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Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time is an oddity in the harem genre. It tries to pass itself as a bog-standard harem anime while having hentai harem elements. Does this mix of TV anime and hentai anime create something special? Or do you simply care about the cute girls and fanservice? Here is Honey’s Anime review of Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time!

Peter Grill to Kenja no Jikan (Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time)

Peter Grill and Luvelia Sanctos have been in love since childhood and marriage is very near. However, in order to earn the blessings of Luvelia’s father, Peter enters the Grand Fighting Tournament to become the strongest warrior in the land. Peter wins the tournament and for some reason, demi-girls are seducing him left and right. What Peter fails to realize is that by winning the tournament and earning the title of the strongest warrior in the land, demi-girls now want his genes so they can conceive stronger warriors and shift the balance of the land—the strongest race will dictate how the world progresses.

Story and Pacing

Apart from the initial introduction of the world, and an actual story arc near the end, there is not much story going on in between. Peter commits infidelity, tries his hardest to keep it a secret from Luvelia and her father Albatross, and the cycle repeats. Pacing is okay because of how straightforward the anime is, and given the short episode runtime, Peter Grill will be over before you know it, and it’s a nice show to watch as an intermission anime—watch Peter Grill before watching the next gut-wrenching saga, or the next cute girls doing cute things while fishing at the breakwater.

The main appeal of Peter Grill is that the main character ends up having sex with his harem. It’s rare to see a main character in a harem anime actually sleep with his girls. High profile harem anime like To Love-Ru, or High School DxD follow this strict status quo of the main character never deciding which girl to date, or never move beyond groping. Peter Grill goes beyond the norm and whether you like it or not, Peter just slept with 4 girls and will sleep with more girls once season 2 arrives. If it arrives. Don’t you dare tease us with Femme Guts at the end of the final episode and do nothing about it!

General Theme and Atmosphere

Peter Grill is set in a medieval fantasy world and we get several parts of the world, like various races of demi-humans living happily together in one massive society, but there are internal power struggles—the race with the most powerful military has more dictating power over the government and citizens. The champion of the Grand Fighting Tournament, Peter Grill, is an important key to shifting the power balance, so, for the anime at least, the orges, orcs, and elves seek out his powerful genes in order to birth more powerful soldiers. However, as we’ve mentioned before, these are only mere glimpses of the world in Peter Grill because, Peter Grill is a harem anime, and we’re here to see ecchi fanservice more than anything else.

The fanservice, short as it is, is very well-done with constant full-body shots, though the crotch area lacks any detail. Every episode, Peter gets seduced by one of the demi-girls, and regrettably ends up sleeping with them. The sex scenes aren’t shown and are always post-coitus, so a bit of a disappointment. Peter Grill could’ve at least shown some still images of silhouettes in suggestive positions, or background shots with some moaning.

Characters and Character Development

Character development is very weak overall due to the short episode runtime with many supporting characters. Introductory episodes of the girls go like this: Peter bumps into girl, Peter learns the girl’s circumstances as to why she wants Peter’s seed, girl finds a way to seduce Peter (usually through blackmail), Peter gives in to his male instincts and sleeps with the girl.

The ogre girls Lisa and Mimi want Peter’s genes to produce powerful soldiers, the elf Vegan wants Peter’s genes because elves are physically weaker than other races, and Piglette wants to raise Peter’s children, so she can exact revenge on the people who made her life a living hell. What about Peter’s main love interest, Luvelia? Apart from her background as a sheltered child, there’s nothing more about her.

With all that said, the supporting characters are very amusing, providing some humor. Luvelia’s overprotective father Albatross hates Peter and is constantly trying to break their engagement by forcing Peter to marry Piglette instead. And Spartokos, a wandering ogre who is in love with Lisa, wants to take her away from Peter.

Art, Animation, & Production

Production values are very good with attractive character designs, appealing nude scenes, okay animations, and a clean presentation overall. The art style is faithful to the manga series, but we’d argue that, for the first few chapters, at least, the anime looks a lot better than the manga with better body proportions, and some of the girls, like the elf Vegan, look more feminine (at initial glance, we thought Vegan was a man in the manga).

The voice acting and soundtrack are okay with convincing vocal performances, and typical J-Pop flare in the opening and ending themes. And as for the background music, it's either non-existent or not distinct enough to catch the viewer's attention. Though to be fair, Peter Grill wasn’t made to be the next big harem series, so there’s nothing much else to expect.

Watch or Pass?

Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time, at face value, is just another short-length harem anime, and to be fair, it delivers with flying colors. But if you take a closer look, Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time doesn’t follow the harem anime status quo and gives you a harem experience you probably won’t find anywhere else. Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time is worth a watch, but don’t go in with high expectations. If you’re looking for a harem anime with a bit of depth, give this anime a pass.

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