuki who have in common to have met Shirayuki when they kidnap her, ending as her friends; both have proven to be quite resourceful guys and would make an amazing addition to the crew.

In the second season of the anime, in the episodes 6 and 7, Shirayuki is kidnaped by pirates under the command of “Umihebi” or “Sea Serpent”, a Lady Pirate that deals in slave trade and wants to sell Shirayuki off to a foreign land. In this situation, the usually positive and strong Shirayuki shows real fear for the first time, because after meeting Zen, she realizes that the only place in the world she wants to be is by his side. With this episode as reference, it wouldn’t be great to see the whole team together into more action episodes fighting off bad guys and sailing through the seas?When Shirayuki is kidnaped, Zen gather the strength of all his friends and power as a Prince, to save her from a cruel destiny as a slave, showing us with this, the strength of his feelings by challenging his brother’s orders, Zen’s skills as diplomat as he wins aid from Tanbarun’s royal family, and his natural leadership by making a team that swiftly moves into the action to take back his love one. All great elements to an amazing pirate adventure that we would want to see!

4. Because of Obi’s Unpredictable Side.

Akagami-no-Shirayukihime-wallpaper-636x500 5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

Yea, as simple as it sounds,Obi has been gaining more fans as the series continue, he is the same the glue of the group, by helping all the characters to be more straight forward with their feelings, and a double edged sword because his dark past as an assassin; a joker full of surprises who plays the both Mercutio, by supporting Zen in his missions and protecting Shirayuki in his place, and Romeo, telling Zen repeatedly that if he takes too much time taking Shirayuki as his, Obi is going to steal her away for himself; adding always a bit of danger in the background so Zen and Shirayuki will not take each other for granted and have the courage to take risks and overcome the obstacles that separates them.

With a lot of mystery in his background,Obi is a cheeky character that plays a strong link between Shirayuki and Zen, so what better character is there for making to take advantage of for adding danger and action into a pirate adventure? As fans, it will be great to see Obi as an intrepid pirate, always fearlessly running and maneuvering all over the ship sails, aiding his companions when most needed, and then disappearing again to let the lovers take their pace and deepen their feelings. In the second season of the anime, when Shirayuki goes back to Tanbarun invited by prince Raji as a friend, Obi is given the duty of being her knight. When Obi loses Shirayuki to the kidnappers, he reverts back to his assassin dark mode to try to find Shirayuki, not just to assure she was safe, but to be able to face Zen again after his failure as her bodyguard, knowing how precious Shirayuki is to him. Obi is a great character that adds spice to the mix, helping to keep the surprise element in store in the setting of the story.

5. Because We Want to See Prince Zen’s Wild Side.

Akagami-no-Shirayukihime-wallpaper-636x500 5 Reasons why Shirayuki and Zen Should Go on a Romantic Pirate Adventure

Prince Zen is one of the most prince-like characters in recent anime. Zen is caring, hardworking and kind. He makes charming princes from fairy tales look weak and superficial in comparison, which has earned Zen a LOT of fans since the anime headed into its second season but---yes there is a but!---for someone so young, Zen has the world on his shoulders. Zen always stops himself from stealing Shirayuki away. So yea! Zen needs an excuse to loosen up a bit and let us (and Shirayuki) see more of that burning passion, that is behind the protective shield of his duty as a Prince. A pirate escapade will give him the perfect opportunity to savour freedom and become closer to his loved Shirayuki.

Do you remember the episode 10 of the season one, were Shirayuki jumps from a high tower so Popo, the bird from the Island, will not lose the challenge? Shirayuki gets injured, and even if it was a scratch, Shirayuki risks her life to protect Zen’s positions as Prince, and save him from making political decisions against his true feelings. When Zen knew of this, all his control flew out the window and Zen kissed Shirayuki without restraint. This kiss made Shirayuki’s legs to give up and they finish the kiss kneel down on the floor, breathless and bushed. Now, that’s a kiss, ladies and gentlemen! That is the Zen we’ll get to see should Shirayuki and Zen go on a romantic pirate adventure.

Closing Paragraph

There are few things that awakens our imagination more than sailing to faraway lands, and the symbol of the freedom of the seas is behold by the pirates who go everywhere and do whatever they want which is a bit of what Shirayuki and Zen are in dire need as a couple. Of course, if in their endeavors they bring the whole team with them, it will surely be a promise of an anime packed with action and romance that everyone from shounen to shoujo fans will like to see!

In recent anime where the main couples are highly indecisive in their feelings to give way to harem situations, Shirayuki and Zen are refreshingly one of the best romantic couples, as they are an example of pure love and brave commitment to make their own path to happiness. If all our characters were to be gathered under the freedom of the pirate flags, it will release them to be more themselves, it allow us to know them a bit more deeply, and for Shirayuki and Zen, it will give them the ideal scenario to steadily move forward their relationship while accomplishing their personal goals of improving their skills and being helpful to make a country where people can be happy and feel protected.

For us as viewers, a pirate voyage will put Shirayuki and Zen trough more romance opportunities, giving us in their escapade a lot of Dokyun situations that surely will leave us with a good feeling after watching.

What do you think are the best scenes of Shirayuki and Zen? Which scenarios do you think will suit best these cute characters to deepen their love? Let us know your opinions. See you next time!

by Jo. Hernandez

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