Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Season 2 Part 1 Review – Return to Heartache and Despair

ReZero-kara-Hajimeru-Isekai-Seikatsu-Capture-Wallpaper Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Season 2 Part 1 Review – Return to Heartache and Despair

Return to Heartache and Despair

  • Episodes : 13
  • Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Psychological, Thriller
  • Airing Date : July 2020 – September 2020
  • Producers : White Fox

Subaru Natsuki and his allies have won against a mighty threat—The White Whale—but their dangers have only just begun. A new mysterious threat causes Subaru and his friends to retreat to an unfamiliar place called “The Sanctuary” but this place is far from inviting or restful. In order to leave, a trial must be overcome and the only candidate capable is Emilia. Can Subaru help Emilia overcome this unknown trial or will he lose his sanity to a new entity watching over him with obsessive eyes? Let's delve into the 2nd season of Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World –.

Contains Spoilers

No Sanctuary for Subaru

Re:Zero season 2 wastes very little time throwing fans back into the chaotic world of Subaru and company. Episode one quickly shows that Subaru’s victory was only a small one as new enemies come raining down on him, the villagers, and those within Roswaal’s mansion. Despite the party’s escape to the so-called Sanctuary, Subaru learns that this domain is a prison for humans.

Re:Zero season 2 is quick to tug at your heart and remind you this world isn’t the typical isekai setting but a place of danger/tension.

New “Allies” and New Threats

Re:Zero has always had an impressive cast of characters and season 2 is no different. We get some returning faces such as Emilia, Ram, Beatrice, and Otto but we get some possible threats too. Garfiel is a new character introduced in season 2 and he is far from a friend to Subaru as he actually kills our hero—while in a beast-like form—and even imprisons him. These new and old faces truly make this second season of Re:Zero feel like a new adventure within a familiar world.

Waifu Rem Is Gone

Above, you may have noticed we left out everyone’s favorite waifu—Rem—and there’s a reason for that. Re:Zero's 2nd season puts our beautiful maid into a coma in episode one and keeps her restricted to flashbacks and special scenes. Needless to say, if you desired more Rem and wanted Emilia to take a hike you’re going to be sadly disappointed. Though fans of Emilia will be happy to know you’ll see a lot of her this season in various forms unseen before.

Enter Echidna

Thankfully, a new waifu makes her grand appearance in Re:Zero season 2 and that is the Witch of Greed, better known as Echidna. Aside from being a truly beautiful waifu, Echidna’s presence in Re:Zero is quite important to the story. Despite being a “witch”, Echidna acts as a new support for Subaru when he begins to realize her abilities allow him a true safe haven in many forms.

Subaru is even able to tell Echidna about his “Return by Death” ability which has yet to escape his lips due to the curse that prevents him from saying it out loud! Echidna isn’t the only witch to appear in this season as we get various others arriving here and there but she was an element we absolutely loved about this second season.

Ready Your Heart

Re:Zero has always been an anime that evokes powerful emotions such as rage, sorrow, and desperation. In this second season, the show hits even harder with some of the most emotional scenes from the series to date! The episode focusing on Subaru’s parents alone was enough to make us tear up as we learned about Subaru’s past and shedding some light on his previous world. Even the moment when Subaru mentions his ability to Echidna was an emotional thrill ride that kept tears streaming down our faces.

Otto MVP

One of the biggest surprises of Re:Zero season 2 didn’t come from the new deaths Subaru faces—of which there are a lot—or the new enemies/allies he made. Ironically, one of the lesser characters from the previous season shines brightly in this second part and that is the traveling merchant Otto.
While Otto came across as a coward and goofball in the first season, in Re:Zero season 2 Otto has a more prominent role helping Subaru and even acting as an emotional pillar for our hero. Otto, in the last episode alone, surprised us here at Honey’s Anime by rekindling the courage within Subaru with a much-needed punch to the face. Otto, you truly were the MVP of season 2 of Re:Zero and we hope you do the same in the next part!

Final Thoughts

Re:Zero season 2 was easily one of the best examples of how to properly do a second season. Everything we loved about the previous part returns but with new elements that only add upon the series further. Yes, we did hate how Rem takes a back seat in this season but we do know a second cour will be releasing next year—in January, if all goes as planned—where maybe she will return to grace us adoring fans.

Did you folks love Re:Zero season 2 as much as we did? Feel free to comment down below with your favorite moments of the second season and what you might have loved/hated about it. For even more reviews of your favorite anime be sure to keep stuck to our loving hive here at Honey’s Anime!

ReZero-kara-Hajimeru-Isekai-Seikatsu-Capture-Wallpaper Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World – Season 2 Part 1 Review – Return to Heartache and Despair


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