5 Satisfying Moments in Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2 that Made Us Cheer at the Screen

Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu 2nd Season Part 2 (Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Season 2 Part 2) recently concluded and, with it, another chapter was closed on the ever-elusive Re:Zero franchise. While Part 1 of Season 2 certainly had a lot of wild moments, Part 2 offered just as many nail-biting situations that numbered too many to ignore. Receiving its own dedicated list, let’s take a look at the top 5 moments of Re:Zero Season 2 Part 2!

Spoilers Ahead!!

5. Invisible Providence (Season 2 Ep. 16)

This was a toss-up between Ram’s burning of Roswaal’s book and the conclusion of Garf’s fight with Subaru but, ultimately, we had to give it to the series lead. Garf had been the quasi-antagonist of the series up until this fight. He was never the main threat but always seemed to be an obstacle obscuring Subaru’s forward path. The two eventually come to a final showdown where Subaru emerges triumphant with a new finisher using his Witch’s power

After a lengthy battle against Garf in both his human and beast form, an elongated arm springs from Subaru’s stomach to uppercut Garf for the KO. This season was a real turning point for Subaru and the Witch of Envy, Satella. No longer seeing her presence as a burden, he vows to save her from whatever is ailing her. The two work together here to defeat a common enemy in Garf and it’s great to see play out.

4. Emilia’s Dive (Season 2 Ep. 22)

A more subdued moment no doubt but one with just as much weight as any grandiose battle, Emilia’s journey throughout the second trial is one to be remembered. Having conquered her past but having yet to undergo the trial of her possible future, Emilia must confront the idyllic present that could have been, had things turned out differently. In this paradise, she is reunited with Fortuna and Petelegeuse as the trio picnic opposite a luxurious body of water. Her dream is cut short, however, upon a sudden interrogation by everyone’s favorite pathological user; Echidna.

Emilia resolves to become a more admirable person in order to appease those who have looked out for her until now. She thanks Echidna for showing her such a paradise, while an angered Witch of Greed states how much Emilia disgusts her through teary eyes. Having completed the trial, Emilia dives into the water below the cliffside and we are met with a beautiful reflective shot of her about to break the surface tension. A wonderful metaphor of Emilia’s coming to terms with herself by looking deeper into the person she truly is.

3. Elsa is Defeated (Season 2 Ep. 23)

Elsa has been the bane of Subaru’s isekai’d existence ever since the first episode. Over time, she has popped up on several occasions to disembowel our hopeful protagonist, and it seems that she is impervious to damage of any kind. The climactic fight of this season was the showdown at Roswaal Manor where Garf took on the knife-wielding sadist in a battle to the death. Garf had been a recluse for most of this season, not wanting to venture outside the comforting walls of the Sanctuary. Now, however, after being reunited with his Frederica, the two combine forces to tag-team these sinful assassins.

Garf, until this point, had always used his beast form after losing control mentally. When Subaru angered him by escaping, or Ram was murdered by Roswaal, Garf leapt into a murderous rage and seemed to have little control over any of his actions. Now, however, he enters his beast form under full control and manages to take down Elsa just in time to escape the burning mansion. This was not only a very proud moment for Garf as a character but incredibly satisfying for the audience to see Elsa finally receive her just desserts.

2. Beatrice Chooses Subaru (Season 2 Ep. 24)

We came to learn a lot about Beatrice this time around. Secluded for hundreds of years in her library, we learn that she is not a prisoner, but is in fact waiting for “that person” to come and set her free. However, with no criteria by which to judge whether an intruder could possibly be “that person”, Beatrice’s high standards have her trapped in a kind of Schrodinger's purgatory. Unable to know whether someone could be “that person” until she chooses them, she waits for the day where she will be set free.

As the mansion burns to the ground, Subaru resolves to rescue Beatrice. After being expelled by her magic several times, he finally reaches the library and begs her to reconsider. While it could have been easy to lie to Beatrice and proclaim that he was in fact “that person” Subaru argues that Beatrice can choose whoever she wants and should not be bound to a promise made several hundred years ago. After much quarreling, Beatrice concedes and the two make their way to defeat the Great Rabbit. Beatrice had always been a mystery and so it was nice to learn more about her. Additionally, it was very amusing to see her acting more childlike when around Subaru. It seems that this princess locked in her tower has finally been rescued by her Prince Charming.

1. Subaru and Emilia Kiss (Season 2 Ep. 15)

Anyone surprised that this topped the list should be ashamed! Of course this is going to place first; this was the most iconic moment of not only this second season but the entire Re:Zero franchise to this date. This is the moment that will reverberate amidst the anime forums for years to come. In ten years, when people ask what you were doing when Subaru kissed Emilia, you will remember where you were (more than likely crying into your Rem bodypillow).

Re:Zero had always been pushing these two towards each other but this seemed to be for nothing more than comedic tension-breaking. Yet, we truly do live in the brightest timeline, as after a short scolding in which Subaru admits that there are things about Emilia he dislikes, he confesses his love. Boasting that the small shortcomings he sees in her will never sway his emotions, he passionately kisses her and cements his resolve to be with her forever. Re:Zero has always been a game-changer for Shounen anime. Wanting to push to new horizons and think outside the box, it is not afraid to take risks despite it possibly upsetting some people. Re:Zero clearly has a story to tell and, frankly, we are all here for it.

Final Thoughts

Before we conclude this list, let’s take a look at an honorable mention. It seems Mother Fortuna skipped the talk of the Great Rabbits and the White Whales as Emilia is revealed to have some very concerning sex-ed knowledge. Believing herself to be pregnant from kissing Subaru, she decides to keep the child as a flustered Subaru, not wanting to reveal the true method as to how babies are conceived, tries his best to correct her. Should the day ever come where Subaru tries explaining what lies ahead of first base, hopefully, he has some bananas on standby with which to teach Emilia everything she needs to know.

Part 2 of Re:Zero’s second season was a rollercoaster of emotions and climactic events. We could not possibly hope to encapsulate every crazy moment that occurred during this season, so be sure to let us know your favorite moment down below!

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