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After emerging victorious in a tournament that welcomes warriors of all races, Peter Grill, a human knight, has earned all the bragging rights that come with it. However, all he wants is to settle down with Luvelia, the senpai that he loves with all of his heart. With his victory, comes unwanted attention from the princesses of the other races (as in orcs, elves, and ogres) who wish to strengthen their clans by bearing his children. As a result, Grill will face his greatest opponent yet, temptation. With this as a foundation, allow us to share with you our 5 reasons why you can’t blame Peter Grill.

5. Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t

Throughout the entire duration of the series, Peter has given in to the temptations of Mimi, Lisa, Vegan, and Piglette. Yes, we understand “no means no,” but does he really have a choice? Some can argue yes, but hear us out in this one. Yes, he’s a man among men, and he bested the best warriors of his world, but like many accomplished warriors, the temptation of women will always be his greatest weakness.

In many instances, he has been forced to comply with all four ladies because they have always put him in compromising situations. If he goes along with them, he’s damned. If he doesn’t, he’s damned. This is most especially true with Vegan, who put him under a spell where he HAS TO give in to her, so that’s a reason as good as any. For Piglette, at least she could respect his wishes and keep their situation a secret from Piglette’s and Luvelia’s fathers.

4. He Truly Loves Luvelia

At the end of the day, Peter truly loves Luvelia. When she was attacked by a monster in episode 4, ithout any hesitation, he risked his life to save her. In every instance he finds himself in a situation with Mimi and the rest of the gang, the only person he thinks about is Luvelia, and he does feel as if he betrayed her and that he’s no longer worthy of her love. The fact that he feels broken by being forced into having sex with them shows that his love for her is genuine, and you can see that the situation is largely not his fault. Every time he gets to be with Luvelia, you see how truly happy he is.

3. The Treaty Was A Joke

In episode 8, Mimi, Lisa, Piglette, and Vegan all decide to “share” Peter by coming up with a treaty, and there’s a clause that says he’s allowed to have a day off. You think that should help him with his life with Luvelia, but as it turns out, none of the ladies wish to honor his day off as they all take advantage of him. As even the episode states, Peter had NO SAY in the matter, nor is his signature on it. In order for Luvelia not to find out about what’s been going on, he’s morally held hostage, has to go along with them, and take care of their business in the bathroom. In the end, all the ladies find out that they’ve all been violating the treaty, and it goes down the toilet.

2. They Just Want His Children

We’re not saying there’s any silver lining here, but based on what the ladies of the other clans are suggesting, they only want him for his children in order to strengthen their gene pool, and nothing in the long run (not even love or marriage, though Piglette has been offered as a potential bride). Once these ladies successfully conceive, the audience (and maybe Peter?) gets the impression that they’re done with him, and he’s free to pursue his relationship with Luvelia without any interference.

The ladies don’t seem to indicate that they want child support (God help him with that one if they do), nor do they expect him to be any part of their children’s upbringing. Will it come back to haunt him? If he’s able to successfully settle down with Luvelia, we hope not. But despite how devious and low these ladies go to sleep with him, we get the impression that they can be honest with Luvelia, and that they can admit they forced him against his will to have his children if it comes down to that.

1. Toxic Masculinity

And the number one reason you can’t blame Peter Grill kind of goes back to toxic masculinity. We understand this is a controversial term, but please hear us out on this one. Of course, everyone has to agree with Terry Crews that men need to be accountable when they sexually assault someone. As we said in number 5, he’s forced into compromising positions, and while he can fight his way out and tell someone, the reason he can’t is the other side of the toxic masculinity coin. In the mainstream, toxic masculinity is largely defined as justifying certain behaviors such as bullying and catcalling as portrayed in the controversial Gillette commercial.

However, men are also taught to not hit women or to hide their pain and feelings because it’s unmasculine. We have to agree that based on this criteria, this side of toxic masculinity is why we can’t blame Peter Grill. He’s unarguably the strongest warrior in his world, and for all we know, his opponents in the tournament he fought in were well-trained and well-experienced men. It’s probably not in his nature to hit women, and we get that (nor are we trying to encourage violence). At the same time, we understand that he can’t exactly defend himself based on this thinking (in addition to Vegan putting him under a spell where he HAS TO have sex with her). Plus, if he refuses, we’re sure the ladies can cause a ruckus to the point that it’ll get Luvelia’s attention.

Final Thoughts

On one hand, there are some that can say that Peter is lucky in a comedic sense. Who wants to be with the champ? Many accomplished modern athletes and fighters have multiple children with numerous women (for example, former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield has eleven children with six women, and former six-time NBA champion Scottie Pippen has eight children with four women!). We can’t say if they were “forced” into their situations, but fame and money bring temptations. While Peter doesn’t exactly win Floyd Mayweather money for his victory, the temptations still happen.

So, what do you guys say? Should we blame Peter Grill for his unfortunate situations as a victim of circumstance? Or should he own up to his actions? Can we really say he had any choice in the matter, or does the culture of toxic masculinity play any part as to why he can’t just say “no,” or defend himself? Yes, we understand that it’s only an anime, but at the same time, viewers should allow themselves to reflect on the actual consequences of such actions.

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